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  1. Jun 9, 2013
    Metroid: Other M has one of the worst opening segments in videogame history. It forces you to deal with having your expectations for a Metroid title shattered in front of your eyes; Samus whines like a prissy teenager and acquiesces to a dominating male general. The clumsy switching interface between 2D and 3D modes will have you threatening to break something. The game's continual locking-off of areas so that you can't explore properly will frustrate to no end, as will the steep learning curve of it's combat heavy gameplay. The first hour or so of Other M will have you questioning whether this is truly a Metroid game at all. That said, if you can struggle past the opening and acclimatize to the missile lock sensimove mechanics, Metroid: Other M becomes a lot of fun. The main reason for that is the game's unpredictability. Other M features a huge menagerie of monsters to fight. You never know what is going to be lurking around the next corner. And as for the bosses! This game features some of the best encounters in the franchise's history. If you are a hardcore Metroid fan, some of the boss fights will make you pee your pants with excitement! Thankfully, the story gets much better as it progresses too. By the end of Other M, Samus is no longer a whiny brat and acts with the poise that we all know and love her for. It's quite a riveting yarn, actually. After all was said and done, I came away from this game will a mile wide grin on my face and the strong desire to immediately start another playthrough. On the Metroid scale of awesomeness, Other M would rank under Prime, Fusion, Zero Mission and Super Metroid but easily lays waste to Prime 2 & 3. Another sterling adventure for Samus Arran! Expand
  2. Jul 14, 2012
    I just replayed Other M and think I understand why so many give this amazing game negative reviews. First, Samus is an actual woman and not just T&A that keeps her mouth shut. Second, complaints that the controls to fire a missile into the face of a giant monster trying to kill you takes preparation, quick reflexes, and accuracy. People who lack the ability to do those things call the controls bad instead of immersive. Third, haters tend to focus on the story and completely ignore the crisp graphics, heart pumping audio, and tight game play... which for a video game is kind of dumb (nobody is making you watch the cut scenes). Fourth, "they changed metroid!!!" coming out of the mouth of Prime fanboys who fail to realize that Prime was a massive change to metroid for us old fart Super Metroid fanboys. Expand
  3. Aug 31, 2010
    I love the classic side-scrolling Metroid style. This is Nintendo at its best! Metroid along with Mario and Zelda make a trio of games that can not be rivaled in the video game industry! Just wait until you play through the opening scene - you will be hooked!
  4. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i dont see what the big complain about this game is i enjoy tthis game even in the hard mode.........people mainly complain about stuff like the insane lava run.........samus breaking out against ridley and anthony almost dying because of that........but who cares about that part because in the end anthony saves himself during the fall......this game has also the most classic bosses......ridley my favorite boss is creature you meet up with 3 times...once when hes a baby chick the other when hes a lizard that kills a trooper and when you have to blow off his tail...and then you fight him at the geothermal power plant.......theres lso mother brain and much more....i mean seriously we all have been waiting for samus's true nemisis to come back and were all ungrateful for this game.........and the heth replenishing and the ninja moves are awesome....oh yea the last thing people always complain about swithing from first person to third not a metroid pro but honestly ive got no problems with switching modes even if its to fire a missile.....this game has to be a very great game.....and sadly its not noticed by anyone so you can get a cheap brand new copy anywhere for $10 to$20 bucks.........if your like me who enjoys nintendo this game might be your best bet Expand
  5. Oct 14, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think this game is fun and still challenging. I think that it might not be the most difficult Metroid game but i like the switch from first back to third perspective. It give it a classic touch and makes it more fun because you can actually see yourself instead of just the things in front of you. I also like the storytelling of the game and the cut scenes are very impressive. Expand
  6. Dec 1, 2012
    I love this game and any gamer that says this is sexist needs to grow up. The only flaw is the game does not have as much length as Metroid Prime. It is inspiring to see that samus Aran is human. The best kind of Bounty Hunter is one that is peaceful. I love how this goes back to NES gameplay.
  7. Sep 13, 2010
    I don't understand either, the amount of mixed reviews for this awesome game. Simply, the most fun I've had this year after the superb Super Mario Galaxy 2. As a longtime fan of the Metroid series, I recommend any fan play this game. It may not be perfect to you, and that is cool. But what it does right has been pretty impressive. I would rate it a 9.6 (and rounded up).
  8. Mar 10, 2013
    Though it's certainly not as good as Metroid Prime, Other M is still a worthy entry into the series and I feel it's the most underrated game of the seventh generation. The story isn't quite as exciting as I would have hoped and has a few glaring plotholes (what was the point of the Deleter if we never found out who he was?), but it's still worth looking at. People complain to no end about the gameplay, but here's a newsflash for you: this game has roughly the same controls as the modern Ninja Gaiden games (having played Razor's Edge, I know what I'm talking about), though I will admit it's not as immersive as the first-person view Prime gave us. Regardless of that, it felt pretty awesome jumping around and shooting things the way you could, and the bosses were just epic. The graphics are some of the best you'll see on the Wii and the voicework really makes this game more movie-like as a result. And about Samus. While her narration isn't very enthralling, the rest of the time she speaks makes me feel like she's a human being. After all, that's what she is: a human being. Humans cry and get scared just like she did in this game. So she's not a silent protagonist anymore. That's a good thing! It means she's not an emotionless robot like Master Chief or Gordon Freeman anymore! She has layers, for God's sake!(Admittedly though, it wouldn't kill her to smile every once in a while.) Bottom line is that this game has been judged very unfairly and it's worth a second look. G4 and angry fanboys have complained to no end about this game, but I say at least give it a rent sometime and give it a chance. I don't think you'll regret it. Expand
  9. Oct 28, 2010
    This is a very good Metroid title. I think the inclusion of 2.5D and 3D was done very well. Auto aiming in third person was odd at first but it really helped the gameplay go smoother.

    A lot of critics talked about how they disliked the upgrade system. There are parts when your high authority unlocks features in Samus. I think it was really refreshing because every Metroid in the past had
    some idea of how Samus loses her suit powers. In this game, Samus already had the upgrades and only used them when needed.

    Whats really odd about this game is that it never talks about the Prime Trilogy, hinting that the story only focused on the older story progression.

    This is a very fun and fast paced Metroid title. Get the game if you like Metroid, don't listen to the bad reviews.
  10. Sep 2, 2010
    I wanted to start off saying, just as many others have said, to ignore many of the low scores. I've read most of the publication reviews and have to say that most of the negative ones get hung up on minor issues that for some reason they can't get over.

    Simply put, this game is what next generation platformers should be. The controls are great and the mix between third-person and
    first-person views makes for very dynamic battles. If your Wii Remote is setup properly with the sensor bar then you will have little issue switching between the two views in the middle of battle. Also, several others who gave the game negative reviews griped about how you can't dodge while in first-person view and that simply isn't true. You can dodge using the sensemove in first-person view and it tells how in the manual.

