Mixed or average reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 17
  2. Negative: 1 out of 17
  1. A fun romp and certainly an admirable attempt at making a fresh experience on such a new service.
  2. 79
    Defend Your Castle is a fun WiiWare game and a perfect example of what the service can bring to Wii owners. Namely, seemingly shallow pick-up-and-play experiences with hidden depth.
  3. The presentation goes a long way towards making Defend Your Castle a worthwhile experience, but after a few hours of fending off hordes of DIY enemies, I was done with it.
  4. 67
    The effects are also the biggest difference between this WiiWare version and the Flash original, which shared most of the game mechanics but lacked the visual appeal.
  5. 75
    This is a game that was made to break the ice at parties and gatherings of gamers, and it does that job amazingly well.
  6. Presentation is top notch and sends it up and above the flash version, if you find yourself wanting a cheap title to pass the time then there are few better than this on Wiiware the moment.
  7. While Defend Your Castle is fairly simple and repetitive in and of itself, it is also highly addicting and quite fun with friends in short bursts of time.
  8. The craziness and inanity of the game definitely makes it a great party title, but the lack of descriptions on how some of the abilities you gain throughout the game work are counterintuitive towards the playability and arcade feel.
  9. An easily accessible little oddity with nearly unlimited appeal. It serves as a classic example of old school game design enhanced by the Wiimote’s motion controls.
  10. Based on a popular flash game this Wiiware product takes the concept a little further. The graphical style is bizarrely unique and the gameplay is repetitive but somehow enchanting. Best enjoyed with one of your friends.
  11. There's definitely potential here to build something more robust, with multiple power-ups and numerous enemy types, but Defend Your Castle becomes a mindless slog far too quickly to warrant repeat plays.
  12. A worthwhile title and a steal at only 500 points. Fans of games like PixelJunk Monsters will be drawn to its "defend the tower" style gameplay, and it is also fun for those who enjoy a quick pick-up-and-play experience.
  13. Like murdering stick men? Then you'll like this cutesy battler. [Nov 2008, p.85]
  14. There's not much to Defend Your Castle, but it does have some entertainment value.
  15. Effortlessly entertaining and guaranteed to cause a few giggles, but shallow.
  16. Like the stick men themselves, Defend Your Castle is a little skinny but not unable to break through your defences. [Aug 2008, p.75]
  17. It’s simple, fun, and funny. Sure, it’s not overflowing with content, but for five dollars, you could do a lot worse.

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