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  1. In conclusion Marvel Super Hero Squad is a fun kid's game that doesn't try to rewrite the genre but creates an interesting attempt at another market which THQ should be thanked for because not all gamers are in their 20's and beyond. It's cute, it's fun and it's clobbering time!
  2. Unfortunately, Marvel Super Hero Squad has a boring single player mode, but it’s worth a try, if you are a Marvel fan and want to have a nice party game for your next get-together.
  3. There's not much to this game, but what is there is done well enough. The younger audiences will have hours of fun with the pint-sized heroes.
  4. The truly unfortunate thing about Marvel Super Hero Squad is that it's halfway to being a really solid game for kids, but it never manages to make it over the hump.
  5. 58
    There are some serious downsides though, centered around a wonky camera (especially during two player co-op), some poor AI, and a general lack of hand-holding for younger players.
  6. This simple superhero game is a super bore.
  7. The developer for Marvel Super Hero Squad is Blue Tongue Entertainment, who masterminded the superb Wii title de Blob. That pedigree makes the failure of Super Hero Squad all the more disappointing.
  8. 58
    All that really matters here is if you like the idea of a very simple, kid-oriented brawler featuring cute versions of Marvel characters. The rest of the game falls in line adequately.
  9. By-the-book cartoon tie-in, which ticks every box on the list of obvious mistakes. Some of them twice.
  10. In the end Marvel Super Hero Squad sets out to do what it is supposed to, provide a mindless beat-em-up aimed at fans of the franchise.
  11. Yet another fair beat 'em up for the Wii that basically set for children - this time we're able to use some of the most popular characters of Marvel's licenses. Hulk, Iron Man or Wolverine are trying to do their best effort to success in the creation of a new franchise, but this time it isn't enough for experienced players.
  12. 45
    Super Hero Squad does a lot of the small things right, sacrificing some larger issues that should have been addressed. It is backwards game design in that regard since mechanics like combat and super powers needed to be adjusted along with fixing the camera trailing the heroes.
  13. Repetitive, clunky and predictable, Marvel Super Hero Squad is a button-mashing mess.
  14. Games Master UK
    A soulless advert for a crummy toyline. [Dec 2009, p.85]
  15. Marvel Super Hero Squad’s popular source material, cute story, charming cut scenes, and fun personality will likely put the game into the hands of many young gamers and super hero fans. Most of those kids, however, will quickly tire of the game’s dreary gameplay, shoddy camera, unreliable controls and overall lack of depth and polish.
  16. Nintendo Gamer
    Bitten by a radioactive librarian, MSHS developed a superhuman ability to suck the life from the room. [Winter 2009, p.63]

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  1. michaelg
    Oct 20, 2009
    This game was highly anticipated by my son and I. We played for 2 hours and he turned to me and asked, "Daddy, why is this game so stupid?" I This game was highly anticipated by my son and I. We played for 2 hours and he turned to me and asked, "Daddy, why is this game so stupid?" I couldn't have put it better. A game aimed for the kids that is frustrating and filled with confusing levels and camera that feels like Stevie Wonder is operating it. 2 player co-op is unplayable! Don't buy this game. Full Review »
  2. Jul 21, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. This game is okay i guess, but! the camera is so bad like spider-man 2. i used to have the good one for the DS. it took me 23243432432434324232132321321343546788 years to get spider-man. but it was ok...... Full Review »
  3. Jun 2, 2017
    This game literally turned my kidneys into gummy bears. There’s nothing that can be done, my kidneys are a chewy, bear-shaped treat, and I canThis game literally turned my kidneys into gummy bears. There’s nothing that can be done, my kidneys are a chewy, bear-shaped treat, and I can never get that back. You know what else I can’t get back? The time spent playing this game.
    Never before has any game felt so poorly created in the history of mankind. ET for the Atari 2600 looks like a wonderful piece of Mozart in comparison. I never even liked Mozart before playing this game, but anything seems wonderful compared to this piece of literal garbage. Actually, scratch that last part. Comparing this game to garbage is doing a huge disservice to actual garbage, even that stuff wouldn’t want to be seen next to this game.
    The camera, oh boy the camera! Have you ever tried to create a ship in a bottle? Pretty frustrating right? Now imagine someone is slapping you in the face and sticking pineapples in all of your orifices. That’s what trying to work this game’s camera is like. It’s like pineapple slapping ship bottles, there’s no other way to put it. It’s even worse in co-op, God bless the weary souls trying to enjoy this game with anyone else.
    I actually played this game with one of my friends, after 40 minutes we had begun to deteriorate into madness. Imagine two people yelling at their TV and screaming “The Silver Surfer rides at f#*&ing never!” Looking back on this incident I have no clear recollection of why this even occurred. That’s how maddeningly blinding this game can be to rational thought.
    Everything about the game is even worse when played on the hardest difficulty. The enemies get harder past the point of even being rational. Your attacks can do nothing as you’re instantly shredded up by ridiculous looking AIM Soldiers. Sometimes it seems like the AIM Soldiers don’t even want to play the game either. Five times in a row one AIM Soldier hid behind a box, making it even harder to finish the already insane first level.
    You know what else was insane? The character designs. Everyone looked like they’d been sculpted by a three year old who’d just spent his entire life staring at one face twisted into pure agony. I can’t describe the faces of the characters any other way. All of their faces look like Jim Carrey’s ‘The Mask’ had been subjected to 20 years of torture at the hands of some sick and sadistic movie executive wasting their entire life disturbed by the inner machinations of Satan’s darkest wet dreams, much like watching ‘Son Of The Mask.’
    The animation of the original show was quite good for it’s time, God only knows why they didn’t go with that for this show. Instead of the top notch animation of the show, this game employs slow, stop-motion like imagery. Everything feels clunky, and many animations happen with one frame, there’s no sense of fluidity in any part of this game, but the animations really highlight this problem.
    Much like many games created off of TV shows, this just feels like a cheap cash grab. Some overpaid tool with an executive position saw that Marvel was doing well with their TV show, and their only idea was to milk it dry of any potential profit without putting in any actual work. If a few years from now it came out that this game was made in a week by some monkey locked in a basement in some dingy California beach house, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. Nothing about this game really speaks quality, nothing jumps out to imply work was done on it.
    Not that I believe the people developing had anything to do with this. Much like the X-Men movies this was most likely the result of executive meddling, people sticking in their old, wrinkly input where it doesn’t belong. Time wasn’t spent on this game, and it shows. The shriveled corpse of Tom Rothman couldn’t have done a better job at screwing up another project if he got career advice from Bill O’Reilly’s PR manager. That’s the real message of this game, people who have a financial stake in anything should never be allowed to say anything about the creative process, time and time again this has ruined so many things, mostly stuff with Wolverine in them. Just a reminder Hydra controls the US government and bees are being shoved out of airplanes to control the weather.
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