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  • Summary: In Indianapolis 500 Legends, players assume the roles of 30 of the sport’s most daring real-life legends like Al Unser, A.J. Foyt and Parnelli Jones as they draft, dodge and slingshot through a virtual minefield on a track where speeds of up to 180 miles per hour defined racing’s frontier mentality. Experience crashes, upsets and thrills with mission-based racing that puts you in the middle of some of the Indy 500’s most famous and infamous moments. Drive the last of the front-engine roadsters; experiment with the first turbine cars or strap on the earliest sets of bolt-on wings. But buckle up - back then the rules were few, protection was a luxury and making it to the finish line was never guaranteed. [Destineer] Expand
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  1. In many ways, Indianapolis 500 Legends is more an interactive history lesson than a proper game. By limiting you to certain drivers and certain years, players gain a deep historical knowledge of certain races at the expense of all the others.
  2. As far as racing games with only one track goes, Indianapolis 500 Legends isn't half bad. Unfortunately its limited scope makes it difficult to recommend over some of the better racing games on the console.
  3. 58
    The game comes up short, and is only going to appeal to fans of the sport that can turn a blind eye to its faults, and instead enjoy what can at times be a fun nod to a racing era long forgotten.
  4. A pretty dull game. Almost every facet of this game feels monotonous and could even be described as boring.
  5. 40
    This game might be worth a rent for a diehard Indy fan who is not an experienced gamer.
  6. It's got bad graphics, boring, repetitive missions, and not enough variety to justify toiling through race after race. The game is really nothing more than a photo and video collection of the race's history with some interactive parts to tie it together.
  7. I’ve played better Flash games. I’ve played better racers on the Game Boy Advance. Those are both very sad statements that I hope I never have to make again.

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