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  • Summary: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine challenges players to take up the role a master chef in the midst of a battle for culinary supremacy. Recreating the blistering speed of the Food Network's hit television show, Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine presents players with epic culinary battles centered on 15 theme ingredients and hundreds of dish variations. Featuring recipes chosen to look and sound delicious and be fun to make, gameplay revolves around 300 different mini-game tasks designed to highlight the skill and speed of the real Iron Chefs. Expand
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  1. The disjointed nature of the actual cooking, mediocre graphics and bad cut scenes don't exactly make it a clear candidate for top cooking game.
  2. Supreme Cuisine could have been a great opportunity to bring the excitement and entertainingly tense cooking battles in kitchen stadium to life on the Wii. Instead, the game provides an uninspiring, and frankly boring, culinary mini-game experience that apes Cooking Mama without including some of the more fun aspects of the cooking video game genre.
  3. 45
    Yes, Iron Chef America Supreme Cuisine looks that terrible. It's kind of sad too. The gameplay gestures work well and the prep stages flow quickly from one to another. The game is just so hideous to look at and riddled with loads that it's borderline unforgivable.
  4. Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine is a disgracefully bad attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Iron Chef.
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