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  • Summary: GT Pro Series is an exclusive car-racing game for Nintendo’s Wii. With more than 80 licensed cars, tons of tuning options and its fluid drift-style controls and physics, GT Pro Series perfectly fits the Wii’s unique gameplay approach. It’s a fast-paced racing game that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. The quick races, time trails, and drift challenges aren't much incentive to pull your nose out of the career mode. And the multiplayer is hardly worth booting up. You can only play splitscreen, and without AI cars.
  2. A poor excuse for a racing game. The only good thing is the wheel that comes with the game. Using it is actually quite fun. [Jan 2007]
  3. It doesn't take long to get over the novelty of the included steering wheel, and beyond that this is a very unremarkable racing game that isn't much fun.
  4. 40
    GT Pro Series simply fails to deliver any sort of substantial racing experience. No matter how many cars you have or how many ways you can tweak them out, the fact is, if it's no fun to actually drive around, then it fails as a racing game.
  5. How can a game this bland and uninteresting compete with the likes of "Excite Truck" and "Need for Speed: Carbon," let alone the scores of racers available on other consoles? Simply put, it can’t; and it should be avoided at all costs.
  6. GT Pro Series has got decent cars and passable handling, but the below average physics and utterly shameful visuals give this a cheap, unfinished feel. [Feb 2007, p.84]
  7. It's bewildering as to why this is even a launch game, let alone how anyone thought it would be fun to not drive a car round a crappy looking track with a broken plastic steering wheel. [January 2007, p.54]

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