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  • Summary: (Also known as "Minon: Everyday Hero") The town is full of people in trouble. Make your way through a variety of stages, including a park, golf course, nighttime cityscape and even a concert hall as you try to help people with their problems. In this action-platform game you can jump between trees, buildings and even people - just do whatever it takes to help the town people. An original action-platform game with unique gameplay and visual style. Discover secret areas to get additional bonuses and extras. Minon changes his size to the proportions of the game world - he can be the size of an insect in one level and the size of skyscraper in another. The game is packed with humor - from intro movies and story to the actual gameplay elements. Play alone or together with a friend. Once completed, you can replay the game to find newly opened tasks and challenges. [Nordcurrent] Expand
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  1. 70
    Unlike the mini-game collections and sports titles littering Wii shelves, Minon: Everyday Hero joins the ranks of the likes of Dewy's Adventure, Klonoa, and Disaster: Day of Crisis as something unique and unprecedented.
  2. Style over substance.[July 2009, p.93]
  3. For diehard fans of oddball Japanese titles the fact that Minon: Everyday Hero has some decent gameplay and nice trappings which add spice to what can sometimes seem like a mundane gaming scene the price is probably worthwhile.
  4. Localisation hasn't improved this fatally flawed game. It's a shame, as some good ideas have been smothered by lame controls. [July 2009, p.72]
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