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  • Summary: Play with motion control! Row your way down a river, punch a statue to pieces, steer race cars and mopeds, and handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope. Play with the pointer. Drag and drop decorations onto cakes, shoot Boos in haunted house, quickly choose your answer in a game show. Mash those Wii Remote buttons. Jump and pummel your way through a football brawl, hop and run across an obstacle course of spinning platforms. Mario Party 8 includes six brand-new boards, dozens of minigames and many new modes. In a franchise first, you can collect special power-ups and transform your character into a boulder that smashes rivals or a coin-sucking vampire. Mario Party 8 includes "extra-large" minigames like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 41
  2. Negative: 7 out of 41
  1. 90
    Played alone, against the computer, the game is barely worth popping out of its case. But, having even one other human opponent ups the fun exponentially--you just can't get the same satisfaction out of trash talking against a faceless computerized enemy.
  2. Bottom line is that if you love Mario Party, you’ll still love Mario Party 8. If you don’t love the Mario Party games, this one isn’t going to do anything that will change your mind, even with the Wii controls.
  3. Mario Party should be about fast-paced fun, which is why I prefer to get my kicks with the spastic, oddly humorous "Rayman Raving Rabbids."
  4. The problem is that the Mario Party franchise hasn't really evolved or changed much from its days on the Nintendo 64. Yes, there are new characters, stages, and mini-games, but despite their clever designs, they're quickly growing repetitive and stale.
  5. Mario Party has never dazzled but this is the dullest it's ever been. [Aug 2007, p.48]
  6. Besides the tired gameplay, Mario Party 8 has some serious presentation issues that will make you wonder if you’re still playing a Gamecube game.
  7. Also, about the ultra-long credits that you can’t skip: please. It’s like watching the dirt get shoveled onto my open grave as I wait for the ordeal to end.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 73
  2. Negative: 28 out of 73
  1. Aug 10, 2013
    Another great multiplayer game in another great Mario Party!

    I dont understand when reviewers give the series low scores because "The games
    are only decided by randomness and luck"

    First of all, that is a lie. It is true that you can get very lucky and win because of it, but that is part of how the game works.
    Secondly however, that is: There is a CHANCE that you can get lucky and win, it doesnt mean that is the majority of the games.
    There is a lot of strategy and planning, but generally, you will get an advantage by winning a lot of mini games.

    It is BS to call this game bad, and say it is solely based on luck.

    Must buy for Wii, 9 out of 10!
  2. Aug 29, 2013
    It 's a fun game in the series that uses the motion remote. There a many kind of candy during the game. And the boards are all different. With the Koopa hotel one standing out because of it unique gameplay. There a even three single player games. Expand
  3. Nov 27, 2011
    The Mario Party series continues with Mario Party 8. While the graphics are not impressive, the party games are. Adding motion control to the games does add some variety. Expand
  4. Apr 22, 2013
    A mess in a total way, Mario Party 8 looks great but that's it, it's just one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. After playing it for a while it becomes very tedious, with based-lucky minigames and annoying music. However, the game is very enjoyable with friends but I don't recommend it for anyone who wants to play it alone. Also, previous Mario Party games were a lot much better than this one, so go for them. Expand
  5. Nov 26, 2010
    I was wondering how this game could be so bad if it was created by Nintendo, but it turns out it was actually just published by the company and developed by Hudson. That explains why it's so dreadfully boring. Expand
  6. May 1, 2012
    This is definitly the worst mario party,the boards are extremely boring and also the minigames,they are just a few good minigames and also the visual effects, but in general the game is boring dont ever go to buy it,although it is the most sold
    but that doesnt mean is good is just BORING,Even in multiplayer.
  7. Apr 24, 2013
    There's one thing you need to know about Mario Party 8 before you buy it be prepared to do a lot of reading during the game! The game has an incredibly irritating interface whereby it bombards you with constant information throughout the game which can only be cleared by pressing the A key. Consequently, you spend most of the time repeatedly pressing the A key to get rid of the constant barrage of messages. In fact before the game even starts you are forced to read through an endless parade of information boxes that end up making things more confusing and leaving you wondering when on earth this game is going to start. For a game aimed at kids as well as adults I fail to see how any child would have the patience to read through so much claptrap before the game begins, it really is that tedious.

    After reading what seems like a small book worth of instructions, the game finally starts. This is where the next level of frustration begins, as Mario Party 8 is based around you playing a boardgame that is little more than glorified snakes and ladders and has zero skill. Playing a game of luck against a human opponent has some element of short-term fun, but against the computer, forget it. As a single-player game, Mario Party 8 is a non-starter and will bore you witless very, very quickly.

    Against a human opponent the boardgames are entertaining for a while and give some genuine laughs but the lack of skill needed soon gets annoying and you find yourself yearning for the mini-games to break up the monotony. But playing a mini-game, like everything else, relies on luck, you have to just hope that a roll of the dice lands you on a square which puts you into a mini-game. When the mini-game starts, your relief from the tedium is often very short-lived as many of the mini-games are over in less than a minute, then it's back to the wretched boardgame again. Another annoying touch to the game is that there are many pre-set animations that you are forced to watch without any option of skipping them, this just adds to the frustration of the game.

    But what of the mini-games themselves? Well, many are actually very good, some are horrible, but generally they're good fun and well designed. Unfortunately some mini-games have to be unlocked which can only be achieved by success on the boardgames. So if you're willing to have your patience pushed to the limit it's possible to unlock them, but you'll probably end up deciding another session on the boardgames is too much to bear.

    Mario Party 8 is a huge opportunity missed. The idea of loads of simple but fun party games is a good one, but the game design does everything it can to stifle this through the constant stream of pointless information that interrupts the game, and the woeful boardgames. It would have been better to either make the boardgames more skill-based, or just get rid of them completely, and let people just play the mini-games.

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