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  1. Sep 6, 2010
    Unwanted cutscenes, linearity, infantile dialogue, and finishing moves: just what the hallowed, (heretofore) unique, and highly successful Metroid franchise needed. If Team Ninja is hired on for another installment, I'm sure they'll also find a way to include an annoying pixie that follows you around and interrupts you every 2 or 3 minutes. Thankfully I can just forget this thing was ever made and replay the other games of the series, which are all better than this by a longshot. Expand
  2. Fix
    Sep 1, 2010
    First, let me start off by saying that Metroid is my favorite video game franchise of all time. I own every one of them except for "M.P. Hunters" and "M.P. Pinball" on the DS and I have high standards when new ones come out. I took 3 days of military leave when the first "Metroid Prime" was released on Gamecube. I own a Wii strictly for Metroid, Mario, and Zelda. I am also a big fan of Team Ninja's "Dead or Alive" franchise (minus DOAX.) I had minor issues with the difficulty of the most recent Ninja Gaiden games, which I consider to be some of the hardest newer games out there; so hard that it was almost comical at times. Overall they were still decent games.
    I'm just going to admit right now. My main problem with "Other M" is something that Team Ninja has nothing to do with. It's the Nintendo Wii controls. I could go on and on about how I despise the whole idea of the Wii controller, but that's not what this review is about. I still continue to deal with it in games like Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, and Mario Galaxy, but this time it's just too much. To keep it short, I absolutely hate everything about Nintendo's motion, kinetic, aim-at-the-screen concept. If you do too, don't even bother buying this. Every time you need to go into FPS mode by aiming the controller at the screen (which you will during every boss fight), you're stuck. You can't move, you can't dodge anything, and you have to figure out where exactly your cursor is on the screen. It's usually off the screen so that's even more time you're stuck aiming and not moving. Then you have to hold the cursor over a target circle for a second or two until you lock-on in order to even use your missiles. If you don't lock on, it just shoots your normal beam instead of a missile. This appears to be the biggest challenge of the game; aiming and getting a missile off before you get hit with the next attack. For something so gimmicky and clumsy to be the ultimate objective in every boss fight is just unacceptable.
    I'm sure you've already read this in other reviews, but it's so ridiculous it needs to be mentioned. You possess all of your abilites throughout the entire game, but you can't use them until some guy authorizes it. It's no longer a physical item that you are searching for. It's really just a bunch of invisbile checkpoints. Just a couple examples... 1. You're trapped in a room full of enemies with sealed doors. You've died maybe 2 or 3 times in this room trying to figure out how you're supposed to defeat these enemies because your weapon takes literally 15-20 fully charged beams to kill them. After a while you just get swarmed because more and more keep spawning. Then at some random point in time, you get a call on your radio saying "Samus, your beam isn't powerful enough to kill these. You're now authorized to use your Ice Beam." 2. You are running through room after room taking heat damage. If you've played Metroid in the past, this usually means you're somewhere you shouldn't be yet. I decided to just go with it because this whole game seems fairly linear. I just dealt with it off and on for a good half hour, maybe longer. The only reason I kept going is because the enemies were fairly easy to kill which is a good sign you're not in an area beyond your capabilities. Finally at some random point this guy authorizes you to use your Varia Suit. The difficulty of this game seems a little over the top. It can get very frustrating at times. Itâ
  3. Sep 2, 2010
    I like the third person element of the game and it works pretty well for the series, but the game has some fatal flaws. These flaws easily make this the worst of the Metroid series... but to be fair I've really enjoyed all of the games. Your hand is held for most of the game, except during the times when it's needed. The typical boss fight requires that you fail until you figure out the proper approach, and then it's just a tedious fight. Probably the most annoying feature is the first person element. Frequently you switch to first person to shoot something, or worse, you go to first person so you can scan an area for some little clue. Since you don't have any choice they might as well do it for you. Same goes for the parts of the game where you are forced to walk: Why not just automate things?

    Well, now for some of the good parts... I actually find the story to be decent and I don't mind having to wait for equipment to be "authorized" for use. I mean, it makes more sense than some of the other games where you lose your powers because of some event. Sometimes though, this aspect can be annoying, but it's primarily a flaw in level design rather than the overall game design. Frequently you follow the arrow to your destination to find that you don't have what you need, so you backtrack and then you get the authorization... and of course your make your way back to that same spot to use your new tools.
    On the topic of story... Samus is given personality and it's different from the whole "lone wolf" that we've been led to believe. They've attempted to give Samus this sort of "motherly" personality. Which isn't so bad I guess, but it feels so different.

    TLDR: The mechanics are all there, but the game just has some design flaws. I hope that Team Ninja continues to do Metroid games, but I hope they rethink some things.
  4. Sep 2, 2010
    Long time Metroid fan and I expected this game to be decent or great and yet it falls very very short.

    Gameplay 4/5:
    This is sad since there is a solid game in the 3rd person perspective mode that is very fun, but it bogged down by the very awkward and clunky first person control that you're required to use on every boss fight. There are also instances where it stops you and makes you
    look for ambiguous clues with ridiculous precision that can halt gameplay for 5 to 10 minutes and are nothing but frustrating. If they had just kept it simple to the 3rd person controls, this would have played a lot better and would have scored a little higher with me.

    Story -1/5:
    The story, voice acting, characters, script, and lack of memorable metroid music/sounds have a major negative impact on this game (thus negative score). I typically don't agree with G4 but their review nails exactly every reason why it all sucks. It's pretty sad but the game would have been far far better if they just stripped about 95% of the cutscenes out and all of Samus's dialog. Also the way handled Samus would be the same if they made a Superman movie where Superman cried any time he saw or thought about anything in his past and had to ask for permission from his boss to use any of his powers or punch somebody, all while talking in an emotionless monotone voice as if he was reading from a diary...

    My recommendation is to simply rent this game, as it doesn't deserve your money and you'll only play it once and most likely be pissed off by the time the credits roll.
  5. Sep 6, 2010
    ok so im a huge metroid fan, i have a wii game cube and those are almost the only games ive played on them, so i was looking forward to other m. I was not sure about the new style, but withheld any jugement because of how the prime series turn out. But after playing through it i can now say ... that it is by far the worse of ALL the metroids, ever. i break down my problems into categories for easy consultation

    STORY: the basis of the story is not bad. but in practice it is bad and not that original, its like fusion but only a little different, plus with added mushiness, so much so i though i was watching a chick flic. I mean samus is weak and pathetic scared and talks way to much. GAMEPLAY: i did like the 3rd person perspective, old school, but hated he FPS one, the lack of any pick ups (energy missle etc...) was unbelievably annoying. the upgrade system was horrible, there is rly no insentive to want to kill any boss since u get the power up before or during the fight. the enemies were either to weak or too strong.