    The gameplay is fantastic. It is such a fresh and original game style that is so much fun to play. Boss battles are epic and very cinematic. I am not a big fan of CG cinematic sequences as they tend to breakup gameplay and kill immersion. I am usually more in favor of ingame scripted movies (ala, Dragon Age/Mass Effect style). But the way that they blended the CG sequences with the in game graphics is beautiful and very well done and sometimes it happens so smoothly that you don't even take notice of it.

    The graphics are top notch and goes to show you that with good visual and artistic design, you can overcome hardware limitations and produce a visually stunning game.
  11. Sep 7, 2010
    Metroid: Other M is simply the most underrated game of the year by far. I have to wonder if the negative reviews come from people who actually completed the game or even played it for more than 2 hours. The game only gets extraordinary after the 2 hour mark in my opinion.

    The controls work perfectly, and any complaints about them are from people who just aren't good at gaming. Sorry but
    it's the truth. Yes, a nunchuk would have been nice as an optional control scheme, but the developers have stated they wanted the game to be as accessible as possible and they have succeeded at that. The switch between first- and third-person is almost instant, and after 30 minutes or so you should be comfortable with everything. As a hardcore gamer who actually owned the NES and SNES, this control scheme is fun and nostalgic.

    Now, the gameplay; the most important thing in a game (WAY more important than story, the reason critics are rating this game poorly). It's classic Metroid fused with Metroid Prime and Ninja Gaiden. In other words, flashy and satisfying. The only problem I had with the gameplay is jumping on a creatures back sometimes - it's often hard to judge where exactly to jump on it. The pixel-hunting segments are a bit annoying too, but they last for 5 minutes at the most. And this is the age of the Internet where if you ever get stuck you can instantly get an answer and solve the "puzzle" in a minute. This is another case where people are over-exaggerating the game's flaws. Overall the gameplay is everything I hoped for from a Team Ninja Metroid game.

    The graphics and sound. Anyone complaining about the graphics needs to get their eyes checked. Metroid: Other M is easily the best-looking "realistic" game on the Wii, and it puts some Xbox 360 games to shame as well (minus the resolution of course). The art might not be as good as Metroid Prime, but the creatures look creative and colorful (albeit scary), and the locations are varied and convincing. The textures aren't the perfect resolution, but considering Other M uses the full dual-layer disc, it's understandable. The sound on the other hand is the weakest part of the game. The effects are fine, but the music is boring and totally not memorable. It reminds me of a movie soundtrack to be honest, and movie soundtracks are far inferior to game soundtracks and don't belong in a game. There are some nice tunes, but overall the music should have been better. It's mostly atmospheric noise and strings.

    And finally, the story. Before I begin let me just say WOW CAN YOU PEOPLE OVER EXAGGERATE. I went into this game expecting a Michael Bay-esque cringe-fest and what I got was a very interesting plot with twists and turns and emotional weight that was obviously written by a Japanese man. It's not as bad as anime, but not quite as good as a story-driven movie. Nonetheless, the claims of sexism are completely and utterly false and ridiculous. Not once is there anything sexist in the game, and you can thank G4 for starting that crap. I doubt any one would have even thought of sexism before that review. I won't spoil the story but let me just say I was moved when a certain character died and I was intrigued the whole way through. The voice acting is not that bad, in fact it's often quite good; again it's much better than anime. Don't let the haters sway you away from experiencing the story the way it should be experienced: by playing the game yourself. I could go on and on but if you only read one sentence out of this review, make it this: Metroid: Other M is far better than what you've heard. It's just as good as Metroid Prime 3 but for entirely different reasons. I personally enjoyed it more, and I can't believe the hate this game is receiving. I've never disagreed with "professional" reviewers more and I think there is definitely real bias.

    Buy the game. Play it for yourself. If you have an open mind and are willing to explore a very innovative and creative game I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  12. Sep 7, 2010
    Haters will hate is all I have to say about a majority of reviews I have seen. I started playing the game last night and couldn't get enough--played for a good 5 hours straight. Finally we know something about Samus other than that she is a bounty hunter. This is probably one of the more intriguing titles I've picked up in a while. While its a bit more linear than some of the Metroid games, its a warm welcome--some times in prime I would step a way for a few days and come back and be completely lost and have no idea where I needed to go. As for the many complaints about the way the controls are--well its quite similar to the older metroid games--you got shoot, jump, directional--as well as some innovative first person shooting--sometimes not responsive(generally because you are not pointing at the sensor bar) but other than that fairly flawless. Others also mentioned that the loss/gaining of samus powers is ludacris. To tell the truth, this is the one where it actually makes sense. Every other metroid game, you land and then lose your powers--or they disappear--you imply that you need to gain your powers back---theres really no reason why you shouldnt have all the powers...this makes sense because they are in with a military group on a federation space ship and they are allowing clearances for certain weapons/armor for required moments--this is explained and it makes sense. The action is fast paced and it definitely does a great job at making a 2.5D shooter fun, challenging as well as accessible. The only reason the controls seem cluncky for a bit is because you have never played like this--and I find this to be a great feeling---its like starting over to rethink the way I use a controller--Team Ninja and Nintendo did a great job at making the controls intuitive yet new and refreshing--and its a classic nintendo set up---what else could we ask for.

    The levels are interesting--the graphics are incredible(for the Wii)--the transitions are fairly flawless---only a couple extremely short loading screens between major sections--the boss battles seem very reminiscent/nostolgic but also fresh with the implementation of 2.5D and 1st person shooting--(this game keeps your hands busy) As for those individuals that say the search/identifying is too much like pixel search--must be idiots--if you are looking for clues are you going to be looking for the ordinary...or the out of place items....i have no other comments--its really not that hard.

    The cut scenes are well done and they really add to the experience and story of samus--a welcome addition--and the length is just fine with me--most of the time I was wanting more. There are some times when items are a bit difficult to find--and morph ball entrances can be some what difficult to find--generally for upgrades---but come on--how much more do you want Ninja and Ninty to hold your hand--it always gets me with people--they are super hypocritical--they want hand holding in some spots but not others.

    Over all I give this game a 10 for a great new way/nostalgic way to play as Samus Aran---I would love to see another one like this--I would welcome it generously. Thank you Team Ninja and Nintendo for a great experience and you have created a new classic.
  13. Sep 7, 2010
    i am loving it.. im about an hour into the game, the controls are perfects, i was worried the D-pad was gonna be busted but it wasn't i am enjoying the story so far but i think there is to much narration, sometimes i wish samus would shut the hell up and talk out of her mouth lol
  14. Apr 29, 2011
    metroid other m is a game that has the classic gameplay from the first games in a 3D world it changed exploration for good cutscenes with impressive CGI and good story telling, you can use a FPS view but you cant move in this mode, but you can shoot missiles which are your stronger weapon, the in game graphics are impressive and only make a good game in a better one
  15. Feb 25, 2011
    I don't understand all the negativity over Samus's voice.
    I thought it was great. It made her more human.
    Screw what everyone else says, this game is awesome.
  16. Feb 8, 2014
    This is definitely a great action game, and a very good Metroid game too. Do not listen to all the whiners, they are all wrong! If anyone gives this game a score below a 7, they're just trolling and not worth reading the review.

