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  1. This is certainly not a game aimed at the hardcore demographic who enjoyed Mega Man 9, but it is far from a bad game by all means. With 50 levels and the additional ability to design your own dream home if the game concept grabs you then this could be a solid purchase.
  2. An amusing little time-thief. [Jan 2009, p.74]
  3. 40
    If you love games like Order Up! or even (on some level) The SIms, you might find Home Sweet Home interesting for a few short-lived minutes, but if you fancy yourself a hardcore gamer you will loath this title.
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  1. KyleK.
    Nov 11, 2008
    Downloaded for my wife to play, who loves to watch HGTV. The purpose of the game is to design a room for clients. It has quite a few faults which include no angles, unable to see the rooms you've designed once the level is passed, and pretty easy to please your clients. It's stupidly addictive though as you pick and choose furniture and move it around until you've achieved a zen like state or you've blown your budget. Once setup, you need to have your workers complete the design you've made by shaking the Wiimote, etc, etc. The more clients you design for, the more furniture and different colors you earn to paint, etc, then you can use what you've earned to create your own room. Of course it is pretty biased on who would chose this game, I find it stupid that paid critics attempt to compare it to Megaman 9. If you like HGTV or have fun w/ interior decorating, this game is for you! Full Review »