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  1. Jun 29, 2011
    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance on the Gamecube, and is a strategic turn-based RPG that has you fighting as four different groups over four chapters and 30+ levels. This game is pretty challenging, as when a character dies they are dead forever, so you really have to plan your moves ahead. There are also some rock, paper scissor components, like axes overpower lances, lances outreach swords, and swords outmaneuver axes, or that pegasus knights(they're actually pretty awesome) are weak to arrows. all this adds up to some serious strategic gameplay. An awesome thing about this game is the customization, namely what skills you award your characters, or what weapons to buy/use. You'll have to be careful with your money. Another awesome part is the Laguz, half man half animal characters that can change into their animal form when the transformation gauge is filled up. But be careful, their strength is doubled while shifted, but they're really weak when in human form. There are so many things about this game that are awesome. The graphics are great, even for the wii, and the fight scenes, while lengthy, are really cool. (and can be switched off) The games story is really awesome, told over four parts from the perspective of war-torn daein, peaceful crimea and beast-nation gallia. The story really comes together and is pretty original, though slightly far-fetched. The gameplay is great, though it can be frustrating when your favorite character dies on the last turn. If you are a very casual gamer, give this a pass. If you are a challenge seeker, fan of turn-based RPGs, or are anywhere in between pick this game up. (though good luck finding it in stores, it is really rare) Expand
  2. Sep 7, 2010
    Radiant Dawn is probably the best Fire Emblem game on wii, of course because its the only one, but also because of its quaility. A quaility that surpass Demon Souls, I have Demon Souls and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and I have to tell you the truth, Radiant Dawn beats Demon Souls in every single way even in the artistic direction, Radiant Dawn doesnt have a story with clichés, it does have a mature story only smart people will understand, its about people who turns into monsters, the most intelligent plot in history. Even if you see it as a joke, its not, just think about it, ¿what would you do if tomorrow your girlfriend becomes a wolf and kills your family? it would be horrible, but also interesting, like Fire Emblem plot. The game mechanics or gameplay is very simple, yet complex and deep, its like if you were playing a huge chess board, just that instead of a board, its a battlefield, and instead of chess, its war. And you have to think carefully if you dont want to lose your friends. Do you remember when I told you about your girlfriend killing your parents? imagine they wont revive, its even more horrible now right? well that is Fire Emblem. People who dies, cant revive. But also, the most important part of all, the main character is a Rogue at the start. What can be more cool? you are a rogue, a smart powerful rogue that can steal from enemies, and you can kill your own allies if they piss you off, and the best part is they dont revive, I killed that fatty pink girl, yeah. This Game deserves a 10. If you rate it lower than that, then you are a stupid person who cannot understand how to win battles with strategies. Expand
  3. Oct 4, 2010
    Overall, the game was a good addition to the series. The gameplay is very enjoyable, and somewhat addicting, the musical score is excellent and the artwork is great. However, the loss of personal support conversations has hindered the character development greatly. If you haven't played Path of Radiance before this, you will realize that you don't give a damn about most of the characters because you don't know anything about them, and even if you had played Path of Radiance, there are new characters that are introduced that have no backstory, personality or development whatsoever. So really, I would not recommend this game if you have not played its prequel, but if you have you will enjoy it immensely. Expand
  4. Oct 29, 2012
    To start off, this might just be the best strategy game you'll ever play. One critic stated that it was not in the same league as disagea or ff tactics. It isn't, only because it's miles better. It's difficult to explain what makes FEs gameplay amazing. Is it the weapon weakness triangle? Partially. Is it the fact that you know each characters strengths intimately? Partially. Is it the brilliant level design? Again partially. You see it's strength comes in that is the culmination of many MEANINGFUL game mechancs. By meaningful i mean mechanics that have a substantial effect on your descicions. Far too often i find in strategy games many BS mechanics that i might use once if ever. All of FEs mechanics are simple but meaningful and make for a great strateg experience. And the gameplay is only half the the game! It also has a great storyline and epic memorable music. Definetly pick this one up if you like strategy games or just rpgs in general. You wont be disapointed. Expand
  5. Aug 11, 2011
    The greatest strategy RPG of all time, bar none. The only problems are subpar graphics (there are quite a few stunning battle animations, however) and some of the story can be a bit difficult to understand if you didn`t play Path of Radiance. If you didn`t play this game yet though, you are not a real strategy RPG fan. Play it now and bask in its wonderful story and gameplay. :-)
  6. Dec 29, 2011
    This game is absolute disaster. Maddening difficulty,poor design choices and with the worst story ever in any game makes this one a complete failure. I wonder, how this one could fail so hard when its a direct sequel to previous Fire Emblem released on gamecube and that was a playable one. I dont know, but i know this...stay away from this game.
  7. Jun 1, 2011
