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  • Summary: Kirby's Return to Dreamland has players play as Kirby one of his three friends to retrieve ship parts scattered across Pop Star in order to help the aliens return home.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 49
  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. Oct 23, 2011
    With its impeccable balance of difficulty, satisfyingly simple level design, and insurmountable overload of squishy charm, Return to Dream Land provides a platform experience that comes as close to perfect as one can get...Videogames simply do not get any more pure than Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  2. Oct 24, 2011
    Kirby's Return to Dream Land makes absolutely no concessions in its quest to appeal to a wider audience. Newcomers will still feel welcome, but at the same time, longtime Kirby fans will also feel fully respected too. It perfectly integrates old Kirby staples with new features like the super abilities, and despite the Wii's graphical shortcomings compared to 360/PS3, it couldn't be more visually appealing.
  3. Dec 9, 2011
    Newest addition to the Kirby franchise feels once again fresh and new. The mix of platformer and ancient Lemmings works like a charm and the game design is well balanced. This game truly is a proper testament for the aging DS. [Dec 2011]
  4. Nov 25, 2011
    Kirby returns to the roots in a platformer designed for all kind of gamers. Not difficult, not deep and not innovative. However, it's still a Kirby game, and that means only one thing: big quality.
  5. Oct 24, 2011
    You won't find much trailblazing action here, and the challenge is a light one for most of the way until you unlock the tougher game mode by completing the story. Still, there's enough charm on tap to satisfy diehard Kirby fans and younger players.
  6. Dec 7, 2011
    We were hoping for something more inventive, more memorable. [Dec 2011, p.56]
  7. 50
    The ambitions have been low at HAL Laboratory, and Kirby's Adventure simply isn't varied enough.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 46
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 46
  3. Negative: 2 out of 46
  1. Oct 26, 2011
    This game is an absolute masterpiece. Brilliant! A true homage to the SNES classics, but even better. Definitely a must buy for the Wii.
    you're looking for fun and something worth your time and money, look no further. Expand
  2. Feb 18, 2012
    If you ask me, which you are if you are reading my review, I think this game, like Scott said, isn't really meant to be a "24-hour hard-core" challenger. It's more like a "spend a weekend with your friends and have a nice, relaxing gaming experience" kind of game. I think the multiplayer is nice ( I've always wanted to play as Dedede) and the story and minigames are interesting enough to keep your attention. Expand
  3. Apr 30, 2014
    One of nintendo and HAL's masterpieces, A must for the wii!
    The story is epic, it has an extra mode for hardcore people, has good uses of the
    wii-mote (shaking is used frequently) and a lot of challenges in magolor's airship for tons of fun. Expand
  4. Oct 28, 2011
    Are you people on some kind of drug? This is the best Kirby game ever made and it IS hard if you actually go and play past world 4, which I doubt any critic even did. Plus there's a 'Hard Mode' you unlock after beating the extremely difficult final boss. The complaints make no sense whatsoever and just lead me to believe there's a serious bias against ANY Wii game no matter the quality. Critics say "it's more of the same" but then go and award the tenth Call of Duty expansion pack a perfect 10. Expand
  5. Nov 9, 2011
    This game was great! I enjoyed playing it with my friend alot, and it doesn't seem repetitive to me.
    The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10
    cause its not completely flawless. Expand
  6. Dec 1, 2011
    What kind of person gives a superb game a offensively negative score? Metacritic should not even register the top/bottom 10% of reviews, because the haters and mindless fanboys are making a mockery of the system. Expand
  7. Jan 13, 2013
    This is "the" game, if you want to play with your loved one, and she's not very experienced in video games. This is my first Kirby game, and I already know what makes this series so popular. Cute, fun and simple, great for co-op. However, it may seem boring at times, since there's no real challenge throughout the game. I wouldn't recommend this title if: a) you plan to play alone, b) you can kill a few bosses in Demon Souls (you'll be bored to death). Expand

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