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  1. Jun 10, 2011
    This is the best Mario Kart Yet, from amazing tracks to amazing gameplay, to the bullet bills that can help you when youre doing bad, to the blue shells that knock me out of first a lot where it provides a challenge for me to get back into first, to the many fun gameplay modes in multiplayer, especially 3-4 players, is really fun. Its really fun to play with friendss. Its the best Mario Kart yet, and unlike some people believe, even though there are items that can help you, this game does take some skill Expand
  2. Jan 6, 2014
    Addicting and fun. Super frustrating, but in a good way. I would often spend hours and hours playing this game. Best racing game out there, definitely.
  3. Sep 22, 2010
    Now to begin with. this game is pretty hard. if you think it is too easy try to play with the woi wheel. with your foot. eyes closed. now i need to say this game is not for hardcore gamers. but i need to say this game is fun as hell so that is why this game deservers 10/10. so other revievers remember the time games were fun? not all graphic this? **** gameplay that? remember when the meaning of games was to entertain us? not make us scream in mic like nowdays? but enough of that go back to MW2 Expand
  4. Nov 13, 2011
    One word makes Mario Kart Wii stand out among all other Wii games: Multiplayer. The online in Mario Kart Wii in spot on. Leaderboards, Fast Matchmaking, Friend Matches, Mario Kart has it all, and to top it of there is no lag, even on the slowest of connections.
  5. Oct 23, 2010
    I always loved the old mario kart games like 64 and double dash but this game is ten times better!! The extra courses are sweet and I love the balloon battles. The multiplayer is awesome too.
  6. Oct 19, 2010
    The Mario Kart series has always been amazing and this game is no different. The courses are great and the inclusion of bikes (motorcycles) was a great one. There are a few odd decisions for the new game, like how battling on teams is the only option. The game is getting a little to hectic and random, with the old items as well as Pow Block, Blooper, Lightning Cloud, Bullet Bill, and Mega Mushroom. The Wii controls work great but Nintendo switched the drifting system to make it a little too easy. Mario Kart Wii is a great game, especially online, and will keep you coming back again and again if the series is getting a little too easy. Expand
  7. Aug 13, 2011
    One of the best reasons to hang on to your Wii that may or may not be getting much use currently. Following the tradition of the Mario Kart series from its humble beginnings on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo delivers another stellar entry. If you've ever played Mario Kart before you will be right at home, and if you haven't, this is the perfect place to start, and a lot more forgiving than the portable games â Expand
  8. Dec 19, 2010
    Probably the best racing games of all time! It's fun, it's fast and it's for the Wii! It puts games like need for speed to shame. Why is that you may ask? Because Mario Kart Wii has something other games wish they had! Skill! That's right, this game actually requires skill to play. Unlike those other crappy racing games that you'll see 40 year olds playing in their mother's basements. This game is for all ages and is exciting to play! not to mention how great the graphics are! Mario Kart Wii has the best online as well! It's really a great game and is a MUST GET! Collapse
  9. Jan 8, 2011
    Mario Kart is the best Mario spin-off there is. When I played this game, I just enjoyed it, from start to finish. Sure, there's a bit of luck involved, there's nothing like knocking off someone's top position at the last minute. Nothing like it. The gameplay is just really fun. Need I say more? Half of the game's tracks are new, but the other half are old tracks. Some might consider it a weakness. However, this is just what I wanted them to do. The old SNES and N64 tracks in modern graphics = awesome sauce. The game offers you multiple ways to play it and Nintendo have done the right thing. You can use the Wii Remote, equip it with a Wii Wheel, use the nuchuck, play with the classic controller or the best one: the Gamecube controller. The best part yet it the multiplayer. Watching you pwn your mates, there's nothing quite like it. The Mario Kart seriesis everything games should be: Fun, addictive, surprising, great fun in single and multiplayer mode. Just a shame Nintendo didn't push the series further. Expand
  10. Jan 31, 2011
    This is a fun, all around family game. Definitely for all ages. You can be anyone from the Nintendo games with many weapons, power-ups, and Cart designs. The multiplayer mode makes it a keeper. Do not rent this game! You will be playing it for hours. The only downers are: Too many un-lockables and they are very hard to get unlocked.
