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  • Summary: In Go Play Circus Star, players work to wow the crowd with death defying stunts, animal tricks and sleight of hand. To become the star of the circus, players must master 15 authentic events - including Tightrope, Trapeze, Unicycle and Big Cat Taming - through four different venues. Players choose from six stars to start their Big Top careers, earning money and rousing ovations by pulling off ever more daring tricks. The interactive crowd encourages great performances with deafening cheers, but they can just as quickly punish poor performances by pelting players with tomatoes! With guidance from the Ringmaster, players can improve their standing in the circus and unlock additional bonuses on their way to stardom. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. The entertainment value of Go Play Circus Star heavily relies on if you have friends and family to play with. There’s no online multiplayer to keep you playing when there’s no one to invite over. So if you have kids or siblings, Go Play Circus Star is an adequate rainy day distraction.
  2. Circus Star is an unfortunate casualty when it comes to the Wii.
  3. Go Play Circus Star does an admirable job of preserving the fun and excitement of the circus through fun mini-games, and solid Wii Remote and Balance Board controls. However, everything is ruined by the poor decision to force the player to earn the mini-games through forced replay, and an off-putting art style and glitches.