    Gives you a ton of characters, an engrossing story that starts small but ends in a massive climax which completely overshadows Path of Radiance, and is hard. Very hard. Doesn't give you many chances to gain experience and fluff up your entire team, limited weapons, limited money, and the flow doesn't stop. One of the toughest things to do is to beat this game without anyone dying on you. Try it. Balls to the wall tough. The graphics are a slight improvement over PoR's and there are more beautiful cinematics to enjoy and the soundtrack is 4 times larger then PoR. It is highly suggested that you play PoR first before setting into this game or the story will not make much sense at all. If you like SRPG's and want something tough, then pick up this game. Expand
  8. Jul 15, 2012
    A fantastic strategy game that is hard at its core, and created for its audience thus. An underrated treat that deserves far more recognition. Although not contemporary by any means, it makes up for it with a large (yet not forgettable) cast and elongated storyline. The death feature also makes things extremely personal.
  9. Aug 5, 2013
    This is the game that got me in to fire emblem, the tactical combat is great, I'm a huge fan of the story, but the few voice acted scenes leave a bit to be desired, however they are beautiful. A must have for Wii owners.
  10. May 27, 2012
    Great sound and story, but I felt the game was a little inconsistent. One level it would be really easy, and then the next, it would be ridiculously hard. Also the three-tier system is a cool addition, but I felt it would have been better if the game was longer. Also, the absence of support conversations is a let-down, but on the positive side there are cool base conversations that you can use to learn about character's personalities. Expand
  11. Nov 22, 2011
    This game is addicting. Fire Emblem has always been about the turn based strategy concept and the formula works yet again. The story is compelling and ties together the prequel to it but you do not need to have played the former Path of Radiance to enjoy this game. The battles get repetitive but even easy mode will challenge you. If you want to be challenged then try out hard mode. The character level ups, weapon choice, and position all become so crucial that they must be perfect to achieve victory. The story is long and will take over a day straight to complete in its entirety. Expand
  12. Nov 23, 2011
    This game is underrated. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic, with difficulties to accommodate newcomers and long time veterans alike. It is by far the most challenging game I've played in awhile on hard mode. The story isn't particularly special, but it's original enough to keep you interested. Character list is massive, and customizing as well as strategy is top notch. Replayability is also through the roof, as second play through even gives you perks. The only complaint I have is the low poly graphics on the maps, but the competent battle scenes as well as exquisite music more than make up for that. Expand
  13. Dec 17, 2013
    Many improvements on Path of Radiance; specially the skill system. But fells short on the story. With 3 branches, the game got too big and sometimes confusing. Still a beast to dive a hundred hours in. New characters like Sothe and Micaiah are very special, I love them!
  14. Jul 19, 2012
    Radiant Dawn is a direct sequel to Path of Radiance, one of the few of its kind in the Fire Emblem series. While graphics tend to be a non-issue for Fire Emblem games, especially to fans, they are still appealing, and this is one of the better/best looking titles on the Wii. The gameplay is fun, and the story is engaging and deep. This is also one of the longer Fire Emblem games, and thus will keep you occupied for plenty of time. It is the first Fire Emblem game to allow for a save game carry-over, allowing you to benefit from having played through Path of Radiance. Gameplay ranges from "Inviting for beginners" to "Unforgiving" based on the selected difficulty, and thus caters to a wide audience. The permanent death mechanic is very unique, shared by few if any other games outside the Fire Emblem series, and adds a layer of depth and challenge. You can't simply expend your "pawns" as you will eventually run out, and will also be missing out on certain characters. The very wide selection of characters gives variety, so a player that likes mages can field an all-mage army, or perhaps the player wants to use cavalry and knights, which would work just as well. Surprisingly, the wide character selection does not detract from the personality of each individual character. All the characters have deep personalities and character development, as in most Fire Emblem games, and it is one of this games best features. The gameplay can finally be described as easy to learn, but daunting to master. It is incredibly satisfying when you can breeze through the game on the hardest difficulty on levels that gave you trouble back in normal mode, and the incredible depth to the characters adds great replayability. I would highly recommend picking this game up if you have any interest in strategy or tactics. Also, as an added bonus, this is one of the few Fire Emblem games with Dark Magic in it, which is the best kind ;D Expand
  15. Dec 1, 2012
    Greatest fire emblem yet. This makes you feel like your in a world war of RPG. I like how you can make a real dragon Lord. No RPG gamer should miss out on this. My only complaint is graphics and we need more voice acting.
  16. Feb 27, 2013
    Unreal game. Gripping story, addicting game-play and an awesome score. While not perfect it is worth your time, as to me it stands as the single greatest turn-based strategy game on the market.
  17. May 31, 2013
    A fantastic strategic turn based RPG and it's one of the best the Wii has to offer. It provides 40+ hours of gameplay and you control over 80 characters. The only downside, it is very easy for certain units to be underpowered because of the amount of times you switch from group to group. Overall, go dust off your Wii and play this game.
  18. Jun 22, 2013
    This is easily one of the greatest Wii games of all time IMHO, although that is a title that is not hard to aim for. Even having not played all of Path of Radiance, I found the difficulty to be engaging, the story to be compelling, most of the major characters to be rather fleshed out, and the RPG elements to be on par.

