• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Nov 23, 2010

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  1. Dec 14, 2010
    Hot Wheels: Track Attack might be a real alternative to Mario Kart Wii, as it doesn't add any weapons and such to the racing experience. Yet it's still an entertaining, little arcade racer and nothing more.
  2. Feb 1, 2011
    With Hot Wheels: Track Attack, what you see is what you get; basic and accessible at an impressions level, with an immaculate amount of replayability for Hot Wheels fans. Those looking for the majesty of a true racing sim, or the chaos of a kart racer had best move on.
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  1. Feb 12, 2011
    Ok what the hell?! i want to know how much time it took to make this game because better racing games w/ a build your own track editor were better is 2001 like hsx racing. i have no words for this. i dont make graphics a big deal in reviews but rayman had better graphics. i am disapointed. this game is a bust and it isn't worth 20$ not even 20! Full Review »