    Anyone playing this game can see Nintendo put a lot of effort into it. A little minus is that it might be a bit story-heavy at times, and you can't skip the
    But if you like action games you'll love this one. I wasn't even into the Metroid-series before playing this, so this is for everyone.
  17. May 24, 2014
    That this game received negative reviews is proof positive that people believe having a contrary opinion makes them more interesting. The story line is amazing, much more than what I expected from a Metroid title and the gameplay is addictive. I usually don't like motion controlled games at all but switching between fps mode and 2.5d is done really well. The boss fights are amazing as well. I haven't had this much fun since I played Super Metroid way back in the day! Expand
  18. Sep 2, 2010
    I'm sure MOM's release is a long time coming for many Metroid fans, such as myself.

    The game starts off with an amazing recreation of the final encounter with Mother Brain at the climax of Super Metroid for the SNES. This scene right here really sets the stage for the quality of the game from here on out. In the beginning, there are a lot of cutscenes, which really slows down the
    beginning, but once you take in the story and head out into the Bottle Ship to explore, things start to move at a fantastic pace.

    The gameplay is really incredible, as soon as the controller is in your hands it really feels like classic Metroid, but with all new twists. For example, to aim at enemies with your missile's, you must quickly aim your Wiimote at the screen and lock onto your enemy and fire away. It takes a moment to learn, but once you get it down, it's a really simple procedure. It's also possible to charge your beam before aiming at the screen for when you unlock super missiles, you just simply use the 2 button instead of the A button, so that makes the process even more painless for later in the game. Aside from the aiming there is also the dodge technique Samus has called SenseMove. It works like a dream, a quick dodge and Samus auto-locks onto the closest enemy. This also auto-locks you in first person, so you can quickly dodge and dive into Samus' visor for a clean shot. On top of all this, there's also the Overblast technique's, where you jump on your enemy's head and fire a charged shot straight into there head, and the Lethal Attacks, which are pretty self explanatory, but if you need to know there pretty much flashy finishing moves that are always awesome to watch. The only things that are annoying are the three or four points in the game where they make you walk in an over the shoulder view for whatever reason, and the "Find a clue" first person parts where you can't progress until you find the clue. For me, these parts only took five minutes at most, but apparently there are a lot of people having problems with it. There is also the concentration system, which removes the annoying "go back and forth to respawning enemy's and kill them to recharge your health and ammo" with a simple but effective system where you hold the Wii mote up and Samus recharges her health (when it's really low) and missiles naturally.

    Exploring the Bottle Ship is a lot of fun, even though the game is linear, at the end of the day exploration is exploration, even if you know what direction you're going, everything you're seeing is still new to you (unless you're on a second playthrough of course). The areas are polished and easy on the eyes, and everything fits nicely. All in all, the gameplay is superb with tight controls and amazing attacks and power ups. Speaking of power ups, they finally decided to stop making Samus' suit bug out and lose all her power ups in the beginning (which really made her suit appear to have some faulty design, lets hope they stop with that for good), and instead replace it with an Authorization system. It makes a lot more sense to me, considering she's following the orders of someone else and not just doing her own thing, she figures out of respect instead of going buck-wild and blowing the entire place up with super missiles and power bombs, she would wait for proper confirmation, like a soldier should! Kudos for the brilliant work around that bothersome issue with these games.

    The graphics are equally as impressive, Other M is probably one of the best looking Wii games made to date, which is perfectly normal coming from the graphic obsessed developer's at Team Ninja. Samus looks awesome, the monsters are really sweet too, especially a lot of the awesome throwback monsters from Super Metroid and earlier games. It's great to see them all new in 3D. The cinematic cutscenes are also top notch, some of the best FMV work I've seen in a long time. For graphics, this game definitely goes above and beyond, and delivers the goods.

    The story is also very interesting, not quite the best I've ever seen in gaming, but definitely stands well on its own. Samus receives a distress signal from a Galactic Federation ship called the Bottle Ship. When she arrives she meets up with her former Commanding Officer, Adam Malkovich and his team. Samus decides to co-operate with Adam and his team due to their past history, so she follows orders from him and that's how the game progresses, similar to Metroid Fusion, just minus all that annoying text every time you hit a save room. Instead, you get a small gold dot on your map that shows you the next area to go to, kind of like in Zero Mission. Unlike earlier Metroid games and the Prime series, you won't be lost without a clue for hours on end, and thankfully can go through the game at your own pace and not get lost a lot.
  19. Oct 5, 2010
    Wow, what an amazing remake of the classic 2D Metroid done in 3D. Fun and exciting game play, gorgeous graphics, interesting story and music is what this game is all about. The developers did a very good job of bringing classic Metroid mechanics into 3D. Don't listen to those negative reviewers, they are just too biased. This game is like a very pleasant roller coaster ride. It may be a lot more linear compared to Metroid Prime games, but it's still a great Metroid game at its core nevertheless. I played Metroid Prime Trilogy games, and I must say that enjoyed Other M a whole lot more. Playing Prime games just felt like a choir, with constant backtracking and lack of check points. If I happen to fail at a particular boss, I want to fight that mofo again right a way, and not having to walk all the way from my last save point!! Other M is a lot more streamlined and forgiving in that department. Its main focus is definitely on combat, instead of tedious exploration. I found the controls to be quite easy to use and very responsive. Switching from 3rd person to 1st person view may seem awkward at first, but you'll get used to it within first couple of hours of playing. After that, you'll start feeling like a hardcore space ninja as you blast your way through numerous enemies and boss encounters. And yes, you won't have to keep scanning bosses like in Metroid Prime games in order to figure out how to defeat them!! In Other M most battles go something like this: dodge dodge jump, blast a monster in the face with a charged up plasma beam, wait for exposed weak spot, switch over to your missiles and let him have it, jump on top of him to finish him off with a spectacular shot to the back of the head or a roundhouse kick. Come on, you have to agree that that's a lot more exciting than constantly doing pew pew pew pew pew pew shots till a monster dies like in Prime games! Team Ninja, I salute you and hope to see more Metroid games like Other M in the future. Collapse
  20. Aug 31, 2010
    One of the best games of the Wii. The CGs and cutescens are VERY EPIC. The BOSS fights, maps, very diverse, the enemy types are very interesting... and the Samus have a epic personality.
    Graphic is one of the best of the Wii, sound, gameplay are very nice.