    The FMV cuts are gorgeous, even if a bit sparse, and the lack of
    voice acting in the major dialogue scenes can get rather tiring, but this is a minor complaint.

    The only reason why this doesn't deserve a ten is a few gameplay gripes. The graphics clearly could have been better, especially when you're on the map playing. The battle music has little variation and gets old quickly. The inability to repair forged weapons easily makes the game even more difficult beyond the actual strategy. Ranged units rarely are ranged enough (would it have been hard to make damage fall with distance and let the archers actually be archers!?), there are too many Condition: Rout battles, and the difficulties in distributing EXP and making certain units as useful as they should be just make the game hair-rippingly difficult in the second half of the third chapter and all of the fourth.

    However, the relatively deep strategy for a console game, simple controls, wide variation in unit types, functions, and strengths, the great story, and the slightly-more-than-passing-thought RPG elements easily makes this one of the best games on this console.
  19. Jul 13, 2013
    The game its very fun, and make you think on strategic choices. But the game have a lot of characters and you need to play with ones and forget the others
  20. Jul 17, 2013
    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the first game that I play of the Fire Emblem series and I didn't know what to expect from this game, because I didn't know it. Surprisingly I found that this game is amazing, it has a fun gameplay, an entertaining story, nice graphics (obviously for wii standards), amazing sound and an addictive formula that will keep you entertained. If you have a wii, you MUST buy it; it's one of the best games on this console and one of the best SRPG of all times.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Sound: 9/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Presentation: 8/10
  21. May 29, 2014
    I remember being one of those guys that hated on reviewers for hating on Radiant Dawn because I was a diehard fan that was convinced that the reviewers merely were too bad at the game and did not give it a fair shot and would gleefully point to all the good reviews.

