Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 16
  2. Negative: 3 out of 16
  1. Nov 27, 2012
    Inazuma Eleven Strikers is a game with a lot of potential, with a funny multiplayer and the well made art works. Unfortunately, there is no flow and often the gameplay is messy.
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Inazuma Eleven Strikers will deliver you a soccer experience you have never had before. The great cinematic powers that the game give to you, are amazing. Especially fans of the tv-series will enjoy this adventure with ll of their favourite teams. The game is not perfect, but with some friends you can have a lot of fun.
  3. Oct 28, 2012
    Whilst moderately enjoyable in brief multiplayer bouts, the game fails to hit the mark far too often.
  4. Games Master UK
    Oct 24, 2012
    Fun in multiplayer, but lack of a proper story mode means single-player is lacking. [Dec 2012, p.87]
  5. Oct 19, 2012
    Inazuma Eleven Strikers has some undeniable strengths, specifically when two or more players gather with the express intention of enjoying some mindless fun. Kids and big kids alike will get a kick from the cheerful visuals and bombastic special moves, making it a game of football as imagined by hyperactive five-year-olds. The charm struggles to last, however, with older gamers likely to become more irritated than excited as the hours drift by. Younger gamers may have more patience and enjoy it for longer; it really depends how much you like tornado shots and giant god-like goalkeeping hands, over and over again.
  6. Oct 16, 2012
    A lack of depth prevents this Inazuma Eleven Wii spin-off from living up to the legacy of its DS cousins.
  7. Oct 8, 2012
    An arcade soccer game clearly made for fans of the series, as the rest will end up being bored with it pretty soon.
  8. Oct 7, 2012
    Inazuma Eleven Strikers lost all the charm and inventiveness featured in the portable incarnations of the franchise: this Wii version is just a clunky arcade soccer game with tons of fan service and not really much more than that.
  9. Oct 1, 2012
    If we had to compare, Inazuma Eleven Strikers is clearly not as good as the previous games released on Nintendo DS. For sure, it has many qualities such as its career mode, the great number of players to unlock and nice animations used for shooting sequences. And yet, the lack of an online gaming experience and an old-fashioned production are not easy to forgive, as if Level-5 were keeping the remaining good parts of the game for the next title.
  10. Cheery and great fun with two players, but the solo experience is all rather limited.
  11. Sep 28, 2012
    On the Wii, Inazuma Eleven shows a somewhat-dull gameplay, a clear lack of content, isn't deep enough, and overall, it's a disappointing adaptation of the the DS games, lacking in terms of ideas. The result is too average.
  12. Sep 28, 2012
    Although the gameplay has changed, Inazuma Eleven Strikers is still a brilliant game, now it's more attractive on Wii. Football matches are fast and agile, with all the techniques and the show to four players on the same screen.

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  1. Nov 12, 2012
    I love this game it got a very great multiplayer but i must say it lacks on singeplayer because,
    Not very much teams and with a normal shot
    I love this game it got a very great multiplayer but i must say it lacks on singeplayer because,
    Not very much teams and with a normal shot of something you just cant score but i think it can give you 20-30 ours fun..
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  2. Mar 29, 2013
    This is an interesting case, where I know the game is somewhat weak, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Lets start. The game is about the InazumaThis is an interesting case, where I know the game is somewhat weak, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Lets start. The game is about the Inazuma Eleven anime series, where junior high school students use various "hissatsu techniques" Killer techniques to win their games. The game itself is immensely fun there is hundreds of characters, each with their own hissatsu techniques. The gameplay is fun, easy to pick up, but deep to master. Most of the poor reviews here are thanks to the fact that people try too much to play it like a regular soccer game, like FIFA series. Inazuma Eleven is actually best played as a fast paced arcade RPG and while played like that, many of it's flows seem to have little reason. First of all, the graphics. They are absolutely amazing. Knowing the original Wii's capabilities, they are insanely polished and visually pleasing. A huge difference from the super edgy DS graphics, to which most of us got used to. The hissatsu's are super flashy and with loads of nice effects. The graphics get a huge plus for me, as rarely any Wii game has so much visual prowess as this one. The main game mode is the "Club Room". Here you create your own team, manage it, have them train, play friendly matches and participate in tournaments. At first, you will have the traditional Raimon team from the end of the first season. Following the show, you will battle teams like Royal Academy (Teikoku Academy), Zeus, Chaos, Dark Emperors and more. Most of these teams are straight from the show, with the exception of Alius Academy, Int'l Allstars and the Girls Team, which are composed of the strongest and most notable players of the Alius arc and the Nationals arc respectively. Each team has from eleven to seventeen players, and since there is twelve teams plus a load of secret unlockable characters, the total number of players exceed two hundreds. After defeating teams in tournaments, the players from other teams you beat may be scouted and added to your own team. This gives a great sense of progression. You can also train your teammates to improve their maximum TP (the game's Mana equivalent, needed to launch hissatsu's) and bonds. Bonds are useful, because they give great variety of stats as well as unlock potential combination shots, who far exceed normal hissatsu shots.
    The flow of the game is one part, where the game starts to struggle. Trying to score a goal without using a super flashy hissatsu is incredibly difficult. I have to confess, after playing this game for sixty hours, I only scored once in a non-penalty-shot without a help of a hissatsu. To perform a hissatsu shot, you need to charge a single player's power by holding a button. Charge it up and release it the animation will play and hope for the best. To counter this, all defenders and some other players have hissatsu blocks to instantly take the ball away from the opponent. Just shake the remote, animation will play and the ball is yours. Then there is dribble hissatsu's, the game's way to counter blocks and get the ball through. Just shake the remote with the ball in possession animation will play and you get past the defenders. If an opponent performs a hissatsu shot, your goalkeeper will automatically be selected. Then, you can choose the type of hissatsu block you want, mash buttons, see the flashy animation and hope for the best. Notice the trend? Animations. Everywhere there is animations. They are unskippable and might irritate or get annoying, but they are pretty short and the graphics just pay it off. The controls are good. Very easy to learn, ability to play without the nunchuck perfect. The only downside is that the dribble button on the "remote only" controls is on the minus button, so you can't charge up a shot, run and dribble at a same time, so you are left with a huge disadvantage in later stages of the game. Other than that, it is perfect and responsive.
    The AI. It is mediocre. Like probably any soccer game ever, you will eventually start beating the strongest difficulty in huge score differences, but that is okay, I guess. However, since it is a stat based game, the stronger difficulties repay by incredibly high player stats. The AI however, can't dribble or use Inazuma Time a great feature to make you blast off anyone in contact so it kinda handicaps itself.
    Multiplayer. It has the classic multiple controllers to the Wii mode, however, no WiFi play. That is a pretty big minus, as everyone wants to show off their team and skills to strangers. there is also a feature to "support" the main player by waving the second controller at the certain time. That feature just makes the teams so incredibly overpowered, that they are able to destroy anyone in their path. That's another small minus.
    The sound. Well, it is bad. The players have two or three phrases and the commentator is just ridiculously annoying. It's bad, but understandable the Wii discs didn't have enough space for all the phrases.
    Bottom line BUY IT.
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  3. May 20, 2017
    Este es tu juego cuando quieres jugar a un juego de fútbol que no sea el FIFA o el PES. Está muy divertido sobre todo para jugar con amigosEste es tu juego cuando quieres jugar a un juego de fútbol que no sea el FIFA o el PES. Está muy divertido sobre todo para jugar con amigos haciéndonos nuestros propios equipos. Le pongo un 81/100. Full Review »