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  • Summary: Green Day: Rock Band allows players to step onto the stage and into the shoes of Green Day, the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band that jump-started the punk-pop revival and has continued to pave the way for American rock music into the 21st century. Taking on the likenesses of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, players progress through the story and history of Green Day, gaining access into the band’s media vault, where they can unlock more than 100 collectible images, and more than 40 minutes of rare and unreleased video from interviews, outtakes and performances. [MTV Games] Expand
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  1. 80
    It's not as polished or as lovingly handcrafted at the Beatles: Rock Band, but a lot of the songs are way more fun to play. Now, if only there were more of them.
  2. Green Day: Rock Band is a well-presented game, but unless you're a Rock Band junkie or a die-hard fan of the band there isn't much of a reason to pick it up. Still, it's tough to deny the game's merits even if you don't care for the subject matter.
  3. Sure, it's not quite as good as the outstanding Beatles-centric Rock Band, but Green Day: Rock Band is a great game nonetheless. [July 2010, p.86]
  4. Green Day: Rock Band is a respectable game, but you don't need a review to tell you whether you should pick it up or not. If you like Green Day, you don't need to ask any more questions: Go pick up Green Day: Rock Band today.
  5. If, like me, you've cooled on the music genre in recent months, I don't think Green Day is the band to reignite your love affair with Rock Band. In the future, maybe Harmonix could attempt a single band title based around a more complex – and more fun to play – band like Muse or Rush.
  6. They're not the most obvious choice for a band-specific Rock Band title, but Green Day's pop-punk hits suit the format. [July 2010, p.50]
  7. It's not their fault, but Green Day doesn't (yet) have the songs to carry a game like Green Day: Rock Band. Uneven songs and low difficulty makes this a game for Green Day fans only.

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  1. Feb 15, 2012
    Green day Rock band is one of those few non-hardcore games that are pure amazingness. It contains All the songs from American Idiot, Dookie, and 21st century breakdown (Excluding the 6 pre-released tracks, which are available to download for $2 each). It also contains some songs from Nimrod, Warning, and other Albums. All the songs on this can be moved to Rockband 3 via an SD card or the system, with a $10 fee. I love singing and playing bass to these amazing songs by one of the best bands in history. Without a doubt, this is the best music game, casual game, or rhythm game you can get. Collapse
  2. Jan 16, 2011
    Green Day: Rock Band is my favorite of the Rock Band series, considering the fact that the only other Rock Band games I have played are Lego Rock Band and The Beatles: Rock Band. It consists of a lot of the classic songs from Green Day, which you can sing, drum, or strum to! It does not have the best of graphics, but if you are concentrating on the graphics, and not the notes coming down; then you should probably try the song on a harder level. If one was considering buying Green Day: Rock Band; he must have 2 of 2 of the following requirements: #1. Most importantly, he must be a true Green Day fan. If he just likes a couple of their songs, then he should not waste $29.99 in buying this game, and should just buy the couple of songs for his iPod or other MP3 player for $1.98. If he can name at least 10 songs by Green Day, then he might want to consider this game! #2. He must have another Green Day fan to play with him, (hence the name Green Day: Rock Band!) the exception being that if he is fine just playing by himself, which can get boring after awhile, even though this game has great replayability. So, to all you American Idiots out there, this game punk rocks! Expand
  3. Aug 2, 2011
    Not quite as good as the first band-only spin-off (THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND, in case you didn't know), but GREEN DAY: ROCK BAND has every one of Green Day's best songs (the entire Dookie album, the entire American Idiot album, and most of the 21st Century Breakdown album--the rest is downloadable). I just really think "21 Guns" should have been already on the setlist rather than an optional download. Expand
  4. Nov 27, 2012
    NOT quite as good as The Beatles: Rock Band. That's the first thing you should know. That being said, this still isn't a bad game and is worth buying if you're the right person, but it's not essential for everyone.

    If you hate Green Day, of course, you can safely say "Good Riddance." If you're a Green Day fan, of course you'll have the time of your life. If you're just lukewarm on the band like I was before going in, then this game can be something unpredictable. If you've heard their singles and liked them, I would suggest going for it with an open mind, but there are some things you should know beforehand.

    Green Day's musical style isn't as varied as the Beatles. For most songs, you'll find that the bass is fun but repetitive, the guitar chordy and requiring lots of strumming, the drums have some very fun rolls and fills but can be fast if you're not prepared for them, and the vocals are have pop hooks and are easy to sing along with. The harmonies here are simpler and easier to sing along with than in the Beatles game, but there's a lot less of them too and the game doesn't depend on them as much. Overall, the game is more challenging than the Beatles, but also a lot less varied. If you adore tracks of this style, go for it.

    The story and artistic elements in present in The Beatles: Rock Band just aren't as amazing or mind-blowing. There are only three venues and no dreamscapes, so every song essentially looks the same. I only saw one song specific thing that really stuck out to me: Tre Cool running away from his drum kit around the stage during the first part of F.O.D. There's a little art inspired by American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, but not much.

    Nearly all the songs come from those two albums and Dookie, by the way. I find this to be a strength as two of those albums are rock operas and it doesn't make sense to separate them, and Dookie is very consistently fun to play overall on expert for moderate-to-experienced players. There are only six songs NOT from those three albums; if you were expecting to play some deeper cuts not from those albums, you won't find them here. Due to issues with the masters, Kerplunk and 39/Smooth tracks weren't included in the game, and everything else is singles only.

    The real reason one might want Green Day: Rock Band is because it exports to Rock Band 3 (some of those songs are GLORIOUS on Pro Drums) for $10. If you can get the game with an unused export code cheap, I've found the tracks are definitely worth the price. But seeing as all the tracks were recently released as DLC for Rock Band 3, this is really only worth getting if you want one of the full albums included, or at least 10 songs, or if you just want to beef up your song library as cheaply as possible. If not, I can't really recommend the game as a standalone if you're not a big fan of Green Day or not a big fan of Rock Band.

    Overall, this game saw some of the flaws with the band-specific Guitar-Hero games and corrected them. The band's artistic work is well-represented, focused on full albums, and does not risk any "support" acts that may detract from the overall experience. But it plays it too safe, and it focuses the game's audience too deeply. It's not a bad game, far from it. But it's not an amazing game unless you're a part of a very specific audience that already likes Green Day. It doesn't enhance your musical experience or blow your mind like The Beatles: Rock Band did. But if all you wanted was to shred some plastic guitar or drum to Green Day, this package fits the bill perfectly.