Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. 85
    Little King’s Story misses the boat in a few key areas for me personally – the largest of which is the lack of IR pointing in a game specifically based around real-time strategy elements – but at the end of the day there’s no denying that this title has serious staying power, an immense amount of charm, and is downright fun despite its faults.
  2. This deep, challenging, and beautiful RTS-RPG hybrid is cleverly disguised as a child-friendly introduction to the strategy genre.
  3. I can’t sing Cing’s praises loud enough. Little King’s Story is the freshest Wii game since de’ Blob and a return to the kind of Japanese development that made me fall in love with games in the first place.
  4. Little King's Story is one of the best in the Wii's library. It is fun to play for hours on end, and offers much more depth than your average title.
  5. Man, I really wish the game could have been called Gears of Warcraft: Wii Edition. I'd bet dollars to donuts that with that name, it could have sold a trillion copies.
  6. Little King's Story may be considered one of the best games in spring 2009, as well as an example of how to make games that can give you emotions and be fun at the same time. Rising Star offers the gamers a great mixture of strategic, RPG and management elements, creating the perfect recipe for a natty and at times ironic adventure. Recommended for all Wii owners and, most of all, for Pikmin lovers, who will find in this game a similar gameplay.
  7. Little King’s Story is the first truly remarkable, original RPG to hit the Wii. Don’t let the kiddy veneer fool you, it’s pure win!
  8. 82
    It's one of the more groundbreaking games to come out this year, especially considering many of the uninspired titles making their way to the Wii.
  9. Little King's Story is an impressive package, with only a few lingering flaws keeping it from true greatness. It's a slow burn that rewards those with the patience to appreciate its elaborate setup.
  10. Little King's Story is not the best game you'll ever play. It's repetitive, it's lacking in depth and it can feel slow and frustrating at times. Plus it's got some dodgy politics and a rubbish save system. But it's the best game I've played all year, and that includes Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. It's charming, engrossing and just plain fun.
  11. With both its addictive, rewarding gameplay and the wealth of imagination that's been poured into the presentation, it's incredibly difficult to stop playing Little King's Story. [May 2009, p.112]
  12. But even when you huff and puff and bemoan its wrongdoings, Little King’s Story bounces along with an insatiable charm and letting it get the best of you then seems pointless, because it has such confidence in what it does right.
  13. Beautiful graphics, well thought through humour and addictive gameplay that will offer hours and hours of gameplay. That's what you'll get if you buy Little King's Story. It's a mystery why you can't point your Wiimote and give a character a simple order, but in the end the game will even put a smile on the face of the biggest sourpuss.
  14. Playing as a young boy with the mission of saving an overly cute world might not be the most unique concept to bless the Wii, but in this case the formula is surprisingly addictive. If you in any way enjoy the gameplay and concept offered in other titles such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon this is a game you'll thoroughly enjoy.
  15. A sweet child face hides an uncompromising blend of RPG and strategy. Simple, but clever game mechanics promise long-term playability. [July 2009]
  16. The consistently surprising offspring of Harvest Moon and Pikmin will make a royalist out of anyone.
  17. I can't fault a game that offers such a fun, engaging, and lengthy adventure on the Wii. [July 2009, p.87]
  18. In the end, Little King's Story is a cute yet exceptionally deep title that will provide hours upon hours of gameplay for anyone willing to master it. However, poor control and pathfinding, coupled with overwhelming scale and some exceptionally frustrating bosses, might turn off a lot of gamers who are looking for a game to ease them into the RTS/simulation genre.
  19. 70
    I appreciated the places the story took me in the end, but the final series of boss fights not only felt forced into the game's plot, but also were so long and arduous that I wondered if I'd ever beat them at all.
  20. 67
    A few poor design choices keep this game from being easily recommendable to all. Everything but the unforgiving boss fights get repetitive quickly; the game can be light on explanations, leaving a lot to your own deduction; and the pathfinding is terrible.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 72 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. vgb
    Oct 27, 2010
    For me, this is the defining Wii game, and one of the great games of the last 5 years. Everyone comments on the charm and I have to, too - it's filled with charm. It creates such a world that you will do any task the game asks of you just to stay in it for one more hour. And then another hour. And then some more. I am often amazed at ingenuity in games, but rarely feel like I really, really like the people who made the game, as is the case with Little King's Story. World class product. Full Review »
  2. Oct 14, 2012
    To be honest, when I first saw the game cover and the game pictures on the Internet, I thought "Wow, this childish game must suck". Well, that was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my entire life. Little King's Story indeed looks childish, but if you think you're going to play a game where there's no action, no story, and especially with no fun, you're wrong as well.

    Little King's Story is perhaps one of the best indie games I've played in years. It's fun, it motivates you to keep on making upgrades and EXPLORING. And damn, this is a full meal for people who love exploring maps, discovering secrets, collecting items, making new units, completing missions...

    Yes, sometimes it gets repetitive, but it's all about how well you play. If you don't play very well, you'll need to keep on doing the same actions to get money do buy upgrades. If you really know how to use your units, you'll be able to do so without grinding.

    It's a game that somewhat requires you to take a peek at walkthroughs since there are lots of parts where you'll find yourself lost or in need of help, but that doesn't makes the game less worthy of a 10.

    Even though some people may disagree with me, this game is, in my opinion, the best video-game available on the Nintendo Wii... But it's a shame for the other consoles to miss a game this great. This is a genuine hidden diamond found among the discount bin. A long, extremely fun adventure into a fantasy world which anyone who has a Wii needs to play, and even a reason for other people to buy one.
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    This charming, rewarding, deep, funny and simply awesome game offers top strategy and some of the best music on the Wii. With classical remixes, wonderful enemy design and some nice, bright graphics. Few games offer such a memorable experience, one of the best Wii games ever, and truly essential. Full Review »