    That was then, and this is now. I've revisited Radiant Dawn and the travesty that Intelligent System developed. Despite
    this games multiple flaws, the strategy elements can be appreciated by those who are fans of the series and who can overcome the difficulty.

    The first thing you would notice about this game is that it's ugly. It looks almost exactly like Path of Radiance which didn't look all the great on the previous system either. Although character models are more animated and less goofy than Path of Radiance, it fails to capture the awesome animations of the GBA before this game. Failed collisions may have your sword hitting at least 5 feet away, funny little animation gaffes, and slow generals taking their sweet time strolling up to you are the order of the overall botched animations. Despite this, some of the spells boost some interesting animations. Outside of battle, the low polygons and awful textures will catch your eye, especially with characters like Skrimir.

    As far as structure goes, this game is an ugly mess. 4 different stories try and paint an overall story that is slow to develop and is way overcomplicated. It's excellent at it's culmination, but there's so much pointless filler in between that it's rather a shame. The Crimean civil war is particularly unenjoyable. Any of the Dawn Brigade chapters feel linearized because there's only a handful of cool chapters. Even the Greil Mercenary missions which are the best, are bogged down with the useless laguz units. These laguz units transform into powerful beasts and are forces to be reckoned with, but they are employed for the sake of throwing in different types of tactics. They can only transform for a limited time and it's frustrating how little time they can spend transformed. They are also EXP hogs, which makes them impossible to level up consistently with their transformation limitations.

    The writing and/or localization is among the worst. There are several great moments (Aimee and Soren being the highlight), but the metaphors used by one dimensional bosses and the country jargon of Nephenee and Brom are nauseating. The characters themselves don't have much personality either and support conversations are barebones and give you little character background, forcing you to get glimpses of their character from the game's story, but most units are only highlighted for one chapter, giving them little material. And yet, I get so sad when I abandon Danved to his permadeath doom cause I refuse to restart the chapter. Despite this, permadeath ensures a bond between your character whether you hate the concept of permadeath or not.

    The character's strengths and weaknesses are a sprawling mess. The Dawn Brigade chapters are made with very specific tactics in mind, and their characters are suited to that and nothing more. This makes many units good for one thing only. They are otherwise weak and unable to hold their own. Crimea is given too many cavaliers, and the Greil Mercenaries are composed entirely of deities. The unbalanced strengths of characters and the fact that there are many different segments to the games give certain characters limited availability and acts to dismount the replay value of this game because ultimately, you'll pick the Greil Mercenaries and the Laguz royalty that is not bound by their transformation issues.

    Aside from these, there are other strategical issues. Crossbows have been added, and they are entirely useless. Although when faced with a Pegasus Knight, these things will be a OHKO guaranteed. Bows don't effect wyverns anymore now that their lumped with dragons. That doesn't have to be that way. They could have had multiple characteristics. Ordering and directing units is as worthless as Path of Radiance. Dark magic is severely limited and wind sword and reaper cards feel like broken concepts.

    And yet, despite all of these frustrations, there is enjoyment to be had. I'm still playing it, aren't I? I enjoy the game for it's difficulty and because of how much I loved the characters of Path of Radiance and trying to understand the game's nuances more. It's just something that you need to watch out for if for some reason you want to purchase today. This game is very far from perfect, but there is some fun in overcoming this game's nasty little tricks.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
  1. 88
    Even though this is not the definitive strategy RPG of our time, like some have labeled games such as Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Disgaea, it's pretty damn close.
  2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn makes its Gamecube predecessor even more perfect on the Nintendo Wii. Nothing has really changed, but even on the Wii the game is still fun to play. With 38 missions, 72 characters and one hell of an in-game challenge this game really is worth the trouble. Especially if you like tactics.
  3. It’s one of those cases that could easily pass for an expansion of previous titles, but those similarities are also one of its stronger points. There are some highly challenging battles here, especially if you want to keep all of the party members alive. [Apr 2008]