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  1. 80
    For parents, it's nice to have a gaming option that's not tied to licensing for yet another TV show. And the gameplay that is there fun and simple, so when the young gamer in the house does want to play multiplayer, it'll be entertaining for everyone.
  2. Like youth, EA Playground’s single-player mode is fleeting, but still a fun romp through the schoolyard of mini-games.
  3. The mini-games are actually quite fun, and only Tetherball and Wall Ball stand out as weaknesses. If you're looking for a great family game or something to hold the kids over until the next Spongebob or Naruto game, then EA Playground is a great choice.
  4. EA Playground is probably the best multiplayer Wii experience since Wii Sports. Even with its eventual AI challenge, there's nothing complex about this game--and there shouldn't be.
  5. 75
    The visuals, music and effects aren't going to break the bank, but certainly do everything that's asked of them.
  6. 75
    Definitely not mentally stimulating but the games will require a good level of reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination.
  7. The best way to explain the fun of this game is like a Mario Bros. game. Sure you can beat it in a half hour, the stages are simple, the gameplay can be repetitive for the number of times played, and the feeling is almost oversimplified after a few rounds, but there's still that something that keeps players coming back to it.
  8. More of a stocking filler than an under the tree type of purchase.
  9. Although EA Playground is obviously meant for children, it falls short severely in depth.
  10. Although it wants to be like Wii Sports and be enjoyable by yourself or with others, it just doesn't get that far. However at the same token, EA Playground when played with others is a really strong experience and it's use of the motion technology comes together very nicely and makes for an enjoyable game to play through.
  11. This won't replace Wii Sports as the mini-game collection of choice, but it's another option should Wii Tennis and Bowling start to feel a little over played.
  12. It may not contain the addictive "party" element of Nintendo's Wii Sports, but this Playground isn't a bad place for kids and their parents to hang out.
  13. It’s all decently fun, and the Wii controls are utilized to good effect. But, you know, there’s only so long something like this is going to hold my attention. If you’re of an advanced age like myself, say over 10, this is probably going to seem a bit dull.
  14. While none of the games are quite as deep and compulsive as Wii Sports, they’re entertaining enough on their own to keep players waggling through the short single-player mode.
  15. The game could stand to have a wider range of mini-games, and I would have liked to see a bit more connection between the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii and the onscreen action as I felt a tad detached from the proceedings – if these items are addressed for a future sequel, we might have the next WarioWare or Cooking Mama on our hands.
  16. Harmless, family fun. [Issue#17, p.91]
  17. Unfortunately there are problems with the control scheme (seriously who let this game ship with only d-pad controls) and a lack of a real captivating mini-game. For what is presented, this will entertain your family (kids) for several hours on end.
  18. We were 52% through the single-player game within 45 minutes of starting. [Christmas 2007, p.88]
  19. Overall EA Playground can be fun for younger gamers, but it's not going to win them over like a new version of Pokemon would. It's basically a rainy day diversion when the weather keeps the kids off of the real playground.
  20. It's a great choice for the wee Wii gamers in your life, but if you're old enough to get arrested for lurking around a real-life playground, you won't find the virtual version any more welcoming.
  21. 66
    There's no mini in EA Playground that's as fun, addictive (or, for that matter, deep, strangely enough) as Wii Sports bowling or golf.
  22. EA Playground puts forth a family-friendly assortment of games with a few absolute gems.
  23. 65
    Truthfully, we were pleasantly surprised with EA Playground when we got our hands-on the final version. However, the number of activities in the game is subpar, leaving little to do and see once you've experienced each only a couple of times.
  24. 65
    EA Playground is an okay game with only seven or so mini games, but they are all enjoyable and quite a few people will find themselves coming back to dodgeball, so you could do a lot worse.
  25. Simple and accessible, with short games and a good use of the Wii Remote. It will please its target audience, the children. However, the other players will just consider it to be too limited. [Jan 2008]
  26. 60
    There is some fun to be had with EA Playground, but it doesn’t do much to rise above the glut of mediocrity that has made a cozy little home on the Wii.
  27. The lack of depth in the single player and the short variety of the multiplayer games will be hard to grasp to anyone who is not looking for that next party title for the Wii. With possibly more mini games, and especially more lengthy addicting games, EA Playground could see a second life.
  28. While an older player will quickly get bored with this title, I think this is a great game for families with kids.
  29. If they can add some content and challenge and work a bit on the controls, there’s a definite place for a playground game in the marketplace. It does relate to the younger set and can encourage family play.
  30. EA Playground is limited in its ambitions and the scope that the developer has applied to the project. Throwing seven mini-games into the mix does not make for a full game, especially when they have been executed with a five year old in mind.
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  1. Nov 18, 2012
    I love this game. The controls are easy to learn