    CUT SCENES: way to many, look i liked them they were nice but there were simply to many

    MUSIC: ... oh no they **** this one up to, i mean the other metoids had awesome music, music u remember but in this one its boring and uninteresting. just thing if they had remix lower norfair or bristar and added some new ones, it would, right there be much better

    REPLAY: i dont ever see myself playing it again and this coming from a person who has played prime 1 a 1000 times, its rly short, and just doesn't have that replay value, the environments where not rly distinctive enough, they show u all the power ups and u have to see the dam cut scenes again. I hate that i hate this game, i rly wanted to like it, but i cant, had it been something else, anything but metroid id give it and 8/10 but this is metroid and not a good one, now of to go play somw metoid prime, so as to not kill myself, nintendo, pls rectivy the stuation nest time
  6. Sep 12, 2010
    This review contains spoilers. Firstly; Hynda, you are very wrong, this is one of the most misogynist games I have ever played. Samus, who has been portrayed in the other games as a solemn, strong, somewhat mysterious character, is here more likely to sit back and wait for the male characters to tell her what to do. She is so desperate for approval she refuses to use any of her weapons until they're authorized by the operation's commander. During one scene, in which she meets Ridley again, she breaks down into tears and refuses to even try and fight back until the male soldier tries to save her (these actions get said male soldier thrown into a pit of lava. GG, Samus.) For a character who was once such a symbol of feminism in gaming - proof that the girls could do more than scream get kidnapped by monsters - here, Samus seems pretty much useless. The portrayal of her character was my biggest problem with the game, and it's so legendarily bad that it's hampered my enjoyment of other Metroid games.

    The gameplay is interesting, but takes a step back for every one it takes forward. I honestly loved the dual-perspectives, even if you couldn't move in the first-person. However, there are multiple sections where the game stops and forces you to scan for clues, which are usually no more than a couple pixels in length. These are atrocious. The ability to recharge your missiles and health makes sense in theory - no more waiting over enemy spawn points until everything's full! However, you're only able to recharge your health when it drops below 40 or so, and during a boss fight this can mean you get killed really quick. There were also parts of the game where Samus stopped because I accidentally put the controller in the Recharge position, and others where tried to recharge and turned into Morph Ball because the controller wasn't totally upright.

    The graphics are very good, though the needlessly lavish CG sequences hurt both my eyes and my brain. The voice acting is cheesy - Samus sounds strangely monotone - and the music is practically nonexistent.

    Frankly, I'm going to do my best to forget this game and wait for the next 'real' game in the series.
  7. Sep 18, 2010
    Easily, the worst Metroid game ever created. I've only played for 2hrs and it's as painful as getting a root canel at the dentist. The gameplay is a zero. The levels are too dark to see some of the puzzles and be prepared for pure frustration at figuring out the puzzles of the game. Combat system is ok. This game feels like Devil May Cry minus the fun parts and has the elements of Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty where you can you tell Team Ninja spent all their time developing the backstory on Samus instead of worrying about the game mechanics and gameplay.

    How could nintendo take such a great game franchise and nose-dive into the ground like this???

    This game is barely a rental and if you bought it, Laugh at you!!!
  8. Oct 21, 2010
    Hynda, i think your review is embarrassing and out of logic. I´m a woman, but the fact that i´m not a whiny crybaby as they made Samus in Other M dont make me less human. The problem is that Samus HAD a personallity already: She was a strong, mostly silent, lone yet beautiful and deadly woman, which actions also showed a compassionate heart, all established previously by the Metroid franchise. But Sakamoto CHANGED Samus personallity and made her to become a needy, insecure, male-chasing female who is absolutely obedient to the dominant males, which reminds me of the typical annoying female stereotypes found in Japanese animes. No longer is Samus Aran a departure from modern sexist attitudes about women, but a method of reaffirming them.
    Now my question is, who are the machist? Sakamoto or the ones that disagree with his change?

    About the game:

    - It is linear and short which provides a small world with little to explore compared to other Metroid games.

    - The game is too easy and shallow in terms of gameplay and do not provide any challenge neither in fighting or exploring.

    - Forget about finding upgrades to become more and more powerful like previous games. That's nonexistent here.

    - The graphics look pretty good for a Wii game, but the actual art design is lacking. The themes never go beyond the typical generic fire, ice, and jungle areas (where´re the alien environments?)

    - The music for this game is disappointing. The majority of the game will play 30-second loops of ambient noise, and, very rarely, one or two recycled tunes from past Metroid games.

    - It has poor voice acting. No comparation to the Mass Effect series.

    - Has awkward controls:
    Other M includes a dodge move that occurs automatically when you are pressing a direction on the d-pad. This means you will almost never get hit by anything as long as you are moving around. Samus's gun also auto-aims, so most of the time you can just shoot blindly down a corridor and not worry about whether or not you hit anything.
    In the other hand, if you want to fire a missile you must shift to first person mode, but you cant move in this mode, which is more frustrating than difficult, since it merely involves waiting until you have a large enough window of time to get a missile off without getting hit. - Annoyance: At various points in the story, you'll be forced into first-person mode and your goal will be to find in the environment a story-related clue... except that these clues are hidden deep in the environment and you literally have to focus your cursor DIRECTLY over the pixel that Team Ninja has decreed to be the target. Like a green object in a grassy clearing.

    - Cinematics: Technically beautiful, but players are unable to skip cutscenes, and some even last 15 minutes. So its impossible to ignore the story as Samus portrays herself as an insecure little girl who has trouble handling the fact that she's a woman in a man's world. From giving a thumbs down as a salute, to her monologues about daddy figure Adam and how he's the only one who understands her, this gets downright cheesy and embarrassing to watch.

