• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2007

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 36
  2. Negative: 2 out of 36
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  1. 70
    It only takes a few minutes of playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympics to understand that this isn't so much a game as it is a marketing tool to promote the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
  2. 70
    Mario & Sonic is by no means a bad compilation of sports-oriented mini-games; it's occasionally flawed but ultimately fun.
  3. If you're willing to put the hours in, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a highly entertaining party game.
  4. 70
    With a wealth of options and a large variety of mini-games, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game is a great partnership for the former rivals.
  5. Its presentation and decent execution put it beyond mediocrity, but its fumbling inconsistency, repetition, and lack of defined flair fail to truly set it apart from others of its kind.
  6. 70
    A great game with a group of friends, and one which could help shift a pound or two, but the necessity to unlock events for multiplayer and the near-vertical difficulty curve for later circuits are hard to overlook.
  7. Overall, it lacks the polish and simplicity to compete with so many other mini-game collections on the Wii, leaving the unlikely pairing of mascots as its biggest draw.
  8. 69
    This is more of a distraction until a proper Wii Sports game appears on the scene. There just isn't enough substance here to keep the committed player coming back for more.
  9. While the game is incredibly tiring to play, it's a whole lot of fun when you're playing with other people. Other than that, it's just another game based on the Olympic Games... or it's just another Mario sports game.
  10. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is a lot of fun to play when you get a full group together, as long as you can get everyone over the initial learning curve.
  11. 65
    The real Mario/Sonic event comes next year with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In the meantime we have Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, a fun distraction when playing with friends and an exercise in skipping animated clips of characters cheering when playing alone.
  12. Deep down, it’s a set of mini-games wrapped up in the Olympics thematic, but fails to prevail in one or the other aspect.
  13. With competent graphics, a real feeling of character, and mostly good uses of the Wii's motion sensing controls, this game is an enjoyable experience overall. Just don't let the allure of the crossover cloud your judgement when deciding whether or not to play this title.
  14. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Let me help clarify: The controls aren't complicated on their own; they're just complicated for this type of gaming experience. [Holiday 2007, p.66]
  15. The controls are hit-and-miss, and although you can play with a friend, you won't be able to progress through the circuits together, which makes it a moot point.
  16. 60
    The complexity in the competition's certainly a step up from "Wii Sports" and "Wii Play," but without the option to play how you want and when you want, this feels like just another souped-up minigame collection. It's enjoyable -- and to be honest, more fun than I expected -- but it's not quite the evolution of Wii Sports we've been looking for.
  17. Mario and Sonics' debut as a duo fails to earn them a spot on the medal stand.
  18. The events don't show much diversity, outside of a few creative "dream" events. Worse yet, the controls are haphazard, sometimes reading perfectly and other times barely registering. As a result, it earns a bronze metal, at best.
  19. Edge Magazine
    It’s the kind of concept you suspect was conceived more by the desire to ‘leverage brand synergy’ than to create a classic videogame. [Jan 2008, p.90]
  20. 60
    The single-player is an amusing distraction but playing with a few more people immediately takes things up a notch.
  21. “Mario and Sonic at the Olympics” turned too quickly into “Player versus Mario and Sonic Olympics”, and the result is an unhappy gamer with a set of sore arms.
  22. This game is certainly entertaining, but only for a few days, and several of the events just prove too aggravating to replay again once you’ve done them as often as you need to.
  23. Playing with others is certainly more fun than playing alone, but there is nothing inventive about the approach to multiplayer, and the lack of full online play is disappointing.

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#13 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2007
#11 Most Shared Wii Game of 2007
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 99
  1. DivineStorm
    Jul 30, 2008
    At first I thought the game was pretty decent. Was I ever wrong! It's broken as hell!!!! The controls are AWFUL!!!!! like in the spearAt first I thought the game was pretty decent. Was I ever wrong! It's broken as hell!!!! The controls are AWFUL!!!!! like in the spear throwing event for example: When I was told to press the b button, I did and nothing happend?! WTF IS THAT?!! also the game has no fucking replay abilty!!!! On top of all this: IT IS BORING AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full Review »
  2. MOSH
    Oct 19, 2009
    Best Olympics Themed Video Game EVER. Best Mini-Games Ever Best Mario Sports Game since MKDD
  3. ChrisT
    Nov 29, 2008
    The game has a decent concept and has some fun events but the characters' reaction to losing is completely unacceptable. Anytime an The game has a decent concept and has some fun events but the characters' reaction to losing is completely unacceptable. Anytime an athlete or anyone else loses a game, they should walk over and congratulate the winner instead of crying, pouting, pounding the ground or otherwise throwing a tantrum. I don't want my kids learning the poor sportsmanship displayed in this game. Full Review »