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  • Summary: MLB Power Pros delivers an original visual style to America’s favorite pastime. Every MLB player is represented in the "Power Pro" character style - a miniature toy-like figurine model. Gamers will recognize their favorite Baseball stars through comic usage of facial expressions, facial hair, and hair styles. Every MLB ballpark has been faithfully replicated with their respective famous landmarks, bringing authenticity to every game. With Season Mode, players become an MLB team general manager with the goal of winning the World Series by controlling all aspects of the team including training players, purchasing better equipment, making trades, and much more. Success Mode combines traditional role-playing elements with baseball scenarios - this story-based mode puts the user in the role of a college baseball player with the goal of becoming a Major League player – gamers train the player in numerous games while dealing with real-world situations of academics, part-time jobs, and other social situations. [2K Sports/Konami] Collapse
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  1. The game is fun, consistent, accurate and is, in every way, baseball. Over the course of nine innings and several seasons, it's clear that Konami knows baseball better than any other developer.
  2. A must-own baseball game. The price is a bargain ($39 for Wii) and you could be playing this game alone all the way to next opening day.
  3. Any baseball fan looking for a wintertime hold-me-over will be happy with this sleeper gem, however it's played. As a hardcore baseball sim, it's every bit as good as the more familiar baseball games of the world, it just doesn't have the same look.
  4. 85
    The Wii sports lineup isn't strong, and Wii Sports is outdated. MLB Power Pros will rally sportos to pick up the Nunchuk and take a hack on a system that's been easy to ignore.
  5. 84
    It’s easily one of the most in-depth baseball games we’ve ever played, be it "MLB The Show," the "Major League Baseball 2K" series, or the like, and by far one of the deepest games on Wii as far as modes, options, and pure entertainment value.
  6. While hardcore baseball fans may be turned off by its cutesy style, MLB Power Pros is fun, and that's what matters. Give it a swing.
  7. Unfortunately, for all of its cool options and play modes, Power Pros fails to hit it out of the park because the on-field gameplay is disappointly simplistic and suffers from lackluster controls. [Dec 2007, p.82]

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 29
  1. JasonHsu
    Jun 8, 2008
    One of the most enjoyable baseball games I've ever played, and I've played a lot. The gameplay is fantastic, with excellent physics (I don't think I've ever seen the same hit twice). Another plus is the depth of the game. Though there is no minor league playability, rosters are fully manageable. Success mode is a blast. Overall, one of my favorite sport games. Expand
  2. RCR
    Nov 30, 2007
    Just starting playing it and I'm digging the depth involved with this title. My biggest complaint is the color-less commentator; it's un-listenable, yet easily remedied by muting the announcer. Looking forward to incrementally increasing the difficulty while building a team of stat monsters. Fun. Expand
  3. SteveP.
    Oct 7, 2007
    The deepest, most fully-featured console baseball game I have played in years. 10 year franchise mode, RPG like Success Mode, a ton of player attributes and the game provides a very realistic baseball experience while not dragging it out. A full game only takes 25-30 minutes. Do not be fooled by the misleading advertising on the box, this is no kid's game, this is an incredibly detailed baseball SIM that just happens to have cartoon like graphics. Expand
  4. TrentC.
    Jan 16, 2008
    First of all don't listen to the reviews that say "you don't control the fielders" or "you just shake the wiimote to field the ball" Because they obviously have the options wrong or are playing in a different mode for little kids. Which is easy since there are so many modes such as Matchup, Success, Season, League, Practice, Arrange, HomeRun Derby and a few more. And the options are endless too which is awesome to customize whatever you want. There are all the MLB teams, stadiums, and players. The Exhibition, Season, and success mode are very deep in all aspects. You can control all 9 players on the field. Fielding you can jump for balls over your head, make diving and sliding catches in the rain, you can even climb up some stadiums smaller outfield fences and try to rob your opponents homerun, just to name a few aspects of fielding. So like i said before, Dont listen to the people who say you don't control your fielders. This game is completely awesome and so much fun in every aspect and is the best baseball game to date out on any system, as long as you can get past the cutesy players (which I think are cool in the first place), but we all know that what makes a game great is gameplay and being fun and MLB Power Pros Hits a Grand Slam in both gameplay and being its addictively fun. Expand
  5. BlueFalcon
    Oct 15, 2007
    This series is awesome. The only 2 things it's missing... online play and decent ai. With those 2 additions this would be a 10/10 from me.
  6. MarcelBeaudry
    May 21, 2008
    I'm not a baseball fan in real life , so i found the campy approach (cartoon Mii like figures) appealing. Although initially disappointing that you don't use the Wii "Remote" for swinging throughout the whole game (only in a select mode, about 15% of the game), the "old school" method eventually becomes addictive. I'm currently working on "Success Mode" (about 20-25% of the games depth). What they need is better "Create a Team". All sports games need this, few, if any, have it. Good control over uniforms and such, but c'mon, get with reality: if you're gonna provide hideous logo's (and not let us create one), make LETTERS a choice. Expand
  7. PSWii60Elite
    Oct 4, 2007
    Horrible, even for the price. Why you might ask? Well its essentially WiiSports Baseball with a MLB license. thats right, so there is no fielding. Oh wait, there is a little fielding. When the ball is hit into play you simply shake the Wiimote. Yep, thats it. Other than that, ITs exactly the same as WiiSports Baseball. Expand

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