    In conclusion, i´ll pretend that this thing never existed, for me Samus will still be the strong female hero (that a bunch of people tried to insult making her in a cheesy game once). I just hope that Nintendo also forget that this ever existed for the time they make a new Metroid game.
  9. Aug 7, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Metroid is one of my most favorite series, so when this was announced I was excited, however this was an extreme disappointment. This game brought it into a 3rd person view with a method to pop into First Person view, however the controls for this are really bad. Pointing the Wii-Mote at the screen is an extremely clunky method of doing this and is one of the 3 problems with the controls. The other Problem with the controls I have are as follows.
    They are using a D-PAD for 3 dimensional movement.
    The other problem with the controls are that to use one of the abilities that you need to use most, the missiles you MUST go into first person to use them.
    The annoying thing about these problems are that they could all be fixed if Team Ninja used the Wii-Nunchuck. Other: M is a game that was meant to go deeper into Samus' backstory and history and to clear up some questions that were created in Metroid Fusion. However this being a story driven game, it is a Abysmal one, the writing is honestly some of the worst in all video games. There is a scene where Samus meets up with Ridley and she goes into a panic attack, this being the 5th time she has killed Ridley, this scene makes little to no sense.
    Samus also finds a specific liking to a Metroid she met on Zebes during Super Metroid, resulting in 50% of the Dialogue being "THE BABY", which drives on my nerves greatly. However the problems with the story don't just go there, they have terrible voice actors too. Samus' voiced by Jessica Martin, was really bad. She has no emotion and she sounds just overall always whiny for such a heroic character as Samus. The gameplay is incredibly simplistic, easy, and generally un-fun for such a fun series as Metroid. Team Ninja put little effort into making anything about the game Challenging, because In the game Samus learns the ability to dodge almost every attack just by pressing a button and mashing any direction on the D-Pad. This is what Kills it for me, this ability basically makes it so that you can no longer take a lick of damage and even if you do, you can Regenerate health whenever you want. Not only that but you can now fire of a Charged Shot after doing a Dodge roll which makes taking out enemies extremely easy. However, things look a little bit in the right direction when Team Ninja spent large amounts of time Making the Aesthetics of the game good, however good Aesthetics does In no way make up for the huge other flaws of this game. So the combat in the game is largely flawed due to, easily spammable abilities. So does this mean the overall flow of the game is bad. Well unlike almost all other Metroid Titles, accept for Fusion, this game is cripplingly linear. It is a straight narrow hallway, which completely kills any Ideas for cool types of runs like in Super Metroid. This is a incredibly bad game Musically too, Super Metroid had some of the best music for a 16 bit system , and this when on the Wii you would expect for a great soundtrack...well this game has only ONE song out of the whole soundtrack. That and there is an extreme lack of music in general with the majority of the game being blank and soundless. Boss battles are uncreative at best with the Final boss extremely flawed, and one boss might as well be a cutscene, because to end it you have to scan a place. Scanning in this game, unlike Metroid Prime which in that game was a fountain of knowledge, this game it is a clunky mechanic where in some scenes you have to scan a logo...or a pixel of...nothingness sometimes wasting hours of your life just questioning what are you supposed to do. Flawed with, bad controls, bad soundtrack bad gameplay, bad combat, and bad story. What did Team Ninja else do wrong. This, being a Metroid title, is supposed to have a large focus on gaining power-ups and items. However the power-up system is illogical, Samus, returning from Super Metroid has everything she had in Super Metroid, however she won't use them because they may harm the Galactic Federation team... according to Adam, which means that Even though Samus has the Varia suit which blocks heat damage, she will not use it because Adam has not allowed her. I would be less annoyed about this if it weren't for 2 times where It really annoys me. First, Samus enters the fire area of the game with out the Varia suit so you think that you will get it in like a minute however. Adam only authorizes the Varia suit at the end of the area during a boss fight. Second, there is a fight with the Queen Metroid where you enter the belly of the beast and are supposed to use a Power Bomb, however Adam has not Authorized it meaning that, you will spend at least 30 minutes until you realize that you can use them with out Authorization from Adam. So what reason could you have for this game, I would avoid this game unless you are either A: A collector or B:A person who only cares about Graphics. This game was a terrible flop for Team Ninja. My final score would be a 2/10.
  10. Oct 13, 2010
    the actual Metroid bits of this game work very well, but combined with the horrible plot, flow-breaking first-person elements, and abandonment of the classic Metroid exploration experience leaves this a game a dirty stain on an otherwise relatively untarnished series. I blame Team Ninja, the biggest hacks to ever come out of Japan, who need to stop making games before they ruin another franchise. Expand
  11. Jun 14, 2011
    Can a game possibly have a story so terrible it gets its ass kicked from Canon? I think this one has achieved that feat. With destroying the core concepts of a strong, powerful female character, full on stealing its plot almost piece by piece from Fusion, and having Samus in general do retarded thing... OH did I forget plot lines that just get randomly dropped and random whining that seems out of place EVEN for this freaking game as well? Holy **** the story is terrible. Gameplay is... marginally better. The swapping back and forth leaves you pathetically pew pewing with your beam most of the game until you stun something or have to go all missile face; making gameplay boring... in addition to making the standard enemies feel like boss battles on themselves. WHEN I GET THE SCREW ATTACK **** DIES. END OF STORY. Not... you gotat Screw attack them, then serve them tea to expose their weak spot which you hit with a dash of beam and then a missile before getting eaten and using a power bomb. Which with how much build up they have around the power bomb, is a pretty lack luster attack outside of when you're supposed to use it. The clue searching was... stupid. Just... stupid. I like how they tried to revive the 2d style with a 3d world... but I think they could've done it a lot better with a NUN-CHUCK. Holy **** I move with the Nun-chuck and point the curser at the screen to aim. I'm a genius. A **** Genius greater than that at Team Ninja. I'm glad for rentals though. Let me play this ****ty ass game without super frustration. Expand
  12. Jun 23, 2011
    This was a waste of money, and I only spent $20.00. Whatever good ideas this game contains are outdone by the awful story line and emphasis on cut scenes. They bog the game down, and are embarrassing to watch. If you want a 2D Metroid experience go back through each one from the NES, SNES, GB, and GBA. If you've already done that - save your money and put it towards a Metroid Prime statue.
  13. Nov 20, 2011
    This game butchered Samus Aran.

    It's too easy, has a riculous upgrade system, unlikable characters and spits on the otherwise amazing Metroid series.

    After Metroid Prime, it's inconcievable this could even be alowed to exist.

    If you have never played a Metroid game, you may find something enjoyable in the gameplay, but otherewise, stay well clear.
  14. Feb 18, 2012
    Not only the first bad Metroid game but worst game I can remember having played, with the worst name I've seen on a video-game. Team Ninja wanted to make Samus more human and failed magnificently. Did their ideas ever include giving her a discernible personality, or dialogue a human might speak? 'Mother... time to go!' A mythology about a lone bounty huntress perpetually wrapped in a space-suit exploring the silent worlds of distant stellar systems millennia in the future and fighting bioforms who have no words to speak to her is not one of the more fertile grounds for melodrama. The characters in Metroid games work exquisitely as silhouettes. The people at Team Ninja took those and painted smiley faces on them.

    Example: A despicable opening scene presents a crater of a reenactment of the climax of 'Super Metroid', which most people seem to consider the best final boss encounter yet made, in one of the greatest games yet made. One of the things that made Mother Brain terrifying in the 1994 game was her empty, necrotic eye. She was a paragon of the soulless monstre archetype. In 'Other M', her enormous eye is brought to full, vibrant life. The ravening demoness of the tomb has now been reduced to a big, dumb ogress. The camera is maddening during the cut-scenes. It judders among Galactic Federation troops as they **** their guns in deference to the more wretched of the T.V. action shows, throwing any focus we might have off of the T.V. action show-like plot points currently being given, which in turn would distract us from the innate beauty of the game's atmosphere, if it had any.

