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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 57
  2. Negative: 0 out of 57
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  1. The game's a source of surprisingly inexhaustible enthusiasm.
  2. Possibly one of the most underappreciated titles for the Wii, Excite Truck reminds us of why we started playing games in the first place - pure, unadulterated fun. If we get treated to an Excite Truck 2 we will be very, very happy.
  3. A lightening fast and frantic thrill ride from beginning to end, and well worth a purchase.
  4. Excite Truck is a very fun, fast, and – dare I say it – exciting return to grass roots arcade style racing. There no tuning to worry about, no license tests, and no underground street cred here. All of those things can be found elsewhere. Excite Truck is just about racing, and it excels in this regard.
  5. A few more tracks would have been nice though.
  6. It plays smooth and fast, and like a bright flame it burns out earlier than it should.
  7. 80
    As a game that bursts right out of the gate as a launch title for the system, Excite Truck is a fulfilling, fun, energetic arcade-style racer that features a good balance of technology and technique.
  8. A unique, exciting, and replay value-packed learning experience. ("Learning" in the sense that the game teaches you how to drive with a Wii remote.)
  9. This is Nintendo's best console racer since "F-Zero GX," although it will appeal to a somewhat different crowd than that hardcore series.
  10. Excite Truck may underwhelm with its audio/visual presentation, but it has gameplay in droves. The high-speed acrobatics that would have had you pumping quarters into an arcade machine five years ago have been fine-tuned to create a console game that will keep you coming back for more.
  11. 80
    The intuitive, though expected, use of the Wii remote presents unique gameplay options that enhance the control and feel of your vehicle and go a long way towards making the gameplay more interesting.
  12. Your enjoyment of Excite Truck will depend on how often you want to bust out the game for multiplayer purposes.
  13. As undeniably fun as this game is, its downfall is its lack of depth. You can burn through the initial difficulty setting in the career mode in a couple hours.
  14. Ultimately, Excite Truck feels more like a tech demo than a full-fledged game.
  15. Progress through Excite Truck doesn't just mean winning races. Performing rad power slides, collisions, tree runs, or massive air will earn you stars...(I can't believe I wrote "rad.")
  16. Excite Truck has about as much in common with Excite Bike as Mario Kart does. Looking at the game on its own merits, it’s a shallow experience with a simple, yet finicky control scheme.
  17. 90
    A fast, fluid, and gorgeous game, with a remarkable control scheme, a gratifying sense of progression, and its own unique sensibility. With a launch title like this, the Wii comes out of the gate swinging, demanding to be taken seriously.
  18. 80
    Excite Truck is fun to play. It’s as simple as that.
  19. 60
    The lack of decent multiplayer and total lack of online play hurt the longevity, but if you absolutely need a racer to play at launch, you can't really do any better than this one.
  20. If you’re looking for a serious racer this isn’t for you, but if you just want some quick arcade style action this could be right up your street.
  21. 70
    Most importantly, ExciteTruck is massive fun to play, which is still the most vital of aspects in any game.
  22. A damn exciting ride if you just want to let loose and allow your instincts to guide you to all manner of ridiculously out-of-this-world rough-and-tumbles.
  23. With no online play and only two-players a time, there's little chance people will still be revving up Excite Truck in a few month's time.
  24. A more involving main mode of play and online support would have made the world of difference, but it's still an entertaining game.
  25. Edge Magazine
    Hugely entertaining while it lasts. [Jan 2007, p.73]
  26. games(TM)
    It might show off how well racers on the Wii will work when developers finally do it properly (yes, Ubisoft, we’re looking at you) but even so, there’s just not enough here to warrant the premium price. [Feb 2007, p.104]
  27. Nintendo transitions the classic SNES hit Excitebike to the Wii, but lets us down with overly simplistic, shallow gameplay and barely decent graphics.
  28. Nintendo Power
    My balance issues aside, Excite Truck delivers a fresh racing experience that emphasizes strategy over speed. [Jan. 2007, p.110]
  29. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Okay, so Excite Truck skips a few beats in the way of options and multiplayer modes. But at its core it's a fantastic racer with stunning speed and awesome gameplay. [Feb 2007, p.58]
  30. Pelit (Finland)
    An amusing arcade racer with heavy emphasis on speed and outrageous jumps. The morphing tracks are nice. It is a bit too short, though. A career mode would have been better. [Mar 2007]
  31. Despite it being shallow and lacking in many categories, it has the most important factor when it comes to video games. Fun.
  32. Our advice is this - snap up this underrated little racer, because you won't regret it. It might not offer a billion options and a trillion tracks, but for the time it lasts you'll be playing with a ruddy great big grin on your face.
  33. A skimpy package that you'll probably finish in record time. Definitely exciting, but also a great advertisement for videogame rentals. [Feb 2007, p.54]
  34. Excite Truck does a great job of showing what Nintendo set out to do when developing the Wii and its innovative controller.
