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  1. Jan 3, 2011
    Found this Game to be ok for kids, but not really too interesting for older children or adults like myself. Upon first display i noticed that the menu's were difficult to read at a distance ( I don't have a big screen TV). The games themselves are quite creative, though as some others have commented, there is not enough control instructions given. I found that the controls rather difficult and unresponsive at times. I didn't last too long before hitting the eject button out of frustration with this one I'm afraid. Expand
  2. Jul 7, 2013
    I'm an adult playing this game, and I've rated this a terrible a 3/10. I would recommend this game only to people who are entertained by awful games. What I do like about the game is the theme/idea, graphics, music/sound. But unfortunately, this game is so poorly designed in ease of play that for me it is not worth continuing. I probably will not keep this game in my collection either.

    What makes this game so terrible? You really need to have four friends to play-- and even then it still has major problems. Without four players, you compete in mini games against computers, and the computers score high usually, so it's easy to lose. But even if you have four friends playing, there may still be issues. Each turn can involve a mini game to load and the wait time for each is long. Each mini game can have different controls on the wii that are not to mention at times faulty. Mini games don't last for a long time either.

    I have not won this game, or played it for longer than a half hour. I value this game at $5 or less if you do decide to get it for your actual money's worth. I was hoping that instead of playing what felt like a board game showing off a collection of mini games, it would have had more character exploration/customization and less focus on mini games. At the beginning of the game you have a small collection of characters and you can add your name, but that's about it. Options are unlocked if victory is achieved, but victory is difficult to achieve.

    Aside from the positives I mentioned, perhaps the only other saving grace to this game is there are not many alternative games I can suggest that have these kind of special options. Not many medieval four player games I know of, so it's a shame I don't want to keep it around.

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  1. The setting is nice, but the minigames silly and useless.
  2. Medieval Games scores low on fun and variety. If you like party games on the Wii stick to title such as Mario Party.