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  1. 77
    A nice-looking game that will engage fans of the TV show. It doesn't raise the bar for videogames as a medium, but it isn't trying to. It aims to be a pleasant diversion for preschoolers, and to that end it is successful.
  2. Easy to play, rewarding yet not condescending, this is a game I am happy that my child wants to play.
  3. It's a solid, fun little title that'll definitely entertain the young ones for quite a few hours, and manages to be a little educational as well.
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  1. MelissaSaunders
    Mar 28, 2008
    This game is perfect for the preschooler just learning to play video games. My 5-year old loved it and was able to beat the game once I got her started (that doesn't stop her from wanting to play again, though). With a little help, my almost 4-year old is starting to get the hang of it, too. Definitely good for this age group. Full Review »