    Dont trust in negative reviews.
  21. Sep 18, 2010
    This was great mix of the old Metroid games and the more recent Prime series. Lotsa fun, good challenge, and a good length. Some people complained about the narration in the game, but there's really not that much of it, and I don't feel it gets I the way of the story - and the story was cool.
  22. Dec 22, 2010
    When I first heard of Other M, I was excited that the next installment was coming out soon. But when my friend told me that the game only utilized the wiimote itself and not the nunchuck, the skeptical side of me took control and I began monitoring Other M's approach to release. When my friend got the game and once he finished (after unlocking Hard mode which is annoying as hell to unlock) he let me barrow it which I thought was pretty pro after letting me get a taste of the game. I watched all the cutscenes which allowed me to get an insight into the story behind Samus' past. The storytelling through cutscenes allowed me to get a feel of the relation between Samus and Adam that I found it very touching and heart-wrenching when Adam made his choice about Sector Zero. (go ahead and think of me as a wuss. I thought it was damn good.) My only gigantic complaints is against the forced first-person view to look for a specific objective which I'm glad to have memorized so I won't have to spend an hour looking for something microscopic or miniscule. The other complaint is being forced to look for everything to unlock Hard mode (which means finding 70 missile tanks, 16 energy parts, 6 accel charges, 5 energy tanks, and 3 E-recovery tanks.) and for some of the missile tanks were so confusing to obtain that I had to look up how to get them which shames me for doing that. I wanted to find everything with as little assistance as possible but that wasn't going to happen. This game, I believe, is the greatest Metroid game I've ever played and I hope that "Project M" will come together again and make more Metroid games because they did a very good job on making it. The combat was fluid, the cinematics unbelievably beautiful, and the graphics rival that of the Xbox 360! Project M, I tip my hat to all three parties involved in it and please make more games together! Expand
  23. Apr 26, 2011
    Excellent game. Brought back memories of playing super metroid in some ways. If your looking for a cheap Nintendo title this is the one. Don't really like shooters at all but i like metroid. Wish they had finished making the game though. Too short.
  24. Jul 2, 2011
    just to start off, this game is EPIC, it ties up almost all of the loose ends of metroid; and then it has great gameplay. the 3rd person can be weird for those at home with prime, but eventually feels natural. The graphics, though not that important, look really good. the only downside? the LONG cutscenes lasting up to 15 minutes, cannot be skipped, and you are not allowed to pause, but the cutscenes look amazing and tell samus's story very well. overall i love this game and say any who hate it can be staring down the barrel of a phazon cannon for all i care. Expand
  25. Jul 18, 2014
    I don't understand the bad critics... This game have the best graphics on wii, have a new gameplay style, is fun, hard, and have a more serious history.
    Is very nice this game.
  26. Aug 31, 2010
    The levels are very diverse, the enemy types are very interesting, and Samus' moves are very nicely animated. The boss fights are very rewarding to fight and are very massive. And the graphics are very great for a Wii title, especially the cut-scenes. Some things about the game keep it from being a perfect score. While it is cool that Samus can go from a 2d perspective to a 3d one, it feels sort of clunky. When you move to 1st person, you sometimes loose track of the enemy that you are fighting, and that said enemy will most likely hit you. While in 1st person mode, you also cannot move Samus, which makes some of the puzzles and fighting a little difficult. Samus can dodge attacks while in 1st person mode, even though the game doesn't really explain this. All you have to do is shake the Wii-mote controller when an enemy attack comes at you, and Samus will do a dodge and exit out of it. Also, I found Samus Aran's voice to be sort of bland, and the story isn't going to win any awards. Overall, the game is very amazing, and with few Wii games being great this year, Metroid Other M is a nice addition to any library. Expand
  27. Sep 12, 2010
    Metroid Other M stretches back to its roots and all in all it feels more like a Metroid game than Prime ever did. A look into Samus' past shows us that you don't need to be an emotionless robot to be fitted with a space suit, in fact it's refreshing to know the original space-suited lady actually has a lot of depth. Fans who haven't been paying attention, or the newer Prime/Halo fans who simply can't bother with an actual backstory, might have missed this part of Samus' character in previous Metroid entries but for the true fans her characterization feels right at home. Even if the storytelling shoves it a bit too much in our faces because this is the first time we get her to talk.
    All in all, this game is more than fine, only hindered in the polls by people who cry "they changed it so it sucks!"
  28. May 16, 2011
    FUN! Metroid has had a lot of games. It started as a side scroller, developed into an FPS and then a pinball game, but now we have Metroid Other M. This game is 2D, it's 3D, it's a 3rd person shooter, it's a Side scroller, it's survival horror, it's an FPS, it's a story of closure, and it's flat out high octane FUN. Team Ninja's Metroid Other M, has a lot in common with an action game developed by the famous game developer, TREASURE. It's Fresh, Familiar, tons of explosions, and throws caution to the wind when considering what a lot of loyal fans may think. Like so many Wii titles, Metroid Other M is an experiment and uses the meeting ground of the Wii, like a pit-stop, to attract some New faces to the Metroid Fan-base family. Like me. My favorite Wii game is Sin and Punishment Star Successor, and my tastes are very action orientated, so I get bored easily at exploratory type games. I know I will get Hate for this, but I find every Side-scroller Metroid before Metroid Other M, confusing, frankly not that smooth or fun to play, worst of all dull. In Metroid Other M, the traditional Metroid style gameplay stiffness is gone, the rat-mazes are history, Bosses are exciting and plentiful now, a good life regeneration system has been implemented, collecting items is no longer a chore and YES even the character Samus, is lovable. This is the closest I have seen to a 90's Arcade style Metroid, and it is all the better for it, in my frantic stuck-in-the-90's arcade action gamer opinion. If you have hated Metroid all the days of your life, this is a Metroid that sings a Siren song, reaching out to you! The low sales of this game will make the development of another like it, not likely to say the least, so there should be plenty copies out there cheap. Don't mind the spoiled brat fan-boys and fan-girls, this Metroid is AWESOME! I don't think those fans, who are offended at this iteration of Metroid have anything to fear concerning the future Metroid releases because as far as I can tell, this wasn't made for them, it was made for YOU. Think of it as a conspiracy by pathetic elitists, that don't want us scum to enjoy "THEIR" game franchise. So go and enjoy METROID OTHER M! This is my Second Favorite Wii game, second only to Sin and Punishment Star Successor of course. Next time Nintendo, Hire TREASURE to develop Metroid:D Expand
  29. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is bad. It was the awful voicing of samus, that i just couldn't stand. Needing authorization to use a weapon - Come on! Traded in immediately. Want a good Metroid game? Play Metroid prime 1 2 or 3.
  30. Sep 4, 2010
    I bought the "Metroid Other m" yesterday and finished it this morning and let me tell you that the game is simply brilliant. Story (8): The story in this game is very important in the Metroid series. One such example is the computer Adam in Metroid Fusion, which after all is the former commander of Samus. The game is heavy on story but do not believe what they say. The game has a lot of story for a metroid game but compared to a normal game the story is not so heavy.

