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Generally favorable reviews- based on 20 Ratings

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  1. Apr 6, 2011
    This is a great game. There is really not much to complain about if you're looking for a scuba diving game. Lots of places to explore and things to do.
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    The original was a miracle coming out in America, as games like that usually never make it out of Japan. Now, it seems that hell has frozen over because not only is there a sequel, but we're seeing it localized for a mere $30! Incredible!
    But anyways, on to the review. This is a wonderfully unique game thats full of content and great to explore. The company Arika did cut some corners
    in order to make this a budget title, but thankfully, most of them were good ones. Theres no voice acting, but thats fine since if there had been it would have been bad. They've also expanded on the original in just about every way possible and this is for the better. Instead of being confined to a large space that magically has every type of aquatic animal ever, the game is split up into several areas that literally span the globe. Its all the places you'd want to visit too, from frozen poles to tropical seas, even the Amazon are all places to visit. It gets even better, since you have tons more to do as well. Each character that you meet usually has specific jobs for you to do. From salvaging to dolphin training, this game has everything. If you can get money doing it underwater, this game has it. The surprisingly deep photography jobs are back as well, having you attempt to get your photos rated by those picky editors of underwater magazines. There is one annoying thing and thats the music. There are about 10 or so songs sung by some overly energetic opera singer that are just plain terrible. Oddly enough, theres no ability to upload your own MP3s as there was in the original, which would have helped with the grating music. Thankfully, you can just turn that part off and the games wonderful sound design, ie scuba gear breathing, bubbles, the sounds of whales, completely makes up for the terrible music. Over all, theres a ton to do and a ton to see and unlock. My advice: buy the game, turn off the music and enjoy! Expand
  3. Mar 22, 2012
    Although they didn't add as many new creatures as they could have (seriously, no anacondas for Cortica River? No sea snakes, Colossal Squid, Bull Sharks or Beaked Whales?) EO2 is probably among the best games in the whole world. Adding a story, more areas, more species, "legendary" creatures, and treasure are all welcome additions to flesh out the original game's concept, not to mention beautiful background tracks from Celtic Woman. I think that was part of the main highlight in terms of its story - each song fits perfectly with the scene and atmosphere of the area it's played in. The enchanting "Nella Fantasia" fits in well with the mysterious, storybooklike Valka Castle, and the festive, tribal-sounding "Dulaman" is perfect for a South American river. And the solemn, lamenting "The Last Rose of Summer" makes traversing the eerie, lonely blackness of the Zahhab depths both frightening and entrancing at the same time. The overall experience is soothing and absorbing - it's the perfect escape. My only complaint is that you can't import MP3s via SD card as you could with the first title. Now, Celtic Woman is a FANTASTIC choice of music to swim to, but what if I want to swim to more of their songs? Or Hayley Westenra's "Prayer" from the first game? I'm really big about the emotional feel and mood of art, and what I loved about the first game was that the emotional experience was different with each track you played while diving. With the limited music choice in the jukebox, not much leeway is given in that respect, save for amusing juxtapositions like swimming in the dark, eerie, Zahhab depths to the upbeat, festive melody of "Dulaman". But in spite of that one minor setback, this is an engrossing, beautiful, gentle game with lots to do and no pressure or negativity. It's great for casual gamers. But if you're used to the constant thunder of assault rifle fire, shell explosions and your own loud cussing, you'd probably call this game "lame", "gay", "boring", "prissy", or similarly hateful words. This is not the game for people who like the feeling of adrenaline or testosterone. It is for calm, mild-mannered people who appreciate nature and fine art. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. A relaxing, beautiful and well done underwater adventure.
  2. Endless Ocean 2 is a step forward for the series: this time there is a nice plot and a real ending to achieve, but the game doesn't lose its fundamental relaxing and fascinating nature. While it may be still too slow for some, Endless Ocean 2 will surely appeal to much more gamers this time around.
  3. 73
    It's definitely worth a look, if only to have something on the shelf that's gently mesmerising and a very nice break from the norm.