Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. The presentation and controls are lacking, but the rest of the package really stands out due to the gameplay department.
  2. If you have never played Metal Slug but love 2D games like Contra, this title will provide unlimited game play for you too.
  3. I personally had a blast playing through it and even if it is just a compilation of some older games, it’s better than some of the games that developers are throwing out there for the Wii.
  4. It's not motion-sensing genius but Metal Slug doesn't have to be. It's the craziest, most action-packed shooter ever and there's room for games like this outside the Virtual Console. [Apr 2007, p.87]
  5. At Forty dollars this compilation is worth every penny for seven arcade perfect translations.
  6. 81
    Although the basis for gameplay is almost unchanged from the beginning of number one to the final dregs of number six, Metal Slug never loses its grip on you, forcing the player to concentrate on the action unfolding on every inch of the screen at all times.
  7. All of the games retain their arcade-based charm, sans the small fortune of quarters you’d have to spend after getting killed for the twentieth time.
  8. Aside from a few minor grievances, Metal Slug Anthology serves up one of the finest videogame compilations ever created and is without question worthy of a place in anyone's collection.
  9. A worthy addition to any Wii owner's game collection. It may be unusual, insistent on clinging to a long-gone gaming era, and incredibly hard at times, but by including every major Metal Slug game, is without doubt one of the finest platform shooter titles yet released.
  10. The Wii controller is decidedly a bit unwieldy for traditional Contra-esque play.
  11. Fans of classic, side-scrolling, 2D action will love Metal Slug Anthology. [Jan. 2007, p.108]
  12. The Wii version of the Metal Slug Anthology is somewhat less than ideal, primarily due to the control snafus...Still, you can get used to it, and despite tripping over itself, Metal Slug Anthology is a tremendous deal for your money, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone into chaotic old school mayhem.
  13. 80
    If you have ever been a fan of this series or simply a fan of arcade shooters in general; then there is no reason not to buy this compilation. While you could probably blaze through all seven games in a day or two; you will never grow tired of ripping through them over and over with a buddy in the co-op mode.
  14. Metal Slug Anthology does nearly everything right, however, those without GC controllers may not find a perfect control scheme.
  15. All of the arcade greats are here, although it is plagued with load times, arcade-imperfect porting, and unnatural-feeling Wiimote controls. With such a massive collection, there should have been more extras, but with seven games on one disc, it is definitely something that should not be missed by fans.
  16. Paradoxical. A celebration of old school and simplicity appearing on a machine capable of so much more. Accept that it won't push the Wii, and it's highly enjoyable. [Mar 2007, p.50]
  17. The breakneck action of SNK's playfully over-the-top military shooter series still holds up, despite compromised motion controls and additional load times.
  18. A fun, albeit no-frills, collection of one of the most beloved franchises in arcade gaming and a great value for hardcore fans of the series.
  19. The problem is that no matter which [control sheme] you select, you'll sacrifice functionality - either in maneuverability or how you lob grenades. [Jan 2007, p.107]
  20. Even if you've never played a Metal Slug game in your life, but you do like classic 2D shooters, you won't be disappointed. There is a reason this series has been around so long and when you play through any one of these games you will understand why.
  21. The nunchuck-only method, which has players tilting the device left and right to move, seems odd, takes some time to get used to, and really just comes off as clunky and inaccurate. The nunchuck/remote combo works well mostly, but aiming with the analog stick can prove bothersome when the action gets heavy.
  22. Metal Slug Anthology sets out to compile seven of the best 2D shooters ever released on the Neo Geo. For the most part it succeeds, but why they chose not to offer Classic Control support is anybody's guess!
  23. 75
    All seven games hold their own without any stinkers to clutter things up. If you’re a fan of the series in any sense, or just a fan of old-school 2D gaming, then you must have Metal Slug Anthology.
  24. 72
    These are amazing games, and if you want to own them in any form, now’s a good chance to do that. Just don’t expect a grand fanfare when you boot the game up. It’s basically seven titles for $40 bucks. No more, no less.
  25. An entertaining and generous blast from the past, but that's all that it is. [Apr 2007, p.70]
  26. Overall, the Metal Slug games are great, and Anthology's biggest plus is that all seven games are here. Beyond that, don't expect much.
  27. A healthy package of games, then, but we were expecting more in the realm of additional content.
  28. Wii games use the Wii controller brilliantly. Old arcade games simply don’t, and shoehorning them into the latest innovation/gimmick feels awkward and robs the game of its fun. Dig out an old GameCube controller – that’s the difference between enjoying Metal Slug Anthology or simply remembering how much fun it used to be.
  29. 70
    Sure, the presentation is poor, and the lack of d-pad support is a real drag; but the individual games are just so enjoyable that I can't help but recommend the Metal Slug Anthology to any fan of the franchise or the run and gun shooter genre.
  30. Metal Slug Anthology is another one of those Wii games that tries to get creative with the new controller but just falls flat on its face.
  31. The cheeseball presentation doesn’t really do the series justice, but Anthology rocks at delivering Metal Slug games. The arcade-faithful translation should delight fans and purists, putting up a good time and a lot of laughs for you and a friend.
  32. There are so many problems caused by pure sloppiness that it is difficult to recommend it. However, if you are willing to overlook the terrible controls and lacking extras and sub-par interface, Metal Slug Anthology can provide a very rewarding experience.
  33. The opportunity to play it all over again, along with the unconventional Metal Slug 6 (in its home debut), makes this collection a joy to play through and exceptional value for money. If only its controls were perfect. [Feb 2007, p.120]
  34. On the one hand, the games included in Metal Slug Anthology are a blast, they're translated perfectly from the arcade, and they're just as fun, over-the-top, and well-designed as they were ten years ago. On the other hand, this is a stripped-down package with no meaningful extras to speak of, its Wii-specific control options are an almost complete bust, and the lack of Classic Controller support is puzzling to say the least.
  35. 60
    Most disappointing is the shoddy way this celebration of all things Metal Slug is presented.
  36. 60
    Here we have a game that compiles seven barely-different shoot 'em up games into one Wii disk, so the only way you're going to like it at all is if you like the original Metal Slug. None of the sequels have done anything particularly different, and every one of them has a ton of throw-backs to the original.
  37. 60
    Assuming you have a GameCube controller, these classic games are still a blast to play, but this particular release of them is hardly the tenth anniversary treatment the series deserves. Hopefully one day SNK will get the job done properly.
  38. The bottom line is if you can put up with some quirky controls and are a massive fan of the originals then this is probably worth a look. However, if you are a purist and perhaps have a favourite Metal Slug outing, then you should wait for it to appear on the Virtual Console.

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