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  • Summary: Play with motion control! Row your way down a river, punch a statue to pieces, steer race cars and mopeds, and handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope. Play with the pointer. Drag and drop decorations onto cakes, shoot Boos in haunted house, quickly choose your answer in a game show. Mash those Wii Remote buttons. Jump and pummel your way through a football brawl, hop and run across an obstacle course of spinning platforms. Mario Party 8 includes six brand-new boards, dozens of minigames and many new modes. In a franchise first, you can collect special power-ups and transform your character into a boulder that smashes rivals or a coin-sucking vampire. Mario Party 8 includes "extra-large" minigames like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 41
  2. Negative: 7 out of 41
  1. 90
    Played alone, against the computer, the game is barely worth popping out of its case. But, having even one other human opponent ups the fun exponentially--you just can't get the same satisfaction out of trash talking against a faceless computerized enemy.
  2. Bottom line is that if you love Mario Party, you’ll still love Mario Party 8. If you don’t love the Mario Party games, this one isn’t going to do anything that will change your mind, even with the Wii controls.
  3. Mario Party should be about fast-paced fun, which is why I prefer to get my kicks with the spastic, oddly humorous "Rayman Raving Rabbids."
  4. The problem is that the Mario Party franchise hasn't really evolved or changed much from its days on the Nintendo 64. Yes, there are new characters, stages, and mini-games, but despite their clever designs, they're quickly growing repetitive and stale.
  5. Mario Party has never dazzled but this is the dullest it's ever been. [Aug 2007, p.48]
  6. Besides the tired gameplay, Mario Party 8 has some serious presentation issues that will make you wonder if you’re still playing a Gamecube game.
  7. Also, about the ultra-long credits that you can’t skip: please. It’s like watching the dirt get shoveled onto my open grave as I wait for the ordeal to end.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 76
  2. Negative: 29 out of 76
  1. Michael
    Sep 2, 2009
    Awesome as ever. Get some friends, some drinks, and have a party. Not for the geekiest gamer, there's not a lot of challenge, single player sucks, moving around the board is entirely based on luck, etc.etc. Playing this alone would be only slightly better than playing Monopoly solo. It's a friggin party! Get some friends who you can stand to have around your stuff and who make you laugh, then play. Trust me, it's fun. Not a game to be taken seriously, just an excuse to have a good time. Expand
  2. TinaK.
    Jun 22, 2007
    This is a great game weather your 5 or 50. Good family and friends fun is all that matters. not the credits or the graphics. Don't bother wasting your time on complaints because different people like different types of games- and for those who dont like this one fine. This is a simple fun game and i think people are expecting too much out of it. God this is a Mario action game, not some sort of super violent adventure. It keeps you off boredom, keeps you entertained and the graphics are fine. I'd rather own a wii (whitch i do.) and have graphics that are good but not perfect (it costs around $300) than buy a stupid PS3 which is huge and costs like $1000 just because of the graphics! Be happy with what yo've got, not what u can get. (The only stupid thing is that the credits last forever and you can't skip them. But hey, at least they are entertaining- unlike most games.) Expand
  3. DougL
    May 23, 2008
    A fun game to play with 2-4 people. Best with 4 really. Most of the minigames are fun, some are eh and a few are real clunkers... a couple of my favorites are only for 2 player mode which is a bummer. Overall it would be nice to have more games even if some were similar or derivatives of each other. Game play is a bit long a "standard" game of 15 turns takes about 1.5 hours, this is not the game to start for a quick hit, it is similar to a board game in that it does take some commitment to finishing. I would agree that there is a high degree of randomness to it but i think that is part of the fun who wants to playa game for 1-2 hours if they already know who is good and going to win. If you are more "hard-core" switch off the bonus stars and play on the Tycoon board it requires the most strategy and rewards those who win mini-games the most. Overall fun game with friends with a good replay value, but not in any way a "ahrd-core" game. Expand
  4. Nov 26, 2010
    I was wondering how this game could be so bad if it was created by Nintendo, but it turns out it was actually just published by the company and developed by Hudson. That explains why it's so dreadfully boring. Expand
  5. ToddS
    Nov 4, 2008
    Mario Party 8 is a major disappointment. The minigames are simple and fun, especially when theres split screen multiplayer, but the series never really improved on it's flaws. The board game is luck based, requiring no skill at all. While it may seem like a perfect opportunity for anybody to jump in, it's moreso a waste of time. Any system which rewards failure and punishes success is broken. The audiovisuals would have been acceptable 3-4 years ago, but in current standards, they are awful. I see little ways that this game has improved upon Mario Party 7 and even Mario Party 4. Most of the minigames you missed from the old games didn't come back. Nintendo put a very little amount of effort into this game. The final product shows. Expand
  6. Mar 11, 2012
    Hey! It's circus time! Drop Super Mario Galaxy and ride down to one of the worst games of 2007! Play as disturbing chatacters, moan at boring activites, and smash your Wii to peices! It's all comin' down at Mario Party 8! Expand
  7. GlenP.
    Jun 22, 2007
    The game is a mess. Long, slow board game that determines it's winner essentially by luck, is reqauired to play multiple times to unlock the mini games. The mini games themselves are a hodgepodge of styles, many making bad use of teh motion technology. Must play the worthless board game to get mini games. bad. Very bad. Pick up SuperMonkeyBall or Muppet Party Cruise for a much better set of mini games. Expand

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