Fast Food Panic Wii

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  1. Jan 28, 2017
    I enjoy this game. Though, it's pretty much your basic cooking game, but there's just one twist I can't really explain. Well, it keeps you busy. It's fast paced. It starts off easy, gets stressful over time. I really can't find anything unique in this game except for it's manga-looking graphics. Thus, it's still pretty fun.

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  1. 65
    Fast Food Panic is sort of a Trauma Center game, which was actually a good title. Fast Food Panic is absolutely funny but unfortunately has a shortcoming: there's too less diversity. But the real question is if you're able to make fast food meals 'fast', or if you will panic and fail the mission? It's all up to you, how responsible!
  2. It's fun, however at the end of the day, it's a little unfulfilling as the main gameplay becomes a tad repetitive.
  3. Fast Food Panic is a game without story and it does not challenge at all. Graphics and sound effects look and feel outdated. In my point of view, the only assets are the idea to make a fast food cooking game and the complete utilization of the Wii control options.