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  • Summary: [WiiWare] LIT is a 3D horror action puzzler that follows Jake, a typical, apathetic, slightly emo teenager, who's trapped in his high school when it's overrun by dark creatures. Players must guide Jake through 30 classrooms, using the available light sources to create paths to each exit. The goal is to reunite Jake with his girlfriend Rachael, who’s also trapped in the school and calls Jake from time to time on the school’s phone system. Stay in the light and Jake’s safe. Step into the darkness and he’s pulled under. In addition to light puzzling, the game features 5 boss battles against dark faculty members, an unlockable challenge mode, multiple endings, level select mode, and a second playable character. [WayForward] Expand
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  1. LIT stands proudly eclectic among the sea of mediocre titles available on WiiWare, bringing a truly innovative take on the puzzle genre to the table and offering a lot for players to explore. The issues with minor control flaws can't really bring down the well-executed atmosphere, clever design or overall fun the experience of playing the game offers.
  2. A clever puzzle game that will have you thinking and shaking at the same time. [Christmas 2009, p.101]
  3. 80
    LIT is another fine example of the advantages of WiiWare: daring, unusual concepts that publishers wouldn’t look twice at for the retail sector.
  4. 71
    The whole "use the lights" mechanic is refreshingly unique, and there's definitely a sense of satisfaction after you've figured out the room's solution.
  5. It's just a shame that, much like its moping hero, it never ventures far enough from its comfort zone to become truly memorable.
  6. WayForward put a lot of time and work into LIT at it shows; it’s not perfect but if you’re in the mood for a puzzle game with a difference, break out your flashlight and watch out for what hides in the dark.
  7. It's good fun and something different. [May 2009, p.76]

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  1. KyleSellers
    Feb 16, 2009
    Without a doubt, the best game I've played on WiiWare yet. It actually innovates, which seems to be something severely lacking on WiiWare.

    There are a few aspects which seem clunky, but it more than makes up for those with a clever concept and an excellent take on the somewhat stale puzzle genre.

    I would highly recommend this. Hopefully this series can gain some traction, I'd love to see it on the DS or Xbox Live Arcade!