Link's Crossbow Training Wii


Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. 80
    It's great for family gaming and the competitive edge offered makes it attractive to core gamers. If only Nintendo had bothered to include global ranked high-score leaderboards.
  2. AceGamez
    The most exciting aspect of Link's Crossbow Training is the price. For £20 you get the game and the Wii Zapper in a sleek white box. It's excellent value and helps you to overlook any shortcomings that the game might have.
  3. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk work perfectly fine on their own - especially considering the Wii Zapper is both less accurate and less comfortable.
  4. As a budget release you can forgive many of its problems, but that doesn't make it a better game.
  5. You can argue that Link’s Crossbow Training could’ve been fleshed out with additional levels and modes.
  6. Even if you feel you're more precise by simply holding the Wii-mote, you definitely have to give the Zapper a try and play until you're awesome at it. It's worth it and it brings the game to a whole new level!
  7. A short but challenging and surprisingly addictive score-based bash. It's great for the price, but proper multiplayer and online scoreboards would have made all the difference.
  8. Overall you can’t go wrong with the Wii Zapper. For a cheap price of $19.99, you get a peripheral and a quality game. Even though the Zapper itself is only a piece of white plastic which may cause you some serious hand cramps, it is nonetheless still functional and lets you break in Link’s new toy, the crossbow.
  9. 70
    It's a short, but nevertheless fun demo that reunites Zelda fans with one of Nintendo's greatest icons while simultaneously providing a new way to see the lands and enemies that Link explores and fights respectively. The shooting mechanics are well done and the visual presentation looks like something right out of Twilight Princess – which, obviously, it is.
  10. Though it's extremely short, Link's Crossbow Training is a fun shooting game that's good enough to overshadow the faults of the main part of the package, the Wii Zapper.
  11. 70
    You're better off picking up a third-party Wii lightgun casing if that's what you're after, but Crossbow Training provides a surprisingly satisfyingly -- and cheap -- slice of Zelda all by itself.
  12. Not a full game, but nonetheless surprisingly polished and only costs $20 with the Wii Zapper.
  13. The Zapper might have its problems and Link's Crossbow Training might be one of the shortest games in history, but for only $20, it fairly fun.
  14. 65
    Link's Crossbow Training isn't going to change your life, but combined with the Wii Zapper, it's extremely good value. For less than $50, you could do much, much worse.
  15. It's nice to revisit some of those wonderful Twilight Princess environments, but don't expect the disc to live in your Wii for very long.
  16. 60
    The problem with Link's Crossbow Training is unusual. It's not that it's a bad game. Instead, it's that there's just not enough to it.
  17. 60
    The game looks and sounds like Zelda but truthfully is Zelda in name only. Don't expect to be charmed in the slightest.
  18. We expected more from Nintendo, maybe a game able of bringing home the fun that we used to have on the arcades. They choose to stick with a familiar franchise and create something really simple.
  19. If high scores aren't much of a motivator, the game gets old fast. It's a snap to unlock the entire game in one sitting.
  20. In the end, the Wii Zapper is just a hunk of plastic and the game is too short and kind of boring. Link's Crossbow Training will make a nice chunky gift to fill in blank spots under the tree, but all wrapped up like that, you can never be sure exactly what you're getting.
  21. A more thorough multiplayer experience with some form of online component could have raised this game's value substantially.
  22. So while Crossbow Training isn't a deep experience (it really needs online leader boards), it's addictive and justifies buying the Zapper.
  23. games(TM)
    Genuinely good fun for all – A pleasant surprise. [Feb 2008, p.132]
  24. It’s cheap and it’s fun - Link shoots, and he most definitely scores!
  25. Don't even bother with the Wii Zapper, it's a gimmick. Link's Crossbow Training is an average shooter which provides short bursts of enjoyment, but overall is a fairly basic game with a few highlights.
  26. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    If you plan on getting more Zapper games though, it's worth the plunge. [Jan 2008, p.72]
  27. The Wii Zapper is a decent peripheral, but it feels cheap. While I question some of the design choices, however, they're easy to get over. Link's Crossbow training is a great introduction into shooting games for those just now getting over Wii Sports.
  28. Games Master UK
    It's the lightgun version of "Wii Play" - if you liked that, you'll find a lot more to like here. [Jan 2007, p.63]
  29. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    Good clean fun. [Issue#17, p.84]
  30. Link’s Crossbow Training does an excellent job of throwing in an entertaining couple of hours to start you off with your brand new peripheral.
  31. Nintendo Gamer
    The Zapper is okay in certain games but this one doesn't need it. Sluggish aiming, too. [Feb 2008, p.48]
  32. Game Informer
    What you are really buying when you pick up this bundle is a fun minigame that comes with a packed-in controller novelty. [Feb 2008, p.99]
  33. Nintendo Power
    It's just too darn short--you'll probably make it through the entire single-player mode in just over an hour (add another hour to get platinum medals on every stage). [Holiday 2007, p.84]
  34. GamePro
    I'd suggest you pass this one up unless you're a Wii fanatic, a light-gun aficionado, or a Zelda freak who just has to have every single Link game around. [Feb 2008, p.77]

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 48 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 22
  2. Negative: 2 out of 22
  1. Nov 13, 2011
    Pretty cool arcade fun, although it's pretty short lived, the Zapper controller works and feels like a crossbow, and as for the presentation,Pretty cool arcade fun, although it's pretty short lived, the Zapper controller works and feels like a crossbow, and as for the presentation, it's pretty much on par with the basic parts of Twilight Princess. Full Review »
  2. May 19, 2011
    This game is a bit of fun, but the controls aren't the greatest and it is way too short to ever amount to anything. It may have been a niceThis game is a bit of fun, but the controls aren't the greatest and it is way too short to ever amount to anything. It may have been a nice mini-game in Twilight Princess, but it just never amounts to anything truly worthwhile. Anyone looking at this title should just stick to Twilight Princess, but get that game on the Gamecube instead of the Wii - the controls are better. Full Review »
  3. Aug 31, 2016
    If you're trying to get into the Zelda series (first of all, good for you) and you're wondering if you should play this game, then you've comeIf you're trying to get into the Zelda series (first of all, good for you) and you're wondering if you should play this game, then you've come to the right place.
    You see, Link's Crossbow Training is not a main game of the series, so unless you're a collector type person, then I would recommend skipping this game and getting it later down the road when you're, perhaps waiting for a new Zelda game to release?
    The zapper is awkward, and if you're comfortable holding a crossbow or rifle or anything of that sort, knows that the trigger should be in the back of the firearm, not the front. So if you're a crossbow fanatic this game is certainly not for you.
    It's entertaining and cheap, so honestly, you can't go wrong with this.
    Full Review »