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  • Summary: Furu Furu Park is a collection of 30 arcade-style games that take advantage of the Wii Remote’s range of motion to engage and entertain players of all skill levels and ages. Arkanoid: an arcade classic pitting paddle and ball against a wall of blocks; Pinch Hitter: step up to the plate and take a few swings with the Wii Remote; Bubble Bobble: hold the Wii Remote like an NES controller to burst all of the bubbles in this retro arcade puzzler; Safe Cracker: Memorize the combination then enter the code by tilting your Wii Remote left and right to crack the safe; Sonic Blastman 20XX: Clutch your Wii Remote and punch at the screen to destroy asteroids heading for earth; Super Karate: Execute offensive and defensive maneuvers with your Wii Remote to defeat your opponent. Players can also face off against a friend in three multiplayer modes: Free Battle, Panel Attack and Love Challenge where players will have to compete to win female affection. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. The presentation is flavorful and creative, and most of the mini-games are enjoyable when the difficulty isn't ridiculously hard.
  2. Not all of them are hits; however, there are a couple of gems that deserve being rediscovered.
  3. For all the flair and weirdness of Furu Furu Park, the real meat of the product -- the minigames -- ends up being a thin and unimpressive experience.
  4. I wanted to like this game--I just couldn't. Whether it's the fault of the changes from the Japanese to American version or the minigames themselves, something just never clicks.
  5. Between painful gameplay that runs the full gamut from "marginally responsive" to non-functional, incredibly shallow options for play, and a fundamentally flawed concept that should have been left in shreds on a meeting room floor somewhere, Furu Furu Park manages to disappoint on every level.
  6. Straight up, this game just isn’t fun. While it is fun to laugh at while others are playing it, it only serves as a humiliation tool for others to mock you for playing. Just steer clear, you’ll be a much happier person if you do.
  7. All the games are too short, or just plain not fun, leaving players with no compelling reason to picnic in this park.

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  1. Jan 14, 2014
    Aw my girl and I played this. ITs not so bad. Its bizzare man that afroman thing blows my brain a bit. Its quirky in a cool way. We had fun with this game. Collapse