    Graphics (9):
    Regardless a few slowdowns the graphics are very good taking into account the capabilities of the Wii.
    It's a little worse than Prime 3 but also has more things at once on screen.
    The outdoor areas are a little weak with poor textures and some slowdowns but in closed places (which is where it happens most of the action) the graphics are a wonder sometimes making me think that i was playing metroid on my xbox 360.
    The cut scenes are the best way to realize the reason Nintendo has chosen to double layer DVD's.

    Sound (7):
    Here is where I found that this time the metroid was weaker.
    Where is the classic Metroid music to accompany the action??
    Most of the time there is no music and when there is it has nothing to do with anything. At least the music of the load game is the classical from the other Metroids.
    In relation to the voices of the characters have no reason to complain, i do not understand why there are so many people complaining ... they wanted for the voice of Samus
    Angelina Jolie ...?

    Gameplay (10):
    Simply awesome! Only Nintendo could make a perfectly playable game in 3D with a d-pad and 3 / 4 buttons.
    Anyone used to playing Brawl with just the Wii Remote will feel at home, it's pretty easy to kill enemies with the auto lock-on, doing wrestling moves,
    wall tap, etc ... It's everything almost done automatic but is done in a way that after a while playing the game, you forget that. The move to first person is also well executed, although we did not manage to move the camera can rotate freely. First person action
    in the beginning is a bit strange but then it is a matter of habituation.
    The game's structure looks just like Super Metroid / Metroid Fusion but in 3D. However I found that is very similar to the Fusion with the areas being
    divided into sectors, into floors, the amount of save areas, etc ...
    The level of difficulty of the metroid is comparable to Super Metroid. The days of ease with Prime 3 finally are over, here is purely old school.

    Longevity (9):
    Nothing new here in metroid, to reach the end are about 10 hours after unlock Hard Mode, and also gives to unlock artwork.

    Final verdict:
    Nintendo took a big risk again with the Metroid franchise, and in my opinion achieved the feat again, like in 2003 (with the Primes).
    The game is very good technically and I do not understand why there are so many haters to give low scores to this game.
    Despite the game being good does not revolutionizes as much as the first Prime and that's why my final score is a solid 9.

    Greetings from Portugal.
  31. Sep 9, 2010
    This game is real value, I've read some bad review on the game and feel sorry for the people who didn't find the greatness in this game. Those who compare this game to any other game is pointless, especially the Prime series. to fully appreciate this game you have to view it as a game that is a stand-alone as well as admiring the parts that are similar to to the other metroid games, that way you feel the nostalgia and appreciate and value the work of art this game is. It is different and those who see ti as a bad thing should go and only play what they already like only; or try and see why this difference is actually a good thing. For example, I enjoyed the Grapple beam in Super Metroid how you could control the swing even to do a whole circle, in Other M there is no control for this, much better than Prime though, but it allows for improvement in new Metroid games and adding more challenge as well. Because if you added everything exactly from Super Metroid you'd just have a remake. and if you added new things the game would be too easy, unless you added limitations, so limitations aren't bad. Thanks to limitations every game is challenging and that's why we enjoy them. If Super Metroid weren't made or the Prime series this game would be groundbreaking, so do yourself a favour and notice that if it is missing some things from other Metroid games, there are others that are new and this creates challenge aswell as leaving room for improvement. I love the sense move, dying in this game isn't easy but I dare anyone to say they didn't once. I enjoyed the exploration in previous Metroid games and this one has it too, however it is easier, and I see this as a good thing cause I remember searching every crevice that looked suspicious even in the slightest, only to be going over and over and over the same area, to the point where it was soo frustrating that I'd give up or look shamefully at a guide.

    I find it amusing how some people criticize Samus as an emotional character, this is turning a robot into something more human, this is an advancement in the gaming world; and this is the story of Yoshio Sakamoto, if you don't like it write you own. But it's futile to critice it as it's not a story made so that everyone likes it (impossible anyways) but it's just how the story goes. After seeing the emotion in Samus when she saw Ridley, it added more emotion to the other games, seeing how she was actually feeling whenever he showed up adds to the whole story. In conclusion this game reminded of many things I loved about all the Metroid games, added features and emotions that actually improve all Metroid games; and the game actually continues after the game credits, this is a gamers dream! it definitely has replay value with Hard Mode and item searching. I hope that people see this and value games that have depth, beautiful design and innovative features so that more games like this can continue and evolve.
  32. Aug 31, 2010
    I'm really confused at how this game got any negative reviews. The controls where a little hard to get used to at first but once I got the hang of them I thought that they really made sense. The game itself runs great the graphics are good for the wii and when I say that I mean really good! I was blown away at how good the game looked. I've been a fan ever sense super metroid and feel this was a great sequel to it with great new up to date features like 3rd person and first person with similar features from super metroid like all of the awesome beams n suits and new features that make it much better like dodging attacks and combat moves. I would recommend this game to all metroid and adventure fans. 10/10 by far Expand
  33. Aug 31, 2010
    Widely underrated, this new gem in my Wii collection lives up to it's hype. Controls are not an issue after a bit of practice. Graphics, music are great. A bit of stale voice acting... but nevertheless intriguing. Do not overlook this game. Give it a try, it is worth it!
  34. Sep 1, 2010
    I have no idea why everyone is giving this game a bad rep. I absolutely love it! It feels like you're playing Super Metroid in 3D! I don't know how you can complain about that! I was so skeptical when I picked this game up. With all the bad reviews and people saying that it was the worst game of the year, I didn't know what to expect. Well, let me tell you, try this game out for yourself before bashing it. Yeah, Samus has a voice. It's usually her talking to herself. BUT even with all the insecurities and "daddy issues", she still puts her most bad ass self as her exterior. I think that makes her even more of a bad ass in my book! The graphics are astounding for the Wii and if it was in HD, I would think that it could match some great 360 games for sure. The music is in mix with the old school and some new stuff. Can't complain about that. The controls are great. The 1rst person view has a bit of a learning curve to use properly, but once it hits, it's a blast! (Literally.) I just spent the last hour just moving Samus around, because her animation looks so good. (Yeah, I'm unemployed :( So sad.) The cut scenes could have been VERY annoying if the quality was poor, but c'mon! They really put their hearts in to this and that is what all great Nintendo games are about. You can tell that when Nintendo put things out, they put a lot of heart in their product. (Not the real organ.... that would be gross.) Team Ninja, I know the DOA games are a question mark when compare to some great fighting games, but I think they did the best they could. Give them another chance and the sequel might become the ultimate Metroid game. Buy it or rent it.. however you want to get access to the game. Coming from an unemployed fella like me, I don't see any other way I would want to spend my down time. Expand
  35. Sep 1, 2010
    As both a Metroid fan and a long time gamer I cannot begin to express how excellent this game is. Gorgeous graphics, compelling and well told story full of twists, Excellent exploration of Samus as a woman and a character and most importantly, fantastic Metroid gameplay with an ultra slick new presentation. An absolute must buy. It has to be seen to be believed.
  36. Sep 2, 2010
    Metroid Other M is one of the few games on the Nintendo Wii that I have anticipated. To my surprise this game is brilliantly done. They delivered it amazingly well. If you have previously played the Metroid games before then you'll feel at home right away. But if you have started from the Metroid Prime series then you'll feel totally estrange to this game since it is not an FPS game unlike Metroid Prime. This game is a hybrid cross-over between 2D platform, 3D and FPS game but more as a platform game like its predecessor on NES, SNES and GBA. I understand that some people might not like this game due to its heavy cinematic and story-telling but that's the beauty of this game. It reveals us more of our main protagonist Samus Aran which is a big difference between this one and its predecessors. Metroid Other M tells us an in-depth character development of Samus, flashbacks on her past and how she came through becoming a bounty hunter. This game delivers the story well.

