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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 31
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  1. 65
    While it’s definitely a step up from current generation, Ultimate Alliance doesn’t hold up against its next gen. counterparts, and that’s a bit disheartening. The big gamble lies in the controller, and in the end we’d honestly prefer a game like this using very minimal motion control in favor of more accuracy and dependability.
  2. The tacked-on motion controls and lack of online support take some of the shine off this otherwise dependable superhero adventure.
  3. The core of this fantastic superhero game is still in place, and if you have ever wanted to feel more like you were actually slashing with Wolverine’s claws, now’s your chance.
  4. The Wii control scheme fits this game very well, and when coupled with a good story and incredible cast, the result is a game that is very entertaining.
  5. Even despite its few flaws, MUA is a blast to play. If you’ve ever enjoyed an X-men Legends game, MUA is a step above and beyond that.
  6. This game is the absolute antithesis of what you should get to show off the power or the playability of the Wii.
  7. 80
    It's a satisfyingly lengthy game, with loads of missions to complete and a huge assortment of comic book-inspired side missions to bring you a little more insight into the backgrounds of the game's leading characters.
  8. A must for Marvel fans, a good buy for everyone else, Ultimate Alliance is an epic in an old package, kind of like those massy boxes of comics you have hidden away in your attic, gathering ebay value like dust.
  9. 70
    Control and graphic issues aside this game is a must play for anyone who is a Marvel Comic book fan. Not only is the story engrossing, but the huge cast of characters is a comic book fans dream come true. Hopefully Activision will produce a sequel to wrap up the loose ends to this great game.
  10. If you're a comic-book fan, this is probably the most satisfying videogame ever made for you.
  11. Sure, the levels and even the gameplay get a bit repetitive (and painful) at times, but there is always great action and the potential to share that action with your friends.
  12. With better focus on what players want, including four (useful!) costumes per character, a plethora of villians and heroes from Marvel lore, better visuals, tighter RPG elements, less of the Chatty-Cathy moments, and FAR more tough boss and mini-boss battles, Marvel Ultimate Alliance could be the geekfest that keeps players wrapped onto whatever platform they chose like a pair of tight blue spandex with a big 4 on the chest.
  13. The new gesture controls simply don't work well enough, and in a game that promotes button bashing the constant use of the Wii-mote is more than a little tedious.
  14. AceGamez
    Even though it is considerably harmed by the inane support of the Wii-mote to the point of the extreme, and the slightly boring battle system, the dull visuals and quite a lot of glitches, the game manages to sneak by as one of last year's best games in the genre.
  15. Pelit (Finland)
    A nice team-based action-RPG that is a bit too much like X-Men Legends. The wiimote controls do not bring anything new to the mix. [Feb 2007]
  16. The Wii version is definitely not the best one available, but if you have no alternative, this is a fun and very lengthy adventure to enjoy on your Wii after Zelda has been exhausted.
  17. Nintendo Power
    Great production values(including a terrific mood-setting soundtrack)and a host of concept art and comic-book unlockables help tie everything together to make for a top-notch superhero action-RPG. [Jan. 2007, p.102]
  18. 70
    The Wii controls make a great game a good game. All the core ideas are presented, but only accessible if you quite literally want to make the move to snare the fun.
  19. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    With control issues and the disappointing lack of online co-operative play aside, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a mindless and enjoyable action game that should keep comic book fans happy for a while. [Jan 2007, p.70]
  20. Nintendo Gamer
    It can get repetitive over time and the level design feels uninspired. [Feb 2007, p.59]
  21. The real appeal of the game is in its visuals and production values, and these elements take a real hit on the Wii console. If you have the option to invest in one of the other versions, that’s the best route to take. The "novel" controls on the Wii are more gimmicky than fun in this particular title.
  22. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is certainly worth picking up. With an adequate campaign and more playable comic book characters than you can shake a stick at, plus bonus side missions for all of them, you’re definitely getting more than what you paid for.
  23. Unlike Madden for the Wii which EA made it to be a very fun game due to excellent controls, Marvel is a different story that take time to get adjusted.
  24. The gesture system is a comfortable way of controlling the heroes. Unfortunately the graphics do not scream next generation, but the Wii is more focused on the gameplay aspects, which are certainly unique in this game.
  25. The fairly patchy Wii functionality isn't enough to critically damage Marvel Ultimate Alliance but it's certainly something many developers will have to work on. It should make the inevitable sequel something to look forward to.
  26. 68
    The multiplayer modes are enjoyable, but it's hard to get very excited about them with the 360 version of the game offers both online cooperative play as well as an offline mode.