    Game-play disgraces its predecessors. Nearly all areas are dark and grimy. There is no Earthly reason there should be a Metroid game this bad.
  15. Aug 12, 2012
    Controls are bad, the story is awfull, completly butchers everything about the series so far. the gameplay doesn't work. it feels good untill you realise the entire combat system is just twiddling the dpad and pressing a because the auto aim is so strong. and don't get me started on the stupid first person bits, especially the ones where you're routed in place and need to look at a damn flower for 20 min to progress. Expand
  16. Sep 22, 2010
    Game was terrible, an attempt to make Samus more "Human" failed, and came off as cliche. With enough "anime-ish" crap within the games cutscenes and thus story it became one big facepalm of a game for me and anyone else who once took the series even remotely seriously. The gameplay itself was the equivalent of a spasm, with the controls handling awkward. Nothing about this game is positive.
  17. May 10, 2012
    It may be a "fine" game for someone who doesn't care about previous Metroid games but for Metroid fans this is a disgrace. The main focus in this game is a linear story full in stereotypes and cliches. Everything else gets kicked off. Everything that made the franchise what it was is completely absent here. Metroid games are known for several qualities such as:
    -Non linear level design
    with freedom of movement.
    -Tons of exploration.
    -Creepy atmosphere with superb music and the feeling of isolation.

    What we get in OtherM is:
    -Linear level design with tons of hand holding and directions. -No freedom of movement and almost no exploration at all.
    -You get your upgrades automatically, you don't even have to search for them.
    -A cliched story and obnoxious characters that lack subtlety. Tons of unskippable cutscenes.
    -Non existent soundtrack. So there you have it folks. If you are a Metroid fan and looking for a Metroid experience just look away and pretend this game does not exist. If you just want to play a simple, linear action game featuring anime tropes and trends, well, i guess OtherM should be a OK game for you.
  18. Nov 21, 2013
    This game is abysmal. Literally the worst story of any video game I've ever played, almost no music, and absolutely horrid gameplay all combine to make a giant turd of a game. Avoid avoid avoid. Horrible.
  19. Feb 3, 2014
    The worst Nintendo game I have ever purchased. This is an absolute stain on the Metroid franchise. In fact, I'd rather Nintendo just retire Samus than try again if THIS abomination is their idea of a Metroid game.

    There is no sense of exploration, no sense of being alone versus the environment, no satisfaction of finding upgrades. All that remains is bad cutscenes that make Samus out to
    be an emotional teenager. Expand
  20. Feb 14, 2011
    I was never a big fan of Metroid to begin with, but Other M looked liked it would be an ass kicking machine when it was announced. I finally got my hands on it, and wow. I have to say, not in the least did it meet my expectations. My first, and probably biggest complaint is this. Why is Samaus talking?? Samaus talking is the same thing as Link talking, the point is, THEY DON"T TALK! Samaus talking actually ruins the game at first site, because everyone remembers Samaus as a silent bad-ass bounty hunter. Well she's not silent anymore. My gosh, if anyone ever makes Link talk in the next Zelda game, I'll have to hurt somebody, and I'm sure hardcore Metroid fans feel the same about Samaus talking. It isn't right. The other thing about Samaus is her personality this time around. Like I said, everyone knows here as a bad-ass bounty hunter, but in this game she sounds like a regular every day teenage girl. Now I don't want to go all G4 on this review, because I can understand why Metroid fans are furious with that review. G4 claims that the games biggest flaw is how Samaus is so submissive to Adam. Honestly, I don't mind that at all. She sees Adam as a father figure, so it's understandable that she respects him a lot. My main complaints about Samaus are the fact that she talks, and the fact that she's not the bad-ass we remember, well maybe not me since I'm not too much a Metroid fan, but you get what I mean. But enough about that, what about the gameplay? Actually, the game plays out pretty well. It's a side-scroller at many points in the game, it plays out similarly to Ninja Gaiden, but of course this game WAS made by Team Ninja after all. The problem with the controls is that you have to hold the wiimote horizontally. You may think it uses the numchuk, but it doesn't, not at all. Instead you use the D-pad to move around, which I guess is attempting to revive the feeling of playing on NES, but it's not doing it very well, because this game involves using first-preson as well. You can only shoot missles while in first person, and in order to switch to first person you have to point the wiimote at the TV, which gets annoying real quick, because every time I switched to first person, I was like, "Umm, where the heck is my crosshair? OH there it is, OH CRAP! ENEMY!!!!" Boss battles eventually all add up to finding time to shoot a missle at it before getting smashed, and if you don't point the wiimote correctly, it won't switch quickly, and this is a problem considering the fact that you can't move at all when you're in first person. In all honesty, the game would've done much better if it did use the numchuk. Cause then you could just press a button to switch to first person mode, with a crosshair constantly showing itself during play, even when not aiming, just like in Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, so that way, each time you switch to first person, you already know where the crosshair is and you can shoot missles immediately. And of course you'd use the analog stick to move around. The story is dull, the whole game is about fighting through a small ship, rescuing the distress call. Whatever. Another thing that's bashed about this game is how you regenerate your health and missles. All you have to do is hold the wiimote up, and consentrate, and all you health and missles are regenerated. Yup, it's just like G4 said, Samaus gets more missles and gets healed by thinking about it really hard. That's just goofy. I will say though, the graffix in this game are gorgious for a Wii game. It's the best looking Wii game I've ever seen, and the cutscenes are enjoyable to watch sometime, cause the graffix are just so beautiful. That's a great thing about this game, but of course we all know, at least most of us who are not fanboys know, that graffix don't make the overall game better. A game can have the best graffix in the world, and still suck. This game is a prime example of that. He he he, prime............... he he ......Metroid Prime. Ok that was a bad joke. XD Speaking of Metroid Prime, I decided to check out Metroid Prime 3 after this game, to see if it was any better. And it was, it was greatly better, but that's a review for another day. Overall, this game is not good at all, it's a pretty terrable game. It will pretty much only satisfy the hardcore Metroid fan, but if you're not a fan of Metroid, don't even bother with this game. I give Metroid Other M a 4/10. Expand
  21. Nov 11, 2011
    This game was so bad! I don't understand how it has gotten such good reviews from Game review sites like IGN and Gamestop. I loved the design of the game and thought the gameplay was well crafted, with the exception of the first person mode in which you could not move. It was also nice to see a 3D metroid game return to its 2D roots. However, Team Ninja really dropped the ball on the story and character development. Every character was an archetype and the relationships between the characters were boring and cliched. Perhaps is the writing had been better the "twist" at the end of the game would have been at least mildly shocking, and maybe even had the impact on the audience that I think Team Ninja was aiming for. Without spoiling anything, I must also warn that the final boss battle is a bit of a cop-out. The only good that can come from this game, is that hopefully Nintendo will be more careful, with whom it allows to develop its first party IPs. Expand
  22. Feb 11, 2012
    Absolutely horrible. The controls are poorly designed. The cut scenes go on forever and are sometimes downright embarrassing. Samus' boob job may impress adolescents, but I came to play a game, not watch a movie. The Metroid series hit its high point with Metroid Prime in my opinion, and Other M stuck a knife in its' back. It was so bad I couldn't sit through enough of it to finish the game. I may have to move to another platform, or drag out my SNES. Expand
  23. Mar 8, 2012
    The Other M is so far the worst in its series. They make Samus look like a sissy that needs assistance all the time. They have a stupid item gaining system. They have an mediocre story line that isn't that great. I think they should remove this game from the series and pretend it was a really bad nightmare that Samus had and she'll never think about it ever again.
  24. Apr 19, 2012
    I own all the previous games, and this game is a awful piece of trash compared to any and all of them. The writing is so bad an autistic child could do better, and the woman playing samus delivers her lines like its the most boring thing in the world, and she couldn't care less. The plot is as weak as humanly possible, samus has all her powers from the very beginning but wont use any of them until this guy who isn't her boss any more says she can. its to the point where samus is dieing of exposure to lava, but would rather that than activate the varia suit or even request to use it. Seriously WTF. The game randomly turns into the most hated of all genres, the pixel hunt. Randomly throughout the game the action stops, the view is locked into first person, and the game cannot continue until you randomly click the world around and guess the exact one thing the designer was thinking of. Finally, the gameplay is just awful. Almost all the shooting is done via auto-aim, the main weapon is almost useless except when used for finishers and charged shots. Expand
  25. Nov 4, 2012
    There is one thing game does right and that is gameplay. Aside from the out of place first person moments, this game gives off the same 2D platforming feel of the originals; however, everything else about this game is terrible. For those of you that haven't played this game, be warned, the story is TERRIBLE. Now, most Metroid games have never been known to have great stories, but this game made story its centerpiece and shoved every cheesy ounce of it down your throat. In addition to the terrible story, the game is short, linear, and never gives off that isolated feeling that fans have grown to love about the previous titles. For the entire game, Samus is accompanied by members of the galactic federation. Rather than discovering new powers, Samus has to receive permission to use them from Adam. All in all, Nintendo really needs to give the franchise back to Retro studios. If Retro can take the gameplay elements of other M and incorporate them into every thing else that makes the Metroid franchise so amazing, we would have the potential for a game better than the Primes. Expand
  26. Mar 7, 2013
    Some looked beyond the newfound wetness of Samus Aran's bounty hunting femme fatale, others (like myself) believed Team Ninja had just gone and destroyed the most iconic female protagonist in video game history. What doesn't help is the actual game she's in is a visually flat, uninspiring and very bland corridor themed third person shooter adventure. The game's cutscenes are a visual highlight, if too overlong. Gameplay mechanics are unnecessarily cumbersome and limiting just for the sake of being innovative. The execution of the protagonist's character is very controversial and confusing. Samus behaviour and personality in cut-scenes don't reflect how she behaves in-game. From weeping over a cold, un-charasimatic and intensely dislikable Adam Malkovich to wringing an alien lizard's neck then shoving her arm cannon ruthlessly into it's mouth before blasting it's internals out, it is clear the character development was only half-baked. Boss fights bar one or two are dull. The game is very difficult, as expected from Team Ninja of Ninja Gaiden fame but the game only lasts roughly 10-12 hours on normal difficulty, hard mode a few more. Graphics: 6/10
    Gameplay: 5/10
    Features: 6/10