    The only negative feedback for me on this game is the little replay value. Also, the English voice-over is annoying for me at least. It could've been better. I have no idea where they casts these voice actors.

    Just remember if you don't like a story-driven and heavy on cinematic game, then this game is not for you. Then again, you'll probably enjoy the amazing action gameplay on this one. Although short, it's sure as hell fun to play with.
  37. Sep 2, 2010
    A Great game! a wii must have, love the music, the boss battles, and the atmosphere. The controls were a little akward at first, but is easy to get used to. I dont get why so many people is rating this game bad, haters perhaps?
  38. Sep 3, 2010
    While it may be difficult for a Metroid Prime -initiated fan to accept Metroid in 3d person, Other M relates very well to Metroid's 2d origins, albeit with the story-incentive-linearity of Metroid Fusion. The personality of Samus was, in my opinion, well put across (although part of the greater story-line could have been improved, few game plots are water-tight) and built well on the monologues of Fusion. A silent Samus may increase the emphasis on self-exploration, but a reflective one does more to solidify the loneliness of her 'lone wolf' status far from diminishing it. In particular I don't think people should mistake the dispassionate dream-like tone of Samus' voice actress as a failure for actress to relate with her character, as it does more to solidify the muted quality of the feelings Samus experiences given the infrequency of her human interaction than to enfeeble her. Some degree of linearity is welcome for me to add some new flavour to the Metroid universe, and gladly much was retrospectively channeled through Samus thereby maintaining some of the franchise's mysterious nature. I can only hope for a little more free exploration in the future and a return of classic 'power-ups' (as opposed to contrived 'authorisation') which fueled much of the exploration of past games. Although the controls may need time to get used to, players who adapt will be well rewarded - particularly those who fell in love with the main franchise series as opposed to Prime. Expand
  39. Sep 6, 2010
    other M rocks!

    some who are too "fixed on the Prime series" or who are just (stubborn) and wanted another Prime, are the ones who are disappointed (and are missing the enjoyment of a great game)

    but those, who know the real Metroid (NES, thrilling, challenging) and loved Super Metroid (SNES, surprising, complex) will be sucked up in a tens, fast paced, story depth, furious boss fighting,
    (charge beam) explosive, thrilling Game!!

    it has the best/most intens charge beam action of all Metroid games

    it's the fastest Metroid game (by far)

    but most important, is its dynamic gameplay flow, that just keeps u going

    sure, it isnt as flashy as the Primes, nor does it offer such a big surface to explore, and one or two cutscenes are a bit kitsh (ala FFXIII a bit)
    but it offers some real unforgettable "jump n run" and "find the next step/way out" moments!

    just dont be looking for Prime, when playing it (look for Metroid), then you wont regret it

    and for those, who have problems switching the views, just point the remote at the scanner-bar on or under your TV (and dont point it straight at the TV)
  40. Sep 15, 2010
    I have to concur with some of my more discerning commentators. "Metroid: Other M" is a fine game and actually improves upon the gameplay in the "Prime series" in a number of respects. In the "Prime" the map was too labyrinthine which sometimes made the game feel like an endless slog, constantly backtracking through an implausibly designed level. Furthermore, there was no feeling of how agile Samus can be as a character and after all agility should be Samus' stock-in-trade. In "Other M" the core elements of what makes "Metoid" such a good series are distilled down to a purer simpler form and the result is, in the humble opinion of this reviewer, a more entertaining game.
    I believe that there is a great snobbery directed at Nintendo. Because Nintendo stick to their guns and make games in the way they believe games should be made, without submitting to mass appeal, people seem intent on poking fun at them simply for not being like Xbox or Playstation games. I say give Nintendo a chance, ignore the detractors, and buy this game!
  41. May 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a newcomer to the Metroid series, and have only every played another Metroid game when I was about 5, on the GBA, I didn't even know it was one too. I bought this because my brother (He loves the Metroid series) wanted to get it so badly. I found it rather cheap on GAME so I bought it. And I have to say I am so happy that I did. Amazing graphics, looks beautiful. Great cutscenes, great fight sequences and this has even got me into buying the Prime Trilogy and Super Metroid. The only few bad things is the lack of replay value, except for having to go back, and collecting the power-ups, getting Adam's hat and fighting that giant Monster, and parts where you go into first-person and have to search for something as small as a pixel. I did like the twist of that small rat thing being Ridley. Great game all around, haters gonna hate on this game. Expand
  42. Oct 14, 2011
    I adore this game. This game feels like controlling a little action figure as it blasts it's way through classic crazy over the top Japanese monsters stuck in a space station. The worlds feel like beautiful little dioramas with plenty of hidden secrets. As to if this is a Metroid game; yes. The action is more frantic that previous games in the series, but it's really wonderful. While the story is a bit SyFy channel cheesiness, it serves to keep the tension high and move the game along. I also appreciated the frequent save points and not overly long quest. I don't have a ton of time to sink into games, but this one felt just right. This is the Metroid franchise on an arcade bent and I loved it. Expand
  43. Aug 4, 2013
    The sideways controls are simple and easy to use. Holding the controller I didn't feel uncomfortable at all (and I have rather large hands), and switching from third to first person was a cinch. It was easy for me to turn the controller, lock on, fire, and turn back with no hassle. Perhaps it would have been better to add some control options, but I wasn't bothered in the least.

    A beautiful game with a smooth feel. Samus looks great and moves fluidly throughout the game.