  27. The game includes tons of gameplay, a plethora of Marvel characters, a great presentation, and successfully balances the action and RPG elements, while letting players choose just how much they want to micromanage. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has something for everyone.
  28. Ultimate Alliance may be schlocky and unrefined, but the endless Dream Team combinations of Marvel super and not-so-super heroes prove irresistible.
  29. 65
    A great game, and the Wii version fails only through the limitations of the system's hardware. To the developers' credit, they manufactured an absolutely fantastic control scheme, a difficult task on a controller so far removed from the known console staples.
  30. It's Marvel and it's wonderful. That being said, you probably want to pick it up on another console.
  31. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is packed to the brim with heroic good times. It manages to be the least tedious of any Action RPG I’ve ever played, and the Wii edition makes good use of the new console’s unique strengths.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  1. PeterBrooks
    Dec 22, 2008
    Ultimate Alliance is easily the greatset game ever made! My favorite characters are Spider-Man, Captain America, Moon Knight and Daredevil andUltimate Alliance is easily the greatset game ever made! My favorite characters are Spider-Man, Captain America, Moon Knight and Daredevil and Ultimate Alliance gives them very good powers and abbilities. i think my favorite part is making your own team!!! Ultimate Alliance is the perfect game and personally MY favorite. Full Review »
  2. May 17, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I have a lot of nostalgia with this game. I remember playing this a lot with my friends and my brother which gives it a special place in m heart. Personal feelings aside tough it is a good team based rpg which is dated by a few mechanics and some design choices which are good at the time but now is a little outdated. The main plot follows a team of Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, and Spiderman as they fight a horde of super villians to save the multiverse. Doctor Doom is the head of the masters of evil as he hatches a plot to steal Odin's powers and t take over the world. The plot is definatly not complex as it is really nothing more than to give context to why you are in certain pace in the marvel universe. The worlds themselves are a bit of a mixed bag. Some worlds are generic such as the helicarrier and AIM's lab while others are inspired like in Asgard and especially in hell (yes you actually go to hell and it is just as awesome as it sounds). The game has over 25 playable chracters and each have thier own unique abilities. Some characters such as the Thing and Colossus are heavy hitters who move slow but deal extra physical damage. Others can fly around the are and rely on ranged attacks like Thor or Storm. Stats can be up gradable which will allow you to use your attacks on your enemies in a variety of ways. Each characters even has their ultimate attack which is fun to use. Some though are clearly better than others like Spider-Man's or Deadpool's. In fact some characters are clearly overpowered like Ghost Rider which is probably the reason why the Hulk isn't in this game. The attacks are used by flicking the Wii Remote in a certain gesture which is actually responsive given the Wii's reputation but good luck trying to play the game with a broken numb-chuck. The enemies have different skins and atheistic changes depending on what world you are in but they do behave the same though which does make the combat monotonous at times but still satisfying. Some of the worlds try to mix up the monotony by putting in mini games like the arcade in the circus or introduce new mechanics. Atlantis tries to do something new by having swimming controls but they are very floaty which is the sad standard for under water levels (At least its not the Water temple from Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess). The boss battles are kind of a mixed bag as the ones which are your size =do not require much in strategy as they are really bullet sponges ( or energy sponges in this case). The giant boss fights like the frost Giant or Mephisto also only require one strategy but they make up for it through visual spectacles. In between missions there are hub world like the Triskelon, Doctor Strange's house, and the Watcher's domain. They are really nothing more than houses because most of the NPCs don't have anything t say other than Deadpool when he gives his origin and talks about his desire to start a rock band. The most interesting thing about the game though is that there are some areas that give you a choice that would affect the Marvel Universe. Most of them are your standard good or bad choices but there is one choice that actually gives you a false sense of heroism. That was when you had a choice to either save Night crawler or Jean Grey from hell. You can only save one or the other and both choices give negative consequences. This was one of the earlier attempts that I can think of that gives you a false choice that makes you loose no matter what you choose. This game is worth a rental if you still have a Wii and it is a walk to the Candy Store for any Marvel fans. Full Review »
  3. Jul 28, 2011
    This game is very fun. Many of my favorite characters are in this. Some of them are playable, and some of them are nonplayable. Seriously,This game is very fun. Many of my favorite characters are in this. Some of them are playable, and some of them are nonplayable. Seriously, even if you favorite character isn't playable, there's a chance he or she will appear. The graphics are okay, and not terrible as some people here are saying. If you want challenge, even a small challenge, this is the game for you. I do wish Hulk wasn't exclusive to the Golden Edition and the Platinum Hits versions on the Xbox 360. Full Review »