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  • Summary: Part of GTI Club Supermini Festa!'s unique racing experience lies in the marriage of content, competition and customization. Some of the world's most recognizable vehicles are ready to be raced including the ABARTH 500, MINI Cooper S, PEUGEOT 207 GTi, RENAULT Sport CLIO V6 and many more! Cars are also customizable so players can enter the garage and personalize their cars from ground up. Action-packed multiplayer games puts up to four players in hi-speed racing competitions via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection on Wii and via ad-hoc party for PSP. Players can also change the course of the competition with a variety of multiplayer party games including "Tomato Festival" and "Bomb Tag." GTI Club Supermini Festa! will continue to keep fans clamoring for content, as free custom patterns for each car will be available for download via the Wii Wi-Fi Connection beginning at launch. [Konami] Expand
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  1. GTI Club is a fast and accessible game for everyone, which can engage for its variety and its great multiplayer mode.
  2. 65
    GTi Club: Supermini Festa is a funny game with a lot of mini games. But it's a pity the game fails on several areas and therefore GTi Club: Supermini Festa earns this score.
  3. GTi Club: Supermini Festa is a funny game, but the arcade racing genre has seen better proposals.
  4. GTI Club: Supermini Fiesta! comes with a series of technical flaws that affect even its gameplay. The game delivers a good online multiplayer mode and lots of crazy challenges, but almost no real race. That's ridiculous.
  5. An awkward and ugly collection of minigames. [Apr 2010, p.62]
  6. An overall disappointing game. The arcade racing genre on Wii has seen way better than this, so you should just keep away from this one.
  7. In a nutshell, it will do everything that a person without a clue needs for it to be entertaining, and will disappoint most anyone else.

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