    Hard to recommend with the offensive portrayal of Samus Aran's character and dated attitude towards women...oh yeah did I mention she speaks now? I mean really talks? I mean never actually shuts up now?
  27. Jul 14, 2013
    First off let me tell you that I am a HUGE HUGE Metroid fan. The metroid franchise means so much to in every way and I have never even come close to love another franchise more. With that said this is possibly the worst metroid game ever created. For all of you who are avid metroid fans this is a mockery of all the games you have previously had the pleasure of playing. With the introduction of the first person 3D adventure style introduced in metroid prime a lot of fans were enthralled and amazed by the progression of the series from side scrolling to first person. Many after ,metroid prime 3 was finished, wanted a new metroid that goes back to the old formula which, after super metroid and metroid fusion, was a formula that was both perfect and timeless. When I saw this game i was a bit let down because it took what i had become familiar with in prime and what i loved about super metroid and changed the formula. A year after release i got this game and i did not finish it till today. Whats my opinion? THIS IS ON E OF THE WORST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED. The story is so cliche and filled with influences of Japanese mediums. It's gameplay is clunky and wholly inaccurate and insufferable. The animation, while not exactly bad, wasn't the hardcore realistic or menacing style of super metroid, fusion, or prime (half the time I laughed at the stupid faces these creatures made) The games story however was the worst part. Yoshio Sakamoto has been with metroid from the beginning seeing as he is the creator of the game. Sakamoto knows what we liked and what we loved of the previous entries in the world of metroid and instead of giving us a mysterious, strong willed samus, with a badass ethos he gave us a butchery of Italian horror films, with Japanese anime emotion, and a horrific gameplay experience. This review i am writing is so horribly put together but bare with me because i just finished this game and want to cry. It is the worst game ever, it isn't even bad to somebody who isn't a huge fan, but to me a fan who once a month beats his metroid games over and over because he loves them that much, this was just horrible. I hope this man knows what he has done. I hope he knows that he butchered a franchise that never got a score lower then 80 for there games and created a game that deserved a 30. I hope when retro works on the next iteration that he is nowhere to be found except in the credits for a thank you A thank you for staying the away from the game. Expand
  28. Jul 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Before I get into the enormous can of worms that is this game's issues, let me talk about the positive aspects. The graphics generally look nice, a lot better than most Wii titles, and the action is suitably bombastic when intended. The finisher moves you get are satisfying as well as very cool and flashy.

