• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2006
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Summary: (Also known as "Eledees") A revolutionary game of hide and seek. Search high and low for mischievous little Elebits using the features of the Nintendo Wii controller to push, pull, lift, throw and interact with anything and everything in the environment. Full interactivity with any object in the environment. Hundreds of Elebits to search for and find. Gain additional abilities as you capture more Elebits. [Konami]
Rating: E
Official Site: http://www.konami.com/Konami/ctl3810/cp20107/si1724967/cl1/elebits
Developer: Konami
Genre(s): General
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence
Special Controllers:Nunchuk
Cast Credit
Koji Ishii Elebits AI Programmer
Shingo Yuri Opening Movie Artist
Chieko Ogura Map Artist
Michiru Yamane Music Composer
Yukihiro Yamazaki Player Programmer
Takashi Tsuchiya Opening Movie Lead Artist
Yoshie Suzuki Opening Movie Artist
Naoki Tarama Opening Movie Artist
Kazuya Adachi Gimmick System Programmer
Akihiro Ishihara Director
Akihiro Ishihara Game Designer
Tomohiro Abe 3d Object Artist
Akio Sakamoto Game System Programmer
Yukiko Nishimura Character Artist
Yukiko Nishimura User Interface Artist
Kazuya Matsumoto Mission System Programmer
Masanobu Kanno Game Designer
Shinsuke Nakajima Effect Programmer
Yuka Watanabe Sound Programmer
Shingo Kukaitoge Producer
Dennis Lee Product Manager
Kazuhiro Ogaqa Game Designer
Yuta Hoshino Game Designer
JUN Lead Programmer
Takuro Eika Game Sequence Programmer
Takuro Eika Game System Programmer
Ryuichiro Okamoto Physics Programmer
Takeshi Tamaguchi Physics Programmer
Takeshi Yamaguchi Gimmick System Programmer
Hiroaki Sonobe Elebit Artist
Hiroaki Sonobe Lead Artist
Takeharu Umada Map Artist
Saori Yasuhiko Illustrator
Saori Yasuhiko Map Artist
Chiaki Nakanishi Map Artist
Kaoru Nagahama Map Artist
Shiho Yonemaru Character Artist
Hiroki Nakamura Character Artist
Hiroki Nakamura Compositor
Takahide Murakami Character Animator
Masaki Shimizu Character Animator
Nagayo Orihara Effect Artist
Shiegeya Suzuki Illustrator
Shigeya Suzuki Elebit Artist
Shigeya Suzuki Opening Movie Artist
Yoshinao Ooya 3d Object Artist
Nobuhiro Fujimoto 3d Object Artist
Naoto Yoshinari 3d Object Artist
Hayato Endo 3d Object Artist
Yae Sato 3d Object Artist
Sayaka Minemura 3d Object Artist
Jo Eun Hye 3d Object Artist
Hidetoshi Ohashi 3d Object Artist
Kazutoshi Takada 3d Object Artist
Chiga Asahi 3d Object Artist
Tomohiro Kishi 3d Object Artist
Park Hyun-Ah 3d Object Artist
Ryoutaro Ooto 3d Object Artist
Naoyuki Sato Music Composer
Naoyuki Sato Sound Director
Tamoo Sekine Sound Effect Designer
Atsushi Tsujimoto Opening Movie Director
Tomoharu Nakano Voice Edit
Nabuhiko Matsufuji Sound Producer
Akihito Tsukushi Illustrations
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