  35. Play Magazine
    The most underrated of all the launch titles, Excite Truck takes some getting used to(all of the tilt style racers do)but once you're in the zone, this is an adrenaline-charged racer with a lot to offer. [Jan. 2007, p.76]
  36. Excite Truck isn't the kind of game that's going to win "Racer of the Year 2006," but it sure is a lot of fun.
  37. 75
    Although not super deep, Excite Truck is a fun little Wii game. I’m most disappointed by the lack of four-player split-screen.
  38. The racing is fast, fun and innovative with the Nintendo motion sensitive controller. The ride might not last long, but while you're behind the wheel you'll have a smile on your face.
  39. Excite Truck is as boisterous and cantankerous as your mother-in-law was when you forgot to call on her birthday. It's engines roar. It's music snarls. There's nothing sedate or stately about it. And, that's why it's simple but thrilling mindless fun.
  40. Games Master UK
    Brilliantly entertaining (and occasionally frustrating) while it lasts, but it's short. [Jan 2007, p.66]
  41. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's not terribly deep, but like tearing around on your uncle's ATV, it's fun while it lasts. [Jan. 2007, p.63]
  42. Don’t expect a lot of “play” out of it the first time through as you probably won’t want to work so hard to reach the coveted “S” ranking.
  43. 70
    Shallow fun after all, and it's fun nonetheless. On that mental list we all have about the Wii's capabilities, it's safe to cross off "racing."
  44. 70
    Excite Truck offers plenty to see and do and is just flat out fun at times. The lack of a solid multi-player component is the game’s worst enemy, but if Nintendo manages to fix that this could easily become a staple franchise for the company.
  45. Excite Truck lives up to its name--the only problem may come in how long you find it exciting.
  46. It's worth spending some money to play, but with its incredibly limited content and potential for a much better sequel, there's no real reason to pay the full price for this game.
  47. Blurry textures, low polygon counts, and not much scenery to fill the background about sum it up. Fortunately you’ll be racing so fast you mostly won’t see this stuff.
  48. The only multiplayer is a two-player split screen. Four players is too much apparently and going online is out of the question. Not a great system seller in this regard.
  49. Although there's a handful of aspects that lift Excite Truck above being just another run-of-the-mill arcade racer, the overall feeling is that this is a game we've seen too many times before whilst the novelty of the Wii Remote soon wears off and there's little to sustain your interest beyond a few hours.
  50. While the mechanics of the game are fun, and it all sounds exciting on paper, the overall experience is marred by clunky and unnecessary controls, and the fact that once you’ve played an hour of Excite Truck, you’ve seen just about all there is to see.
  51. Casual gamers will have a ball with it, though people "in the know" should look elsewhere to get their racing fix. While Excite Truck provides genuine thrills, its lack of modes and most importantly, online play, keeps it from being a must buy.
  52. The audio leaves a little to be desired. It’s your standard generic racing soundtrack.
  53. At first I wasn’t enjoying it too much due to the very sensitive controls, but give it a half an hour and I think most gamers will acclimate to the remote very easily.
  54. It’s a fun game with great control, a portent of good things to come, but sports a bargain title’s worth of content while asking for a full price.
  55. 75
    What works about Excite Truck? Simply put, its use of the Wii Remote provides a more tactile feel to an otherwise straightforward destruction derby racer. Without the Wii's controller, Excite Truck would barely be worth a glance.

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  1. AS
    Nov 3, 2008
    Best racer on the Wii. Graphics are amazing especially the effects and blur. Sound and music are excellent. Controls work PERFECTLY.....and Best racer on the Wii. Graphics are amazing especially the effects and blur. Sound and music are excellent. Controls work PERFECTLY.....and most of all the game is insanely fun! Gameplay is like a rollercoaster with super fast trucks and huge air. EASILY the best racer on the Wii. Ignore the negative reviews....this game is just so fun to play not to mention look at. Full Review »
  2. Jun 4, 2012
    A sheer fun, unique high speed racing game, which requires arcade-like skill and precision to land ridiculous stunts and combos and gain anA sheer fun, unique high speed racing game, which requires arcade-like skill and precision to land ridiculous stunts and combos and gain an advantage in the race. You've never played a racing game quite like this, and I guarantee it's fun as hell. Screw realism, this has perfect gameplay and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The longevity of the game is also excellent - getting gold medal can be quite the challenge. Your vehicle will race at the speed of a jet and you will tilt the remote to hover mad amounts of time in the sky and land right in front of a vehicle 5 seconds later after having earned a 5 star bonus for hover, then you will at the last minute make a sheer turn and barely avoid a tree after getting the nitro powerup and destroying an entire forest leaving it in a blaze as you fast track to first, barely knowing what just happened. Full Review »
  3. MickeyM
    Oct 8, 2008
    Brilliant game, not a simulation racing game but more of an arcade style kind of game and is loads of fun. Overall it is one of the very best Brilliant game, not a simulation racing game but more of an arcade style kind of game and is loads of fun. Overall it is one of the very best racing games I've ever played. Full Review »