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  1. Positive: 20 out of 29
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  1. Ghostbusters is a fantastic game, and definitely what I was hoping for when I first saw those initial screenshots a while back.
  2. Ghostbusters fans will finally get a game worth looking at. It did take a while, but it is finally here. If you aren’t a fan of Ghostbusters, don’t worry. This title will be considered one of the better games for the Nintendo Wii, and anyone will have fun busting ghosts once again.
  3. The controls also lend themselves nicely to Nintendo's quirky hardware; honestly, it's like the Wiimote was made for stunning, wrangling and trapping paranormal menaces.
  4. Nintendo Gamer
    It's slick, it's fun and it's a Stay Puft-sized treat for fans of the series. [Sept 2009, p.60]
  5. 83
    As a Ghostbusters fan, this game comes through by delivering an entertaining experience with plenty of laughs and just the right amount of action. Instead of being a hashed-together port, the Wii version of Ghostbusters shows that when a developer puts real effort into tailoring the look and gameplay of a port to the system, the results can be every bit as enjoyable as the original.
  6. Red Fly has done an excellent job of building the game for the Wii from the ground up, and while it may not be perfect, taken as a whole Ghostbusters for the Wii is the best version currently available.
  7. 81
    Ghostbusters The Videogame brings the movies of yore back to life and does this without having to sacrifice atmosphere and humour. Unfortunately, you don't get a lot of freedom, but that might be offered in the sequel. Some things are less in the Wii version, but that's compensated with a good cartoony look and a split-screen multiplayer.
  8. Ghostbusters is such riotous fun that you'll forgive its short length.
  9. Putting aside a few jumps in difficulty and a rather disappointing multiplayer mode, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is without a doubt the best attempt at capturing the thrill of the movies in digital form to date and a real service to fans who grew up watching the films and cartoons.
  10. Fans are going to love it, but for everyone else this is just a good shooter with a different setting. But come on - who isn't a fan of the Ghostbusters?
  11. 80
    Ghostbusters fans should be quite pleased with the overall outcome of the game as it does a good job remaining faithful to the franchise and in continuing the overall storyline of the series.
  12. Fans of Ghostbusters shouldn't hesitate in picking this fantastic title up. Those who aren't huge fans of the source material won't be as enthralled with the title; however, the gameplay and controls are both solid, and though extremely linear, the game provides for an interesting ride.
  13. Ghostbusters is a title oozing with charm and dripping with high presentation values.
  14. Ghostbusters on Wii is very much the same game that we tried on PS3 a couple months ago, but with a new gameplay style based on wiimote/nunchuk and a very interesting graphic engine. The fun's still in there, lacking an online feature that's replaced for the co-op mode.
  15. Even on the Wii, Ghostbusters is a solid action game: in particular, the developers did a good job creating visuals and controls specifically suited for Nintendo's hardware. Aside from a disappointing multiplayer mode, this is a game every Ghostbusters fan will enjoy.
  16. 78
    Fun, and it's a pretty solid Wii experience. I'm so used to this console getting watered down ports that I don't think I was expecting Red Fly to produce something this engaging.
  17. 78
    Ghostbusters The Video Game for Wii is an amazingly fun game that utilizes the strengths of the console well.
  18. Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Nintendo Wii is a great single player title for fans of the movies, and people that like games that are challenging and fun, but the lack of quality in the multiplayer department is a little sad. With stylized graphics and great sound, this game is a great choice to pick up at any age.
  19. Nintendo Power
    Thankfully, the game can be played cooperatively; while the split screen hampers both your and your friend's field of vision, you'll still have more fun overall if you play with a buddy. [July 2009, p.86]
  20. Ok, so there are some issues that keep this from being the pinnacle of Ghostbusters nirvana. It’s still the most fun you can have without strapping on a proton pack, hijacking an old ambulance, and harassing the undead ladies at your local library.
  21. On the whole, Ghostbusters is an impressive production most fans should eat up. We had a fun time with the game, though we were also left with serious reservations due to glitching that might cause less-experienced gamers to hang up their proton packs well before the journey ends.
  22. Overlook the odd glitch and this is a fitting tribute to a cherished movie franchise.
  23. Overall, this is a fun game that is a worthy entry into the Ghostbusters franchise. While there are complaints to be had with the controls and A.I., thankfully neither of these issues ruin the game nor make it unplayable. Fans of the series with a Wii should pick it up. Others might want to rent before to be safe.
  24. A nice alternative version of Ghostbusters, with a more relevant role of environment puzzles and a sweet control scheme. Too bad the cartoon-graphics aren't that good.
  25. Ghostbusters comes to Wii in a short and repetitive adventure, but it still sticks to the original. Very suitable for fans looking for a trip to the past.
  26. The camera lock-on and Wii-exclusive split screen co-op are nice additions, but the simplified combat and truncated levels ultimately leave this game a little flat. [July 2009, p.81]
  27. Ultimately, this game is a true celebration of all things Ghostbusters, and all the fans shouldn't wait to get this if the Wii is all they have.
  28. Another merely serviceable theme park ride; a brief, unchallenging jaunt through linear corridors decorated with just enough "official merchandise" appeal to mask the threadbare design.
  29. t's just a shame that, where the Wii version is concerned, bustin' didn't make me feel good.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  1. Jul 30, 2016
    Definitely a hidden gem for the Wii. Ghostbusters on the Wii has a more unique visual presentation than it's console counterparts, lookingDefinitely a hidden gem for the Wii. Ghostbusters on the Wii has a more unique visual presentation than it's console counterparts, looking very pixarish. It fits right in with the goofy nature of the series, though there are a good mix of darker, claustrophobic, and spooky areas as well. The levels are varied in locations, gameplay elements, enemy types.

    I enjoyed using the Wii remote to control the proton pack. There were a number of different attachment used to handle different ghosts. One of my favorite parts about the gameplay was the money counter. New York City not only pays you for handling the Ghost properly, but also for DESTROYING everything your path! Apparently the rational is that damaged property shows that you had to struggle to fight the ghosts, so the city pays YOU for destroying public property. It's goofy as hell and weirdly satisfying because many of the objects in the environment have goofy physics.

    The presentation is also excellent. There's great voice-acting from new are returning members of the original film. You will also ghost bust in familiar locations, fight iconic characters (yep the marshmallow man is here), and there is plenty of lore/side objectives along the way. Oh, and you can walk around the Ghostbusters iconic fireman headquarters. How sweet is that!
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  2. Dec 19, 2015
    Excelente jogo, recomendo a todos, utiliza muito bem o Remote. Excelente jogo para 1 ou 2 jogadores, belo visual, excelente jogabilidade eExcelente jogo, recomendo a todos, utiliza muito bem o Remote. Excelente jogo para 1 ou 2 jogadores, belo visual, excelente jogabilidade e controles precisos, apesar do visual cartunesco o jogo chega a assustar rsrs Full Review »
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    A very good wii game its definitely worth the money i bought it release day i had so fun playing this game i have the pc version and i thinkA very good wii game its definitely worth the money i bought it release day i had so fun playing this game i have the pc version and i think the wii game is better Full Review »