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  • Summary: Mario and the gang are back for another round of Bowser-bashin' party action! Watch as your favorite Nintendo characters don different duds for each of the five all-new Adventure Boards! A slew of new tricks and devices bring new levels of challenge and excitement to board game play. New board maps, new Mini-Games, new action and new surprises means a whole new batch of fun! Get ready to unleash your best Hip Drops, hammer swings and high-flying high junks for another round of frenzied multi-player action! Expand
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  1. It requires a certain group of players - four regular gamers and four compatible controllers - to get the most out of it, but if you tick the boxes this is great.
  2. Feb 8, 2011
    Despite its venerable age, it's still a very funny game, especially at this price.
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  1. ERB
    Nov 22, 2013
    Mario Party 2 is a fun game and I recommend you guys to buy this game because of it's entertainment value.The game play is fun and I'm giving this game a 7/10 because of its fun game play.Try buying this game now and try playing it now.This game is cool. Expand
  2. Mar 20, 2013
    Mario Party 2 is a game that I have on the actual Nintendo 64 and not on the Virtual Console. So, I will be reviewing the original due to there not being a place on Metacritic for the Nintendo 64 version. Anyway, the game was fun, but shows it has aged. For today, the game is certainly enjoyable, but too simple for what is desired. First off, the many of the mini-games were a blast! The title very much represents the series and it certainly put things in the right direction. The single-player is short and sweet and gets the job done. I thought it was funny when you went to Toad to try to delete your game and he kept asking you, like three times, if you were absolutely positive that you wanted your save progress gone. I did have some gripes, though. Many times you would work sweat to get stars and they would just be taken from some lazy CPU player (usually, Peach). So, I felt robbed many times when that occurred. Again, the game feels very simple and underwhelming to an extent that it does not have very much appeal. This stems entirely from its age. Multiplayer is nothing special if you are playing against a weak human player. Overall, pretty good game that should be left as a memory in the past, and not something to be played and admired over by today's standards. Expand

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