    About what you'd expect from a Metroid game. Atmospheric, almost quiet. Just enough to spook you at the right moments and let you feel like you are actually in a serious battle during the bosses.

    The game has some replayability, given that it's not too long and there is an extra mode if you can get a high enough percentage. I would like to note that after you reach a certain part in the game everything is closed off to you so you would need to start a new game to replay or find any missed powerups.

    This was a great story. I love that they finally showed who Samus is and what she thinks about under certain circumstances. Unlike many others, I also listened. There is much to the story, and though it does require you to know about some of the Metroid history yourself, it does well within it's own confines. There is one scene especially where I shed a tear (it takes a huge buildup to make me cry, so a tear is just as good).

    I love the direction the series took with this game and hope to see more games in this style. This is my favorite entry in the series!

    Also, I really wish people weren't just voting 0 to try to hurt the game
  44. Sep 1, 2010
    Ok lets get a few things straight: Is Other M perfect? No. Is it a great game well worth your money? resounding yes!!!! This is by far one of my favorite games this year along with Bayonetta. Its a fantastic action game with a pretty descent story that I found myself intrigued by. All the people that are hating on this game are probably the same people who hated on Ninja Gaiden for being to hard. Im actually sick by some of the reviews of this game. "I hate the first person missiles" boo hoo. You know why you hate it because you suck at video games! I never once fought or fussed with the controls in this game. They responded superbly. Also, and before I say this let me say something first, the prime games have there place, but lets think about something. Did Prime, although a fun and very good game, did it ever actually feel like your were playing a metroid game? Here is why I say this. Think back to the 2D metroid games. Super Metroid for instance. Samus is quick and very agile. Now think back to prime its completely fist person she never flips, wall jumps, never really runs for that matter, she kind of controlled like a tank. Im not saying the controls were bad, but just think about what im saying for a minute. Other M on the other hand samus is in a 3D world and is fast, nimble and has all of her tricks and moves ready to go. So think about what im saying for a minute before you go and judge so harshly on Other M by saying oh this isnt metroid this isnt Samus, this isnt anything like Prime boo hoo. Well exactly this isnt Prime. This is Metroid, this is Samus, this is awesome!!!!!! Expand
  45. Sep 2, 2010
    I expected this game to be good. But it has honestly surpassed my expectations completely. I quite enjoyed the Prime series and didn't think Other M could "wow" me. Having played through about half of the game, it is absolutely a Metroid game in its own ballpark. Once you get a handle on the very unique control scheme, it's a hard game to put down. (Even more so than Prime was). It's a must-buy in my opinion. Get it. Now. Expand
  46. Sep 4, 2010
    Metroid: Other M is a worthy follow up to the crittically acclaimed Super Metroid and lives up to its hype. The graphics are fabulous, the gameplay is smooth with a lot of refreshing elements especially combatwise. The controls do their job, but the only issue I had is that i would have preferred controlling Samus with the control stick of the nunchuk. The D pad just doesn't suit her. The bosses are epic and belong to the best of the series, so do the environments. Too bad the music isn't as moody as I got used to in the other games. The story, too, is interesting and while the script is far from perfect, i'm willing to forgive nintendo that because of the gorgeously rendered cutscenes they were able to make for this game. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Metroid and Nintendo, and i was not a tad dissapointed. If you liked Ninja Gaiden games, or if you love Metroid? Buy it, and thank me later. The score I would give would not be a ten but a 9 for me, but because of the sad ratings like 2 with 'crapcrapcrapcrap...' i gave it a 10 to get the average higher. Expand
  47. Sep 5, 2010
    I think the game is well made and has great storytelling sure its not one of the Prime games but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. Part of me did not like the auto aim thing but once I played it I realized I can take in more of the beauty of the game that way
  48. Sep 5, 2010
    Metroid: Other M is a wonderful addition to the already classic Metroid series. While not quite on par with Super Metroid or Metroid Prime, the game nonetheless succeeds in creating a game play experience that is both simple and fun. Samus moves with the agility that you would expect from the greatest bounty hunter in the universe. The boss battles are exceptional, and the fleshed out story is a refreshing change for those of us who want to know more about the enigmatic Samus Aran. The only main drawback to the game is the wooden dialogue that sometimes interferes with an otherwise interesting story. Expand
  49. Sep 5, 2010
    Ignore the bad reviews. If you are even slightly interested in a Metroid game, then this game is for you. The cut scenes are very awesome. The story is great, and the music is amazing as ever. I think the negative reviews are from people that don't like to be challenged, as this isn't a super easy easy walk through.
    It is good.
  50. Sep 6, 2010
    It surprises me that Metroid: Other M has gotten mixed reviews. I just finished the game and loved it. I suspect the hesitation from other reviewers has something to do with the near perfect praise of Retro Studioâ
  51. Sep 9, 2010
    As many other people have said, i went into this game very skeptical not knowing what to expect. But the end result was a fun playable experience dont get me wrong the dialogue is not the best and the cut scenes drag a bit, and the controls just take a bit to get used too nothing big. but aside from that its still a fun experience one that you have come to expect from nintendo if you are a metroid fan then i suggest that you check it out at least dont believe all the bad reviews Expand
  52. Dec 29, 2010
    Team Ninja has taken the Metroid series into new territory in what is undoubtedly one of the greatest titles we've seen hit the Wii platform in 2010. Although unoriginal, the storyline is solid enough and told through brilliantly animated CGI cutscenes, ala God of War I & II. The in-game graphics are beautiful, and the combat is fast-paced insanity. It would have been nice to have been able to play this with the classic controller somehow, but the Wiimote alone works fantastically. You'll witness the human side of Samus as she struggles to deal with her past and present through around roughly twenty hours of gameplay. Old fans are probably only upset with this game because it changes up the formula, and purists don't deal too well with change. It was amazing fun from start to finish and shined brand new perspective upon Samus and the Metroid universe. Definitely worth a spot in your collection. Expand
  53. Mar 28, 2011
    If you are a fan of the traditional 2D Metroid games, then this game is for you. Metroid Other M does an almost perfect job in bringing everything that was great about the 2D games into 3D, including those which the Prime games failed at, such as the Speed Booster, Space Jump and Screw Attack.

    The fast paced action is constantly in your face besides certain times where you are forced to
    walk rather slow to explore some areas. Cut scenes look incredible and are definitely not something you would want to skip during your first playthrough. All of the power ups and enemies that you love from the Metroid trilogy are here in glorious 3D, along with many new creatures and upgrades for you to collect. To 100% on your first play through will take around 15 hours. After that, "Hard Mode" is unlocked, which allows you to run through the game without obtaining any power ups at all.

    The one and only DOWNSIDE to this game would have to be how linear it is at first. However, once you have clocked a few hours in, you will find yourself going back to places you have already travelled to gain access to areas that were once locked off or to obtain power ups.

