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  • Summary: [WiiWare] DRiiFT Mania is the ultimate top-down multiplayer racing experience. Challenge your friends in fast, exciting races and some totally crazy game modes. You'll need to adapt your driving skills to the different racing environments if you want to succeed. [Nintendo]
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  1. Takes an old genre and breathes new life into it. Top-down racing hasn't been this fun in ages. [Oct 2009, p.86]
  2. 80
    Even with a handful of odd quirks and strange omission, this is easily one of the better WiiWare games available to download, and 800 points seems like the perfect sweet spot for the type of game you’re getting on Wii.
  3. All that being said, Driift Mania is an ambitious product that suffers only from lackluster solo play and some unfortunate graphical decisions.
  4. At its core Driift Mania is a nice slice of nostalgia and a racing game that's all about fun. A higher level of customisability and a more relevant single-player mode would have been nice, but as it stands solo players still have a great offering in three multiplayer modes they can enjoy on their own.
  5. 60
    If you like old school racers like Off Road and Super Off Road, and have A) Lots of friends who can come over at any time or B) Lots of siblings who want to play there is a lot of potential in this game. However, if you are going for a solo drive, give it some thought first – ‘cause you won’t be playing online.
  6. Drift Mania can be a reasonably fun and nostalgic racer. Just not a great one. [Oct 2009, p.127]
  7. Micro Machines remains to be beaten, but this top-down racer is still fun if you have enough friends.
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