    Unfortunately, that's all I can say in this game's favor. While it is true that when the action is happening it's generally fun to watch, it's not very fun to play thanks to a frightening lack of variety in terms of both enemies and what Samus herself is able to do, and the fact that you have a dodge-roll technique called the "Sensemove" which utterly breaks the combat. It gives you a ludicrous amount of invincibility frames, nothing works against it, and if you're charging your beam while you do it it completely fills the charge. Beyond that, lulls in the action, rather than serving pacing like they would in a game such as Devil May Cry or Half-Life, instead just feel boring. Often they simply have you running from place to place, and when they don't feel that's putting you to sleep enough they go to an over-the-shoulder view and make you walk slowly with incredibly unintuitive controls. Even less intuitive than the rest of the game, which is pretty unintuitive, as the rest of the game asks you to navigate three dimensional environments at high speeds with a d-pad, relying on finnicky auto-aim to in order to hit enemies. The over-the-shoulder segments aren't even the worst flow-killer though. At times the game forces you into first-person mode and makes you look for a piece of scenery to scan in order to advance the plot. This was a good idea when Arkham Asylum did it because Batman is after all the world's greatest detective, and because that game handled it well, making it clear what you're looking for and still allowing you to move around the area. In Other M you are forced to remain still, searching for what is often a small innocuous-looking piece of scenery at best. Worse examples include scanning for the exit in the chamber where you fight Ridley, which is such a dark area when you're scanning it that you can barely see the exit, and finding Madeline standing in a window, so far away and with so much glare coming off said window that I, an avid gamer with 20/20 vision, was simply not able to see her. I went back and played the segment again, knowing where she was, and still couldn't to see her. Coming back to Ridley, this is kind of a sticking point: Samus should not have freaked out when she saw Ridley. I'm not saying they've tainted her badass persona or anything, and had it been handled differently I would have loved it. But there's no excuse for her to panic upon seeing the enemy that she has been established to have defeated around six times by this point according to series canon (yes, the adjusted canon that came with dropping the Prime games.) Beyond that, the way they brought Ridley in just didn't help the story at all. Apparently the Federation cloned him, as well as most of the other monsters in the game, despite the fact that they've watched the Space Pirates royally screw themselves by doing that many times in the past. Of course, the reason for this is that Nintendo and Team Ninja wanted to cram as many references to older games in as possible, hence the inclusion of the Metroid Queen, Nightmare, Phantoom, et cetera. It feels very much like fan pandering, as if the game is afraid to have its own identity and instead wants to cash in on nostalgia, which makes its decision to completely kick Metroidvania-style exploration in the head even stranger, and that was already a baffling choice considering that the Metroid series contributed the first half of the genre's name. Of course, you do still gain abilities over time, you just don't explore and look for them. Instead you have most of them from the start, but you're not allowed to use them until Adam Malkovich allows you to, in the poorest excuse for ability loss this series has ever had, which is saying something considering that even some of the best games in the series have had pretty weak excuses. This leads to a downright painful situation in which you move through the lava world, which does continuous damage due to the hot atmosphere, without protection because Malkovich didn't authorize it. Speaking of Malkovich, his death was incredibly flimsy. He locks himself in a section of the ship and jettisons it, blowing it up, because apparently nobody thought maybe you should make the function accessible from another part of the ship. There's also a baffling moment when you need to use power bombs to kill the Metroid Queen, but the game never says or even implies that you can use them. The final boss, right afterward, is even worse, as you don't even get to fight it. Instead you just lock onto it, and a cutscene activates. Tres anticlimactic. Overall the game was lazy and sloppy, and not worth playing. It's a disgrace to the series.
  29. Aug 1, 2013
    Combat is shallow, "cinematic" scenes of just holding forward on the control stick kill the pacing, controls are awkward thanks to the exclusion of the nunchuck, level design is linear, the cutscenes are unskippable first playthrough, dialogue is painfully bad... I'm really not sure what there is to like about this game. I suppose you might like it if you don't enjoy Metroid games, because it's a terrible Metroid game, and I supposed you might like it if you don't enjoy action games, because it's a terrible action game.

    I'm just disappointed a game like this came from the director who brought us Super Metroid. Super Metroid was fantastic because it didn't boss you around or hold your hand or shove fifteen minute long cutscenes in your face. You just had a big world and were free to explore it to find fun new powerups and boss fights. Where did that same sense of discovery go? There aren't any new interesting power-ups or bosses in Other M; it's just content to reuse series staples as if that gives it more nerd cred or something. It's not like there is much exploration either; level design is linear and many times doors will lock behind you to stop you from backtracking with new power-ups.

    Even without comparing it to other Metroid games, Other M still fails. Its combat is laughably shallow. In 3rd person view, you just charge and shoot. Aiming is automatic. Whenever you see an attack, you mash the D-pad so Samus can do her invincible dodge move. It doesn't matter which direction you dodge, you're invincible for the whole animation. Sometimes, the game will have you move to first-person to shoot powerful missiles, but the controls are clunky and you're unable to move, making first-person aiming a chore. Then there are the quick-time events. It seems like every awful action game these days has them, and Other M's are pretty bad. They're incredibly showy execution scenes, but they make the player feel inadequate. It's not the player doing these actions; all the player is doing is pressing the D-pad once. There is about as much connection between the player's controls and the actions on screen as there are watching a Transformers movie. About the only neat thing in combat is the overblast, an attack you can use on some enemies by jumping on them with a charged shot. It feels much more natural and I'd like to see it return in future Metroid games.

    So many games this past generation have lost their expansive worlds, forcing you down hallways from cinematic set piece to cut scene to cinematic set piece. They have lost their interesting and unique gameplay, becoming a homogenous mass of quick-time events and auto-aim. They feel more like amusement park rides than games; you're not there to play, you're there to watch. Other M is not some ambitious, misunderstood work of fiction; it's just another stupid modern game with all of the worst things about stupid modern games.

    If you want a fun action game, go play Devil May Cry 3 or the Xbox Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta or virtually anything else. If you want a fun Metroid game, go play Metroid Prime or Super Metroid or Metroid Zero Mission. Just skip Other M. It doesn't deserve your time.
  30. Jan 4, 2014
    I was as excited as any other Metroid fan for Other M. The reveal was exciting and I preordered the game as soon as it became available. Then... I played it. Long story short, play it for the gameplay. Do NOT play it for the story. That part is awful. More details below. STORY Let me start by saying I had no issue with the idea of Samus speaking. I also was extremely excited to get to know the woman behind the visor and see a bit more of her emotional side.
    That out of the way, the story is the main reason why I don't like Other M. To avoid spoilers I won't go into details about the exact parts of the story are so bad, but if you want to read, what is in my opinion, the greatest review of Other M's story on the net, then visit:
    The article explains why the story is written poorly by giving examples of the tropes and story no-nos used and explains how the infamous Ridley scene is damaging to Samus' character in ways you may not have thought of.
    From what I've seen, most people who are fans of the series and enjoy this game's story are defending it because they believe an attack on this game is an attack on the franchise. If this is you, please read the link I posted above.