  11. Jul 15, 2011
    This game is a great addition to the Mario Kart series. The environments and tracks are really fun and look great, there are tons of cars, bikes and tracks to race on, there are tons of unlockables, and the roster is great. There are a couple new items to mess other people up with, and the controls are great. the gameplay is fine, and it is easy to control. You can also go on WiFi and race people around the world. This game is really a 9.5, because it's just so awesome. Expand
  12. May 17, 2011
    I agree completely with the AceGamerz review of this game. It charmed me, it was 2008's best game ever. Go buy it! Quick, before stores run out!!! I bought it the year it came out, again, it charmed me!!!
  13. Jul 3, 2011
    The BEST Wii online game you could ever pick up. It's fairly smooth and the game offers pretty good controls for the Wii Wheel. The idea of 12 racers WAS a good concept. But this add-on was also one of the main reasons why this game doesn't deserve all ten. It left me really frustrated to get a 3-star License (3-Stars is the best you can get in the game). But overall, a simply enjoyable game for the family. Expand
  14. Jul 16, 2011
    This is my favorite Wii game. At first, it was very fun to work to try to unlock all of the hidden things - but even since I've done that, I find myself always wanting to play it when I feel like using my Wii. There is a good deal of luck involved in your performance from race to race, but I think that keeps it challenging ... plus, it's like life; even if you do everything right, sometimes you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Expand
  15. RJV
    Sep 25, 2011
    Mario Kart Wii is very well made. The Wii's motion control is, in a rare case, used to perfection. The handling is great, the buttons feel natural, and with a Wii Wheel it feels right. Also, if you have played, the DS version for example, you notice that the old style of staying in a straight line for as long as possible for maximum efficiency has been scrapped, and now is more about not hitting the more numerous obstacles. you have ever in the slightest liked another Mario Kart game, then this is better. This being the sixth in the series, it is obvious that Nintendo has definitely got it right this time, with new moves, such as shaking the Wii Wheel while doing a jump to get a boost when you land, and a new power-up or two, it won't make you say "same old game". The new courses are great, and the retro ones are also great choices. When you first start playing the 50cc Grand Prix, even as a rookie, if this is your first time for Mario Kart, it is really easy, and trains you well. The easiness quickly vanishes as you get to 150cc though. Incredibly hard, Incredibly frustrating, yet still incredibly rewarding once completed. Online multiplayer is great, and with more characters and karts than ever, if you have a Wii, get the game. If you don't have a Wii, consider getting one for this game alone. Expand
  16. Aug 29, 2011
    i love this game. it is so much fun. i always win! I have mirror mode. I got it in about 6 months. It just so so fun to play. 262 reviews have a 7 or more. That's great!
  17. Oct 15, 2011
    mario kart wii is very special to me: it made me become hardcore, and was the first game that wasnt the first game i remember getting (mario 64 ds) that i thought... wow... my fav game of all time... of course there are better ones now, but at the time... well.... and not a fault... at all... 99%
  18. Feb 12, 2012
    The Wii revolutionized interaction with your game experience and this is one that will have you playing for hours upon hours. Mario Kart Wii wheel draws you into the game, it is difficult and will get you really upset after trying to get all stars for all courses but try try try again and don't give up so you can show off your stars to players online and enjoy the online experience with players around the world! classic one for the books. Expand
  19. Nov 8, 2011
    This is the best Mario Kart of all because there is a lot more content than Mario Kart Double Dash. More characters, more tracks, and an amazing online mode, where you can quickly jump in to a race.
  20. Dec 14, 2011
    Wow. Anyone who plays this game for the first time will definitely get hooked. The player becomes more engaged into this game, more controls and definitely better graphics. So many endless options to improve your racing skills in this one. I was literally speechless when I first played this game. Can't wait to try the 3DS Mario Kart 7.