    Linearity aside, Metroid Other M is how a 3D Metroid should be. It's fast, challenging, pretty, gripping and it's incredibly fun.
  54. Apr 30, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I DONT HAVE A PERFECT ENGLISH.

    The best metroid ever created. Seriously, why the people cant accept a change in the gameplay of a great franchise. Before metroid other m, metroid was still my favorite franchise and this improved. I loved when the franchise try to be more original. I hope the bad reviews do not affect the future of metroid. I'm sure many of you expected it to be equal to the other Metroids, and for that reason got bad reviews.
  55. Jun 25, 2011
    Metroid Other M is different from most Metroid games due to the fact it is more stroy driven than any other Metroid game out there. While different in that regard, Metroid Other M is a fantastic game. Overall presentation is superb! From the games opening moments to the very 'final' ending, Metroid Other M will keep surprising and aweing the game player!

    Graphics are amongst some of the
    best that any Wii game has to offer. Very detailed and colorful backgrounds help immerse the player in Other M's world. Samus is beautifully animated. Bosses look huge and menacing. Game is drop-dead gorgeous! Not much else to say!

    Metroid Other M's soundtrack is also very well done. Even though the Wii can only do pro-logic, while playing this game through my 7.1 surround sound system, I could distinctly hear different sounds coming out of all the speakers. Samus even talks in this game and I had no problems with her voice. She is a younger Samus and I thought her and all the rest of the voice actors did a superb job!

    Gameplay is top-notch as well. I had no problems changing to the first person view. I have seen where people do not like the FP mode, but honestly it probably has more to do with those people sucking at videogames. Plus, its not that often you really have to use the FP mode. Overall length of Other M is actually a little bit longer than most Metroid games. Now, I tend to take my time with all the games I play, so my playtime may be a little longer than the average person's. I just like to savor every moment. It took me around 14 hours to finish the game. Others I know have finished the game in 11 hours or so. There is quite a bit of story driven cutscenes in the game, but I liked that. If all games were clones of each other what fun would that be. I hearby rate Other M a 10. I do give out 10s pretty easily as I am not as anal as some when it comes to videogaming. Definatly pick this game up, even if you are not a Metroid fan. Metroid is definatly not one of my favorite gaming series, but I enjoyed the hell out of Other M. I think it being different than most other Metroid games is why I like it so much.
  56. Aug 29, 2012
    I loved so much this game. It has a awesome way to play, great exploration, epic boss battles, a pretty damn good history, it's the way for me to do a third person metroid game.
    I think that capcom could borrow this type of game to rebirth the mega man and X series
    I just don't understand why people complain so much about this one. The only problem that a found in this game is the way
    they chose to present Samus, but it is a tiny flaw because for me they go just a little to much in Samus quietness and sadness but aways think that she will be a woman like that but not that much.
    Please play the game entirely before give your opinion.
  57. Sep 4, 2014
    Metroid Other M is a excelent continuation for the original 2-D saga, expanding many of old mechanics or elements in the games, and giving new life to them.
    Here, the ambientation is almost perfect, with a solid artwork, and a excelent execution, almost any part of this world feels alive, but at the same time, dead.
    The basic elements could be more refined, like the control, some enemi
    IA or the rhythm of game and story, but I don't feel any of those elements bad, or not enjoyable, it's just that the game doesn't reach the level of quality this game promises.

    The plot itself is excelent, but the narrative of the game is really horrible, I was bored viewing half of the cutscenes. But, the story itself is way better that what I thought.

    The only "real" problem I have with the game is the music.
    Only some of the pieces of music of this game are melodic, most of them are just ambiental with indistinguishable sounds, whitch is pretty forgetable.

    The details is what makes this game good.
  58. Sep 7, 2014
    tragus35 Hello to all, I'm a Metroid fan, since I played Super Metroid 15 years ago, since then played Gamecube Metroid Prime in 2004, GBA Zero Mission, GBA Metroid Fusion, and recently for a weekend Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. I stopped playing Metroid Prime after spending over a week finally getting the Wave Beam, in the Sheegoth area, and soon after going to a roof-top area and getting killed by Space Pirates each time. This game Metroid-Other M is my 2nd most Favourite Metroid after Super Metroid. The controls are fine, people forget the 2d shooting controls of Super Metroid, and the sequels, which connect to enemies automatically. It's great to see Samus sans armour at times, and more of her backstory. The space setting is excellent, with outstanding visuals, and many integrated movie elements included.The difficulty level is not unfair, even near the end with Queen Metroid. I've finished the game twice, and will continue to play it, to discover more. To my mind it is a "hidden gem" in the Metroid universe. Expand
  59. Oct 5, 2010
    Wow, what an amazing remake of the classic 2D Metroid done in 3D. Fun and exciting game play, gorgeous graphics, interesting story and music is what this game is all about. The developers did a very good job of bringing classic Metroid mechanics into 3D. Don't listen to those negative reviewers, they are just too biased. This game is like a very pleasant roller coaster ride. It may be a lot more linear compared to Metroid Prime games, but it's still a great Metroid game at its core nevertheless. I played Metroid Prime Trilogy games, and I must say that enjoyed Other M a whole lot more. Playing Prime games just felt like a choir, with constant backtracking and lack of check points. If I happen to fail at a particular boss, I want to fight that mofo again right a way, and not having to walk all the way from my last save point!! Other M is a lot more streamlined and forgiving in that department. Its main focus is definitely on combat, instead of tedious exploration. I found the controls to be quite easy to use and very responsive. Switching from 3rd person to 1st person view may seem awkward at first, but you'll get used to it within first couple of hours of playing. After that, you'll start feeling like a hardcore space ninja as you blast your way through numerous enemies and boss encounters. And yes, you won't have to keep scanning bosses like in Metroid Prime games in order to figure out how to defeat them!! In Other M most battles go something like this: dodge dodge jump, blast a monster in the face with a charged up plasma beam, wait for exposed weak spot, switch over to your missiles and let him have it, jump on top of him to finish him off with a spectacular shot to the back of the head or a roundhouse kick. Come on, you have to agree that that's a lot more exciting than constantly doing pew pew pew pew pew pew shots till a monster dies like in Prime games! Team Ninja, I salute you and hope to see more Metroid games like Other M in the future. Collapse

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  1. Oct 21, 2010
    Regardless the shortcomings, Nintendo definitely deserves praise for yet again hiring not one but two orchestras to play the game's soundtrack start to end– hearing real strings and percussion, occasionally augmented by sci-fi synthesizer, adds a lushness to the soundtrack that Metroid has long deserved.
  2. 80
    Experimental by design. It might not always work, but when it does its an experience hard to forget, wearing the Metroid tag with pride with its head held high.
  3. Team Ninja is not Nintendo. This could be the perfect description for Metroid: Other M, a competent action game that simply lacks the quality and the level of polishing of the "real" Nintendo games.