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  • Summary: Mega Man X the tenth installment of the Mega Man series.
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  1. Dec 29, 2011
    Easily one of the greatest games ever released. One of the cream of the crop releases on the Super Nintendo drops into the Wii Virtual Console at long last. Memorable characters, good story, fantastic level design, music, solid graphics for its time and very enjoyable boss fights. The length of available items to upgrade life and armor are great. Defeating a boss (like in classic Mega Man fashion) bestows upon you their special weapon. There is also a hidden Street Fighter Easter Egg that is the most powerful weapon in the game. Truly a must buy from the Virtual Console service on Wii. Expand
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    An hidden masterpiece! Perfect gameplay and level design, rocking music, tons of upgrades and secrets, need I say more. Even the graphics are good! A real must-buy on the SNES, Mega Man X aged very well and will be one of your favorite games! Expand
  3. Aug 18, 2013
    An amazing game. It is arguably one of my favorite Mega Man games. Game play is superb and damn well near perfect. It carries many of the aspects from the classic Mega Man, but replaces the slide with the dash which far more useful, and also introduces the wall slide, which allows you to climb walls. The visuals, animations and enemy designs are great and top notch. Controls are superbly tight and easy to learn. Unlike the classic games, you feel a sense of progression as you continue throughout the game and collect the heart tanks and armor upgrades. The story is more present, but the concept is much similar to the classic series. All the weapons are useful outside of the boss fights because you will need them to collect certain items or get past certain sections. The music is as good as ever, rivaling that of Mega Man 2. This time around, the enemy is competent. Sigma, the villain, is actually a challenge to face and his fortress is one of the hardest to progress, all the while building up to the final fight. Sigma is the kind of character you love to hate, much like Vergil is in Devil May Cry or Ganon from Legend of Zelda. Sigma is so well made that you want to fight him, you want to bring him down. It's not about beating the game, it's about taking down Sigma. Other great characters include Zero, who is easily one the best characters that Capcom has created because of how cool he is and about how he makes you want to strive to be just like him. The there is Vile. When you encounter him, he beats you easily, which sets up the game to make strive to be as good as Zero because Zero is the only who can beat Vile at the start. The game is incredibly fun to play and it's filled with many amazing boss fights and easily the most over powered special weapon. the overall game is amazing and is must own should you have a Nintendo console of some kind. Easily 9.4 out of 10 Expand
  4. Jun 2, 2012
    Megaman X is an amazing game even if you arent a Megaman Fan, but its a priceless gem for those who are fans of the series and is the origin of a all great series which spawned several sequels, ports, remakes and of course spinoffs. You will surely enjoy the game's amazing gameplay, design, and music despite having a few troubles here and there with the difficulty and some of the gameplay tidbits, regardless of that, this is one enjoyable experience you do not want to miss. Expand