  21. Feb 22, 2012
    Does this game really deserve a 10? Some people don't think so, and that's their opinion. Mine on the other hand is a little bit different. This game is amazing!!!!! When I was little I played Mario Cart on the N64 all the time! This game not only brought back what I loved from the N64 version, but added so many new aspects that I truly enjoy! The online is great, all of the bikes and karts are fun to use, and this game is really fun to play with friends and family. Many people complain about the computer cheating on the game, and it does to a certain extent. However, isn't that like almost every other racing game? I think so, and I have played plenty of racing games. The computer isn't unbeatable anyways!!! You just need to race smart, and you will win!!! Love this game, go buy it!!! Expand
  22. May 5, 2012
    The reason why Mario kart wii is so awesome is because of all the variety in the game. Mario Kart Wii is can last you a few days, or a few years! Depending on how you like the core gameplay in general. This kart has just so much variety, you can spend a whole afternoon just messing with the characters. If you don`t have this game yet, be sure to pick it up
  23. Aug 12, 2012
    If anyone ever tells you Mario Kart doesn't change enough tell them their argument is invalid because clearly they haven't looked at the tracks. Many have the same themes: water, desert, normal grass, sky, castle, etc.. Mario Kart Wii has that plus a mall level, a tree level, and also updated levels from previous Mario Kart iterations. Also, anyone who complains about how unresponsive the Wii's motion controls are needs to play this game. I would venture as far as to say that this is better than playing with an analogue stick and much better than a d-pad. If you have a Wii this is a must-have. Expand
  24. Aug 19, 2012
    Love this game!!!!! Its heaps fun, love the bikes, the variety of characters, online (though not many people on as much), and its an easy game to play, quite difficult to master!
  25. Dec 7, 2012
    This is a very good game overall, I'm glad you can use game cube for this game, or else I might have to use the somewhat finicky wii remote. The other part of the 9/10 that has taken away from the ten would be the four player multiplayer mode, which is really difficult to play, maybe a bit laggy even Overall, 9/10
  26. Dec 15, 2012
    Mario Kart Wii is a extremely fun game, and, for the record, the first game i beat 100 %. Some people may argue that "there's too little skill involved", but after all, that's not what the game is about, it's about trolling your friends, and if you take everything seriously, why do you own a wii to begin with? For me the game doesn't get a perfect score because of minor control issues, and the blue shells, which do not benefit the user in any way, and therefore, are just annoying. Expand
  27. Jan 19, 2013
    Mario Kart Wii is a game that gets a lot of flack for its Tough as Nails AI rubberbanding. But this in no way breaks the game. Since the SNES edition, Super Mario Kart, there has always been a brutal Comeback run by the Game's AI that makes finishing a 150cc Race a great challenge. But if you can look past this, you'll find a solid Racing game. Right off the bat, Nintendo had added a Steering wheel peripheral, that, while unneccessary, can help to simulate a real steering wheel with almost precise 1:1 steering motion. It controls very well, and after getting the hang of it, can help you race with friends,AI, or people online almost as if you were using a regular button controller. Along with this, Mario Kart Wii has some of the best controls so far in the Franchise, as Drifting, Item usage, and steering all work like a Dream. With the addition of Motorcycles, Nintendo adds a new layer of strategy to the game, causing the player to decide between the Wheelie boosts a Bike can use, or the powerful Double Boosts a regular Kart can use. The game also uses "Tricks", where pushing anywhere on the D-Pad on a regular GC or Classic controller will give you a brief speed boost upon landing from a jump, or shaking the Wii-mote/Wheel if using it. Aside from the controls, Mario Kart Wii has a solid list of Characters, Stages, and Vehicles to choose from, all adding combination possibilites for players wishing to experience Heavy and Light Class Racing. The stages on its own can range from spectacular to Mediocre at times, but the Retro courses that are also included also add a nice layer of Nostalgia to Races. Splitscreen Racing and Battle Mode with friends is as fun as its always been, although sometimes the Divisions can make the screen very small for some people. Online can be a drag, because many Hackers and griefers like to mess up peoples fun, but if you look past it, you'll find a solid racing experience. Expand
  28. Nov 28, 2013
