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Mixed or average reviews- based on 19 Ratings

Summary: Five years have passed since the defeat of the Deathbringer, and the kingdom of Avalonia joyously celebrates what seems to be an everlasting era of peace. However, a closer look reveals that things are amiss. Calamity arises within the kingdom, as unfamiliar and powerful monsters invade the outskirts of town. With the Deathbringer gone, what explanation is there for the onset of these monsters? And what of the queen, who has come to hide her face behind a strange mask? Make your way through the perilous journey, solve the baffling mysteries and return order to Avalonia. [Square Enix]
Rating: T
Official Site: http://na.square-enix.com/dqswords/
Developer: Genius Sonority Inc., Eighting
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol
Cast Credit
Yuichi Ochiai Programming Director
Emma Tate Voice Actor: Envoy Of Xiphos
Jo Wyatt Voice Actor: Fleurette
Kimitaka Matsumae Sound Effects
Koichi Sugiyama Composer
Yuji Horii Game Design
Jon Glover Voice Actor: Minister Misericord
Keith Wickham Voice Actor: Briquet
Kazuyo Yoshida Motion Designer
Yuichi Uchida Event & Script Writer
Yuichi Uchida Event & Script Writer
Makoto Suzuki Motion Designer
Simon Greenall Voice Actor: Golok The Gatekeeper/Castle Guard
Tomoki Tauchi Programmer
Manabu Yamana Production Executive
Akihiko Miura Main Planner
Jamie Turner Art Director
Chiharu Sugaya Planner
Ryota Aomi Planner
Maiko Suzuki Assistant Planner
Hajime Kitamura Programmer
William Ellis Voice Actor: Anlace
Wayne Forrester Voice Actor: Claymore
Emma Fielding Voice Actor: Queen Curtana
Brian Bowles Voice Actor: Swordmaster Dao
Jonathan Kydd Voice Actor: Aruval
Michael Hulsmann Voice Actor: GreBmesser
Stephen Greif Voice Actor: Sir Dirk Worthington/Draug, Guardian Of The Mirror
Allan Corduner Voice Actor: Xiphos
Manami Matsumae Music Composer
Masayuki Kawamoto Planning Director
Kyosuke Ikuta Assistant Planner
Shigeta Saito Assistant Planner
Tomonori Fujisawa General Manager
Masato Toyoshima Product Manager
Mitsuakira Tatsuta Product Support
Takatsugu Nagayama Director
Kanako Suga Assistant Director
Tomonori Satoh Main Programmer
Toshihiro Hiraishi Programmer
Toshiharu Matsui Programmer
Shohei Yawaka Programmer
Hideyuki Miyatake Programmer
Masanori Takei Programmer
Hisanobu Sugiyama Programmer
Yuki Tagawa Programmer
Satoshi Watanabe Programmer
Taichi Totsuka Programmer
Ryutaro Anbe Programmer
Kazuhiro Matsushita Programmer
Shinichirou Roshimaru Programmer
Takeshi Maruta Programmer
Akira Warigai Programmer
Yuuki Kinpara Programmer
Hiroki Saegusa Programmer
Tomoyuki Abe Programmer
Hirkaru Nasuno Programmer
Tetsurou Minami Programmer
Arito Hirobe Event & Script Writer
Arito Hirobe Event & Script Writer
Hisakazu Kaziwara Event & Script Writer
Hisakazu Kaziwara Event & Script Writer
Hiroyuki Namiki Event & Script Writer
Hiroyuki Namiki Event & Script Writer
Naoya Sugiyama Event & Script Writer
Naoya Sugiyama Event & Script Writer
Tetsu Ozaki Design Director
Hirokazu Matsushima Chief Designer
Nobuhiko Kobayashi Model Designer
Yuto Yabe Model Designer
Tetsuya Tomotoshi Model Designer
Hiroshi Tahara Model Designer
Naoto Akiyama Model Designer
Hisaya Suzuki Model Designer
Yutaka Sakuma Model Designer
Naoya Nomura Model Designer
Hiroaki Kumata Model Designer
Masaharu Tokutake Effect Designer
Yasutaka Kamei Effect Designer
Nao Mochizuki Effect Designer
Daisuke Fujimura Stage Designer
Shinichi Ohnishi Stage Designer
Asami Koguchi Stage Designer
Yoshitaka Ikeda Stage Designer
Kenji Oosawa Stage Designer
Noriaki Kurokawa Stage Designer
Kouji Saitou Stage Designer
Ou Yotsuya Stage Designer
Takeshi Ooiwa Stage Designer
Kengou Miyakuni Stage Designer
Norio Uegaki Stage Designer
Takeshi Kajimoto Stage Designer
Takeshi Kohama Stage Designer
Jun Yakoyama Stage Designer
Megumi Takahashi 2d Designer
Mai Ohtake 2d Designer
Mitsuru Matsuo 2d Designer
Matsura Miyuki 2d Designer
Yuki Nakashima 2d Designer
Yumiko Watanabe 2d Designer
Kanako Kohyama 2d Designer
Ryoko Shinada 2d Designer
Hideaki Ichikawa Chief Motion Designer
Hirohisa Togase Motion Designer
Eiichi Iwashige Motion Designer
Kyoko Suenaga Motion Designer
Tsutomu Tokumasu Motion Designer
Nobuyuki Okamoto Motion Designer
Makoto Imada Motion Designer
Yutaka Ishida Motion Designer
Norihito Fukuda Motion Designer
Masami Kikuchi Motion Designer
Akira Toriyama Character Design
Akira Toriyama Character Design
Masami Kikuchi Motion Designer
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