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  • Summary: (Also known as "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile") follows the story of Klonoa and his ring spirit friend, Hewpoe, as they set off to investigate a mysterious crash near their home in Phantomile, a world created by everyone’s dreams. The pair soon find themselves embarking on an exciting adventure filled with magical creatures and evil villains. With his trusty friend Hewpoe at his side and the power of the Wind Bullet in his hands, it’s up to Klonoa to save Phantomile! [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. 100
    This is a game that is filled with a simple yet endearing story, excellent game mechanics, eye-popping visuals, a challenging collection element, and a surprisingly bittersweet ending that will make you want to play it all over again, especially to see the once-static cinematics recreated in full 3D. Klonoa is one of the best platforming games of all time and this is a superior remake of an already flawless original.
  2. While platforming titles have certainly become more intricate and flashy over the years, Namco's update of their original Klonoa title proves that even a decade-old platformer can still hold its own when a developer puts the time and effort into it. If you're a platformer fan, you absolutely must own this wonderfully charming title.
  3. 85
    The Wii was definitely the perfect audience to deliver it on, and for thirty bucks you simply cannot afford to miss this incredibly charming experience.
  4. The best part about this new remake of Klonoa is that it's going for the discounted price of $29.99. Considering the game won't take you an especially long time to finish, that's a great price for a classic platformer that still has some appeal for modern players while also being charming enough for younger kids to get into, as well.
  5. No matter how many years have passed, Klonoa is still a great platformer, and here on Wii it boosts a nice visual upgrade: however, Bandai Namco did nothing to improve the length of the game, which can be easily completed in five hours or so.
  6. The final surprise the game offered was its at first vanilla, then definitively Vanilla Sky storyline.
  7. The remake of Klonoa for Wii is a colorful and cozy game that's perfect for the younger generation of players. Unfortunately, the experienced player has not much to get here more than a dose of nostalgia.

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Score distribution:
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  1. PeterA
    May 12, 2009
    A great game made even better by the wiimake. Looks great and plays great. No motion control but I'm not sure that would have worked well anyway. At thirty bucks it's well worth it even if it is only five hours long. Expand
  2. Agostino
    Jun 27, 2009
    Very nice 2D/quasi 3D platform game. This is a jump back to Ghosts'n Goblins time but with colorful graphic and good soundtrack of our days.
  3. Jul 25, 2011
    One of my all time favorite Wii Games of 2009. Very underrated too. If you see it at a store pick this up It has decent Re-playability and great Music! Namco if you're reading this make a Klonoa 2 for the Wii. Collapse
  4. Jul 22, 2013
    A fantastic and heart-felt childhood game that it is and will always be close and dear to my heart, as it is probably one of my first games that i actually finished. Expand
  5. Apr 4, 2014
    For those of you that don't know this game is a remake of the classic ps1 game klonoa door to phantomile which was sadly hugely over looked in the west at the time of its release but do to the series gaining a cult following over time and the then popular craze of brining old video game franchises back into the modern day gaming light klonoa got another chance and out of all the game franchises that made a come back klonoa is easily the one i am most pleased with.

    the story begins with klonoa dreaming about how he first met his best friend huepow and the wind ring (klonoas main means of attack and where huepow was discovered) the dream continues with them playing then suddenly a strange object crashes into a near by mountain were klonoa lives and the sky goes dark. It is mentioned at the the start of the game that this is a recurring dream that klonoa has. Whilst klonoa is having this dream klonoa is awakened by a loud noise which happens to be an object crashing into a mountain near klonoa's house (this being very remeiniscent of klonoa's dream) klonoa and huepow then set out to investigate and that is were our story starts.

    The story may seem fairly simple at first but the creators goal was to make a game that appeals to a young audience but has a strong story that would satisfy an adult audience and he definitely delivered with an engaging plot, an unpredictable storyline as you advance and one of the best plot twists endings I have ever seen in any media kids and adults will not be disappointed with the story of this game alike.

    Klonoa is a 2.5D platformer with his means of attack being somewhat of a gimmick. klonoa's method of attack is using his wind ring a giant ring which allows him to shoot a a small burst of wind energy which if hits an enemy will inflate them and render them defenceless so klonoa may use them for his personal use this could either be to defeat other enemies by throwing them at one another or to give klonoa an extra boost in his jump which allows him to reach higher ledges not possible by a regular jump. klonoa also has a flutter ability which allows him to get to ledges just out of his reach or to spend several seconds suspended in the air. all these elements are used to make what could be a mediocre platforming experience a unique enjoyable never before seen classic video game not just in the platforming genre but in the history of video games. This gameplay style also adds a minor emphasis of puzzle solving to the game which keeps the game fresh but doesn't get in the way or distract from the platforming of the game and if anything adds a decent amount of variety to each level making every level unique in its own right.

    The score has been untouched from the original game and still sounds as good as ever having a very charming cheerful melody for the most part but is very atmospheric when needed to be which makes for an extremely memorable soundtrack hat will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life time.

    The graphics are great having a very slick cartoony style which really compliments the tone that the game was going for and for the system the game was on it really stands out from the crowd of other wii games even now.

    The voice acting can be over all seen as pretty cheesy not to say it doesn't suit the characters and fit the mood of the game though

    The controls are great not having any forced motion controls being implemented into the game which really does make you feel like your playing a classic game.

    The game really shines in the extra content department having a pretty wide variety of new unlockables ranging from costumes to enemy bio, a sound test and best of all the ability to play any level in reverse. On top of that the game does a fantastic job of fan service to fans of the original game making klonoa's original costume unlockable and option of choosing the games original voice acting/language.

    All the characters are likeable having a very distinct personality and tone to them on top of memorable and unique designs and a colour scheme which sweet on the eyes.

    Over all this remake is one of the best I have ever seen being so true to the original but having so many new distinct features that fans of the original wont feel like there just playing a rehash and for those of you who have never played a klonoa game before this would be a fantastic place to start one of the best wii games out there and i would even go as far as to say better then the original whilst capturing the essence of what made the original a unforgettable classic. An outstanding game that you dream would never end.
  6. JonathanCarrier
    Aug 6, 2009
    A great game "Wii" made but that'sall it's been. As a 7 year old game it doesn't hold up well to the lengthy platformers today. You can beat this game in a day. The graphics are great, the music is well done, the levels and bosses are good, but it's just too easy. Expand
  7. nick
    Jun 11, 2009
    This game is very easy. I started playing at 2pm, by 10 I had finished very level, found every secret and still had around 20 lives left. The enemies are laughable, the only way you die is by falling. at one point I had over 40 lives - expect to finish all 14 levels in a single attempt. The graphics were nice enough, the controls are adequate and have no token wii 'shake the controller and pray' to mess around with. pretty good for a rental but not sure its worth the cash unless you'll bother with the time-trials or costume changes etc. Expand

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