    Three words: It's about time. Sorry if it offends anyone, but I didn't like Mario Kart DS. It was too clunky. But then this game took it all back to the way it used to be. The courses are great, the karts are unique, and the graphics are AMAZING. Seriously, once you see your favorite characters on that screen, you never look at them the same way again. The trick element was godly. I find myself replaying tracks just to see what kind of tricks I could do. Once I even did a double corkscrew frontflp. I paused the screen in midair just to look at it. Anyway, back to the review. There are a lot of luck based instances, including the murderous Spiny Shell, but that doesn't ruin the game by any means. It's a package of racing that will keep you coming back for years to come. Simply sublime. 10/10 Expand
  29. May 3, 2013
    Mario Kart Wii is really fun. There are over 30 courses and you can race as your own Mii which I really liked. I liked playing people over the internet and the shortcuts are fun to find. There are lots of good characters to choose from. I like racing as Luigi on his motorbike. Some people think Dry Bowser and Rosalina are the best characters. What I find annoying when I go on Worldwide are people that use cheats in the game to try and win the race or battle. Still this game is awesome. Expand
  30. May 25, 2013
    The Wii compared to my ps3 is not very good, with inferior graphics and not as many games my ps3 is what I stick with most of the time. So when there's a game on the Wii that's capable of pulling me off my PS3 it has to be good. Mario Kart is that game. Its a fun racer with great tracks and is one of the few games my family will play with me. Using the Wii remote to steer works surprisingly well and the AI can give you a challenge when you put up the difficulty. The best part though is just how fun it is to play and you can't ask for more than that. Expand
  31. Jun 19, 2013
    Mario Kart is a game that many people associated with memories, might even think of as nostalgic. It's got a great amount of unlockables, but not so many that you will spend years and years just trying to get them all, some of which are easy to obtain for people who aren't that skilled at driving games, but lots of hard-to-get ones for the pros. It's also a good game when you want to have a less luck based version of coin tossing or drawing straws. It's frustrating enough to make us angry racing beasts, but not so frustrating that we give up on the game. It's a big salad of emotions, but it pretty much just boils down to happiness. The happiness of being able to conquer your friends and gain superiority over them. Heavily recommended if you have ever desired to CRUSH others. Expand
  32. Aug 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Man, this game is a total package! Over 20 playable Mario characters, over 30 tracks, over 15 karts and bikes! The princesses got a athletic outfit, when they're using bikes! But the best character addition is Rosalina. We finally got a great playable character besides all of these stupid Mario enemies! The only thing that sucks is the team V.S. mode because the item rules are pretty unbalanced. But overall, MKW is the best Mario spin-off EVER! Expand
  33. Sep 2, 2013
    Mario kart Wii is excellent. Believe me when i say that i have no problems with this game. Multiplayer was perfect, the online mode was even better, the battles are amazing and the VS Races can make you play for hours!
  34. Aug 13, 2013
    This game is and many other Nintendo games are reasons the Wii is a great console. This game has great multiplayer, single players karts and motor bikes and many ways to have fun. This game has addcting gameplay while sometimes frustrating, at least to be the frustration of getting hit by a blue shell only adds to the incentive to keep playing. Because you wanna get your damn revenge on the noob who hit you. (which is probably me cause I get hit by f'ing everything) Expand
  35. Feb 3, 2014
    Mario Kart Wii is one of best wii games to date
    the first multplayer online mario kart game that i have played
    as well customize karts and bike as well
  36. Nov 22, 2013
    Nobody are bigger fans of Nintendo Game Legends and five years ago when this came out it was a dream come true. I live every thing about his game the graphics, the characters and the entertainment this game is great.
  37. Nov 7, 2013
    What to say....I love this game...This game is absolutely perfect...I grew up around Mario Kart around the Gamecube decade of it and started off from the SNES version up to the 3DS. Super fun gameplay and awesome characters. The controls are...well kinda easy. The items...woo...the items are sure kinda annoying...but fun...the only reason why I gave this a 10 is because of the fun hacks, texture hacks, character hacks, item hacks, course hacks, cup hacks, and other kinds of hacks...but yeah, this game is fun. Expand
  38. Nov 26, 2013
  39. Dec 8, 2013
    Greatest Mario Kart Game In My Opinion! Great Gameplay and With the new feature of bikes makes it 100 TIMES BETTER then all other mario karts COMBINED! To Me The Controls Rock, I Love How You Get The Feature Of Using Any Controller You Like! My Favorite Part is Nintendo Wifi, You Can Race with People around The Globe To Get 1st Place In This Exiting Game! If Your a Mario Fan, You Should Get This Game.... No You HAVE TO get this Game!

