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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. While Power Pros 2008 offers an undeniably massive amount of modes and options, we could’ve easily waited until next spring for a truer, fuller follow-up. Veterans of last season’s title have pretty much played this game already, but it is a nice place to start if you’re new to the series.
  2. A great sports title and really succeeds because it provides a deep and rewarding experience for serious sports gamers, but it also provides a fun and casual experience for those who just have basic knowledge of the sport and want to have some fun playing baseball.
  3. A sterling example of how sports games can be deep without being overly complicated and how realism doesn't necessarily trump goofiness, as long as what you're making is fun.
  4. 85
    A fantastic choice for casual and hardcore baseball fans of all ages. It makes a great companion to the realism heavy baseball games on the market, and Success and MLB Life mode would both be worth the price of admission on their own.
  5. The game is a simulation/RPG monster that will fulfill any baseball fanatic's dream of playing in the minor leagues, big leagues, or just managing a team.
  6. 84
    Not much has changed since last year, but what HAS was done so for the better.
  7. The MLB Mode, however, is everything a baseball fanatical could dream of, transforming you into living the life of a major leaguer (or minor leaguer). As such, MLB Power Pros 2008 knocks another one out of the park.
  8. It's simple, yet deep; goofy, yet realistic. By straddling these contradictions, MLB Power Pros 2008 manages to appeal to casual and hardcore players alike. It doesn't step far from its predecessor's shadow, but that doesn't prevent it from shining.
  9. For hardcore baseball simulation fans, I have no problem recommending MLB Power Pros 2008 – but for families looking for an extension of Nintendo’s incredible Wii Sports, I would recommend looking towards titles like Little League World Series 2008 or Mario Super Sluggers that fully embrace the Wii’s model and functionality.
  10. A solid baseball game for the Wii that is lacking in what the Wii does best, Motion controls.
  11. Try the Mario baseball game for cute, or a more realistic MLB title for robust realism.
  12. The baseball portions are fun, but the game ironically doesn't focus much on hardball at all, and the other modes are tedious and confounding.
  13. 80
    While it might look childish and basic, and the controls need some tweaking, there is more content and data tracking in this game than in any game you are ever likely to play.
  14. Opportunities to get RBIs were very few, 80% of the time when the character was batting it was with the bases empty.
  15. Online play is missing, but these Power Pros still score a homerun.
  16. It's getting a bit of a late start considering we're already more than halfway through the 2008 season, but MLB Power Pros is the best baseball game you'll find on the Wii. [Sept 2008, p.88]
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  1. Nov 29, 2013
    This is the second best baseball videogame of all time!!!! First is Baseball Stars for the NES. This is an amazing game. The perfect wii game. My all time favorite game for the wii. Endless statistics and endless fun. Full Review »