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  • Summary: Titanic: Mysteries of the Deep places you on board the Titanic as a passenger during its fateful voyage. Your character is torn between their past and present life in a struggle to find out what they truly want in their heart.
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  1. Mar 21, 2014
    Hidden Mysteries Titanic is very fun but very frustrating at the same time.
    This game should be played with multiple people. I had to use
    multiple hints at points but I may not be as smart as some of you reading this review.

    The story is simple but is actually enjoyable in my opinion. There was a character that I found myself laughing at and characters I got annoyed at. They did a good job putting the characters in and not making them feel boring.

    The puzzles like I said are hard but there were times when the person in the room found it very easy to solve. They give you unlimited hints to help those who have a hard time which is good for kids who are playing that can't figure something out.

    After you beat the game theirs a nice bonus level which makes it worth while in my opinion. You can search for things a long the sunken Titanic and hear the captain talk about what things are on the ship and it was really fun for me.

    I will be replaying the game because throughout the game you make choices that affect the story. There are four endings of the game. I have one and I'm looking forward to seeing the other three.

    Overall I gave it a 7 because I finished it in one sitting (that one sitting was about five hours but also put in consideration I haven't finished the bonus level AND I used hints ALOT. I also have only one ending).
    It was a decent game. It wasn't great but it wasn't a waste. If you have around $10-$20 bucks and want a really fun puzzle game its worth the money.
  2. Aug 3, 2011
    This game was just horrid. The puzzles were just stupid and the overall game play was boring and uninspired. I payed $15 for this and that was just to much. This is a bargain bin or yard sale game if there ever was one. Don't waste your time. Expand