    Rating 10/10

    ~ KyleCritic
  40. Feb 1, 2014
    Mario Kart Wii is a Kart Racer game and is the best Mario Kart game. There's a lot of character and tracks to unlock. Half of the tracks is remakes of past Mario Kart games and other are originals. The music good. Character rosters is good, well expect the baby characters. You could eventually unlock your mii. Play online is very fun. But once I unlock everything the game slows down. But that's what online for. Well there's aren't a lot to be said about Mario Kart. Is straight forward. Get it if you have a Wii. It will worth it. Expand
  41. Feb 27, 2014
    Tons of fun and I have played it for years. Its great to play by yourself and with your friends with great gameplay and amount of skill this has kept Mario Kart's amazing reputation going. This time with great working Wi-Fi capabilities, smooth online gameplay and brilliant motion controls. My only problem is that it gets repetitive and after a while it can get rage inducing. But still you can't get over 4 player split screen Mario Kart with new and all your favorite old stages. Expand
  42. Mar 15, 2014
    This is not like the 1997 Nintendo 64 game. It is more detailed than the other game. I actually played the other drinking and having competitions with friends, and I can't do this with the new game. It has more obstacles and things that pop out at you and it's distracting. lol....but, overall it is a great game whether it is 1997 or 2014. Thanks for the good times
  43. Apr 1, 2014
    Mario Kart Wii is fun and exciting and another Wii game that is essential to buy. It has some really cool characters to play as like in other Mario Karts and the same can be said for the race tracks; my favorite tracks were "Toad's Factory", "DK Summit", "Koopa Cape", "Maple Treeway" and "Bowser's Castle". New to this game is the ability to play with the Wii Remote in the style of an actual car wheel with it's motion controls; I know some people didn't like that but I liked playing it that way and that was the way I used it the most. There are also other driving styles you could do like the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk, a GameCube controller and a Wii Classic Controller (I will warn you, I played the game with a Classic Controller, and the controls were actually not that great.) The Wi-Fi was also cool, I heard that some people didn't like it because they may have ran into some hackers, but I didn't and it was fairly enjoyable. Overall I really like Mario Kart Wii, I probably think that is one of the better Mario Kart games despite what some people say (some people really hate this game and I don't get that) and I would really recommend it. I still need to get Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7, those looks fun! I also look forward to getting Mario Kart 8 when that comes out and I get a Wii U; but for now Mario Kart Wii will tide me over. Expand
  44. Jun 5, 2014
    A wonderful installment of the Mario Kart games. It is SO much fun being able to turn an actual steering wheel that isn't plugged in or on a huge stand. I continued playing this game right up until Mario Kart 8 came out, not even a week ago. It's got so many fun things to unlock, and it never, ever gets old.
  45. Jul 1, 2014
    Great tracks, many characters, good graphics and sound, very large replay value, new fun items, suitable for all skill levels, fun battle mode, offline and online multiplayer - definitely one of the best Wii games of all times.
  46. Dec 19, 2010
    Probably the best racing games of all time! It's fun, it's fast and it's for the Wii! It puts games like need for speed to shame. Why is that you may ask? Because Mario Kart Wii has something other games wish they had! Skill! That's right, this game actually requires skill to play. Unlike those other crappy racing games that you'll see 40 year olds playing in their mother's basements. This game is for all ages and is exciting to play! not to mention how great the graphics are! Mario Kart Wii has the best online as well! It's really a great game and is a MUST GET! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 73 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 73
  2. Negative: 1 out of 73
  1. With more features, modes and multiplayer options than ever before, fans should be revved up to get behind the wheel. [May 2008, p.86]
  2. Having sacrificed racing integrity in "Double Dash" to side with social silliness, Nintendo has turned 180 degrees into an awkward halfway house. [May 2008, p.86]
  3. Then there is the Wii Wheel peripheral itself, which if you did not already know is just a plastic housing for the Wiimote. I have to admit though it is a well made bit of plastic, and is not only smarter looking than the uninspired Wii Zapper, but also more ergonomic to hold. Unexpectedly it is very easy to use.