    As far as gameplay goes, the third person isn't terrible. The dodge jump move was visually powerful and a nice change to just running around, but it definitely took challenge away from the adventure once you mastered it. The first person sequences were bad. Having to flip between 3rd and 1st person was disorienting and left me scrambling to fire a missile where it needed to go. The search-and-find sequences were particularly awful. They were unnecessary and had you looking for some obscure object in the environment.

    A bit linear compared to the other games in the series, but it's something I was able to take as is.

    Awful. Uninteresting, unmemorable... Not what I expect out of a Metroid game given that every other title in the series has fan favorites that they enjoy listening to and possibly remixing. There will be no fan remixes of this game.

    Very good. The cutscenes were gorgeous and the in-game engine was visually pretty.
  31. Mar 9, 2014
    While the gameplay might not be too offensive (emphasis on 'too'), the story is so, so, SO INTENSELY AWFUL that it is literally impossible to ignore. Literally, it even messes with the gameplay to the point of being groan-worthy.
  32. Mar 16, 2014
    Whether being compared to other Metroid games, or on it's own merits, Metroid: Other M has an extensive amount of failures. The biggest of which is using only the Wii remote as it's main control scheme. This not only leads to clunky controls, but shallow action and unnecessary ways to use items as well. You hold the Wii remote sideways, meaning you must control Samus with the D-Pad, which makes the combat incredibly clunky to use. Firing missiles, super missiles, and the grapple beam are all done when in the first person perspective, which requires you to turn the Wii remote and point it at the screen, which will slow down the action considerably. Not only that, but the controls for these segments are terrible, and it really shows when you play a game that does wii-mote pointing right, such as Metroid Prime 3. The combat in the game, while fun at times, has almost no depth and is extremely repetitive. You are limited to only one beam at a time, and even when they do switch, they all handle the same, unlike in other games like the Metroid Prime series. This means you are simply shooting over and over until you get a chance to do a finisher. It feels like a watered down version of Ninja Gaiden that was meant for smartphones. I won't go in-depth with the story, as it won't matter that much since the game is about gameplay, but I will say that it seems like they ripped out the same kind of acting from awful films like The Last Airbender and Twilight and copy-pasted them into this game. This is an even bigger problem because the game constantly shoves unskippable cutscenes in your face that are filled with monotone dialogue from Samus, which completely shoves the immersion that made the other Metroid games so great out of the window. Expand
  33. Apr 6, 2014
    Metroid: Other M This game is an absolute failure on all levels and a major insult to any fan who is able to look at this game without being blinded by nostalgia. This game fails on almost every level in terms of gameplay presentation and story. Gameplay Metroid Other M is a complete bastardization of the Metroid-vania sub-genre that the series previous to this game have established. The game is as linear as games come to the point of being nothing but a shooting gallery rather than an exploration game, in fact there is no exploration of any kind to be found here, no secrets, no backtracking, just a generic overly-simplified combat system strung along linear corridors with doors that lock behind you and a map constantly pointing to the objective as if it was actually possible to get lost. Combat has no depth to it, simply point and shoot until everything in the room is dead. The dodging and Regeneration mechanics also remove any challenge due to how easy they are to use. Pair this with the poorly implemented Wii-mote controls and you hardly have any worthwhile game play.


    The story is one of the worst in any game I have ever seen. The game's awfully generic and uninspired story constant contradicts established lore and all characters save for one have terrible motives and personalities. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the main character; Samus Aran who has such a stark and uncanny personality change in comparison to other games that to many including myself it comes of as insulting and to some even sexist. Samus in this game seems to have no common sense, an irrational fear of one particular enemy which makes no scene in the continuity, and an unnatural attachment to the another major character, her for,er commanding officer who she holds in high regard who dispute his cold indifference or even malice behavior toward her. This apparent and quite disturbing infatuation goes so far that it clouds Samus's judgment to the point that she needlessly risks her life to follow his orders. This is made all the more worse since the game is entirely form her point of view, and most of the story is delivered through her bland expository monologues in completely unskippable cut-scenes. The game's terrible writing ends in a terrible ending with no payoff and leaves the series as a whole with a huge number of irreparable plot-holes and a tarnished Main Protagonist. More care should have been taken portraying Samus Aran, who was, until one of the most respected female icons in gaming. To tarnish such an iconic character as Samus by making her a 2 dimensional submissive housewife with Stockholm syndrome without at least making something profound or at least likable out of it is outright shameful and possibly unforgivable for many fans and gamers.


    As for the rest of this game, the graphics for the most part are tolerable. The Writing and dialogue however are exceptionally bad, barely any care was taken into the localisation of this game. The voice acting was almost all bad, particularly from Samus's voice actor Jessica Martin who was instructed by the game's director Yoshio Sakamoto to talk in a bland monotone. The music and environments are also horribly generic and uninspired which is a shame when compared to every other Metroid game before it. In fact the setting is ripped right out of Metroid Fusion but with less environments. At points the environments actual make no scene, such as a real Active volcano inside of a space station that is supposed to be filled with synthetic environments. All of these things break immersion on a huge scale removing any player investment and any amount of fun which is unforgivable is a series that always put immersion and atmosphere at the forefront of the design.


    In short this is not a game worth buying, especially if you are a Metroid Fan. Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja's attempt to give Samus Aran personality has left the both Metroid series and it's protagonist in shambles that it may never recover from due to the low sales. This game is a disappointment to say the least and in my honest opinion, an insult and a crippling to a once great franchise. It makes no sense that this game has received such high scores from professional critics. It would seem that none of them actually gave this game a fair shake either blinded by nostalgia or they failed considered it's lack of merits vs it's stellar line of predecessors. In the years since this game's disastrous release Nintendo has all but ignored the Metroid IP all together, which would suggest that this game has killed the franchise, and to see such an Iconic series with an even more iconic Protagonist die in such as disappointing whimper is quite disheartening.
  34. Apr 10, 2014
    ( So you know I'm reviewing this as a Metroid game and nothing else. On it's own merits it deserves a higher score.)

    Other M is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Metroid franchise!
    Metroid is mainly an adventure game about getting lost in cool, beautiful and interesting alien worlds. Not only is that part of the game pretty much nonexistent since the game is so incredibly
    linear with no exploration. Graphically this game is actually fairly impressive but the world itself is incredibly bland and boring and the art design can't even be compared to Metroid Prime. Action has always been part of Metroid and a very fun part but it was never what the series was about. You shot the enemies because they got in the way of your exploring not because it's a shooter and you need to kill everything you see. Other M isn't necessarily a shooter but the game about the combat so it's not part of the game like it used to in a very bad way and the action itself doesn't even feel like Metroid action.

