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  1. 68
    The pros do outweigh the cons in this kart racer, and hopefully the younger players can tolerate the elements I found entirely too frustrating.
  2. 63
    If you like Mario Kart and if you want to drive another tournament, you can put Madagascar Kartz in your console. The game is a decent rip-off but nothing more than that.
  3. This is barely one evolutionary step beyond the likes of Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. [June 2010, p.71]
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  1. May 26, 2013
    I like kart games. I like the Madagascar films. Seemed like it was perfect to blend the two together, right? WRONG. The kart gameplay is seriously boring. I know kart games have the same kind of gameplay usually, but it seems like this one is ripping off good kart games like Mario kart. even its power-ups do this. the power-ups and the way they are used look like they've been ripped right out of Mario kart and sonic all stars racing. The controls are very finicky in this game. I find myself going way to out of control and doing constant "barrel rolls of death", or a way that seriously slows you down. The character roster isn't that good. this game is based on Madagascar, yet half of its characters are from other dreamworks movies, like shrek and monsters vs. aliens. Why was this necessary with a MADAGASCAR game? But the absolute worst part of the game is the dialogue. all the characters sound a bit distorted, and each character tries so hard to use slapstick in an attempt to make the game "funny". None of the jokes are funny. none of the dialogue sounds good, or even bland. it's just plain bad. Even the graphics are pretty bad, even for a wii game. I've seem better graphics in Mario Kart, or even Sonic All Stars racing, which was released the same year. Overall, what can I say about this game: it tries so hard to be funny, and the gameplay seemingly rips off other popular kart games. Do yourself a favor: Never touch this game. EVER. Full Review »