    The story is terrible and makes no sense in the timeline or on it's own. They also tries to tell this story by trying to be a movie which is the worst way you could possibly tell a story in a Metroid game. The character Samus has always been a mystery which is the biggest reason she is so interesting but with the Prime games we still got a pretty good idea who she is and who she is is an experienced, in control and badass bounty hunter who is feared by the space pirates and respected by everyone on her side. In other m she is pretty much the exact opposite which wouldn't be such a big problem if it actually made sense why she became such an emotional mess all of the sudden. The only place I could see other m's Samus work is in a Metroid game that takes place before she became a bounty hunter.

    "Metroid" Other M couldn't be more terrible as a Metroid game. No exploration or adventure which is 2/3 of what Metroid is. The action is here but not in a Metroid fashion. The story is a completely garbage and not engaging at all because it doesn't make any sense. Ironically the game tries to be nostalgic which wouldn't be a bad thing if it was done in small doses in an actual Metroid game but that's not the case here.

    So overall it's a complete mess and I hope we don't ever get a Metroid game like this again.
  35. May 8, 2014
    This game is a huge disappointment. It had bland characters, the script was thinner than paper, the characters are very unlikable, and worst of all the combat mechanics are incredibly unfair.
  36. Jul 7, 2014
    This game falls flat on its face in every aspect: The gameplay is shallow, boring and repetitive. The story completely degrades Samus as a character, contradicts previous games, just DROPS certain plotlines before they're even finished, and for the most part, it's just a rehash of Metroid fusion. The art style is weird and shiny, and does not fit the eerie atmosphere of Metroid. The same goes for the music, which just consists of cheesy action movie scores and some remixes. ALL the bosses and enemies are recycled, which may wet the pants of some fanboys, but I really couldn't appreciate the lack of creativity. Luckily, according to Nintendo, the next 3D Metroid will be Prime style, so that's a huge bloody relief. I REALLY don't get how ANYONE can like this game, ESPECIALLY not the fans of Super Metroid, since this game takes away any and all exploration in favour of cheesy finishers and constant flashes of Samus' bum. This is not just a bad Metroid game, it's a bad game overall, and I would recommend this game to absolutely nobody. Also, check out TheGamingBrit's review of this game, because he does a way better job at dissecting this pile of feces than I do. Expand
  37. Jul 10, 2014
    An absolute spit in the face to what Metroid is.
    You can look anywhere on the internet to find out why the story is bad and how it fails on nearly every narrative level, but there are way too many apologists saying that "the gameplay is good though."
    Is it? For a generic action title yes, for a Metroid title? No.
    Aside from the d-pad & simplistic setup being bad for a 3D game, this game
    is just not Metroid.
    Metroid is about exploration, isolation, discovery & puzzles.
    Most of the puzzles boil down to looking around for something in first person view, which isn't really a puzzle.
    Isolation? You're on a ship with other generic 1 dimensional characters, not to mention you're always in contact with Adam, who also doesn't get any meaningful character development despite his history with Samus.
    Exploration & discovery? Sorry none of that here. The map literally shows you where in the room items are, and always has a yellow marker showing you exactly where to go. Doors will lock all the time for the sake of the plot & to hand hold you to your next destination. Yup, this thing is 10x more linear than Fusion.

    Aside from the diffusion beam, nothing in this game is new. The setting is a smaller version of Fusion's BSL, and the plot is way too similar as well, except they added more characters & a filed attempt at an emotional narrative that's filled with plot holes. This game chugs along on nostalgia, drawing heavily on concepts from fusion & artwork & design from Super Metroid, just not the best of it.
    Fair enough if you like the game, but DO NOT say it's a good METROID game.
  38. Aug 7, 2014
    Team Ninja will be forever known as the womanizing jerks that ruined Metroid.

    The controls are bad. You have to navigate an entirely 3D world with just a dpad. To shoot missiles, you have to point the controller at the screen. So when you go into first person missile mode, you can't move, resulting in several frustrating deaths.

    The story is utter vomit, and the voice acting is even
    worst. Samus is a strong, independent female character. In Other M, she is a whiny **** that has to be surrounded by men in case she gets too emotional.

    Do not buy Other M. Don't even rent it. It is an insult to the Metroid series and the gaming community as a whole.
  39. Aug 31, 2014
    Making Metroid heavily story-based was the first mistake, using a D-pad instead of an analog stick for movement in a 3D environment was the second, and mistakes 3 through 75 involve turning one of gaming's toughest female icons into a shrieking mimsy in a submissive relationship with a dickbag in a fancy hat.
  40. Sep 12, 2010
    This review contains spoilers. Firstly; Hynda, you are very wrong, this is one of the most misogynist games I have ever played. Samus, who has been portrayed in the other games as a solemn, strong, somewhat mysterious character, is here more likely to sit back and wait for the male characters to tell her what to do. She is so desperate for approval she refuses to use any of her weapons until they're authorized by the operation's commander. During one scene, in which she meets Ridley again, she breaks down into tears and refuses to even try and fight back until the male soldier tries to save her (these actions get said male soldier thrown into a pit of lava. GG, Samus.) For a character who was once such a symbol of feminism in gaming - proof that the girls could do more than scream get kidnapped by monsters - here, Samus seems pretty much useless. The portrayal of her character was my biggest problem with the game, and it's so legendarily bad that it's hampered my enjoyment of other Metroid games.

    The gameplay is interesting, but takes a step back for every one it takes forward. I honestly loved the dual-perspectives, even if you couldn't move in the first-person. However, there are multiple sections where the game stops and forces you to scan for clues, which are usually no more than a couple pixels in length. These are atrocious. The ability to recharge your missiles and health makes sense in theory - no more waiting over enemy spawn points until everything's full! However, you're only able to recharge your health when it drops below 40 or so, and during a boss fight this can mean you get killed really quick. There were also parts of the game where Samus stopped because I accidentally put the controller in the Recharge position, and others where tried to recharge and turned into Morph Ball because the controller wasn't totally upright.

    The graphics are very good, though the needlessly lavish CG sequences hurt both my eyes and my brain. The voice acting is cheesy - Samus sounds strangely monotone - and the music is practically nonexistent.

    Frankly, I'm going to do my best to forget this game and wait for the next 'real' game in the series.

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  1. Oct 21, 2010
    Regardless the shortcomings, Nintendo definitely deserves praise for yet again hiring not one but two orchestras to play the game's soundtrack start to end– hearing real strings and percussion, occasionally augmented by sci-fi synthesizer, adds a lushness to the soundtrack that Metroid has long deserved.
  2. 80
    Experimental by design. It might not always work, but when it does its an experience hard to forget, wearing the Metroid tag with pride with its head held high.
  3. Team Ninja is not Nintendo. This could be the perfect description for Metroid: Other M, a competent action game that simply lacks the quality and the level of polishing of the "real" Nintendo games.