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  • Summary: MLB Power Pros delivers an original visual style to America’s favorite pastime. Every MLB player is represented in the "Power Pro" character style - a miniature toy-like figurine model. Gamers will recognize their favorite Baseball stars through comic usage of facial expressions, facial hair, and hair styles. Every MLB ballpark has been faithfully replicated with their respective famous landmarks, bringing authenticity to every game. With Season Mode, players become an MLB team general manager with the goal of winning the World Series by controlling all aspects of the team including training players, purchasing better equipment, making trades, and much more. Success Mode combines traditional role-playing elements with baseball scenarios - this story-based mode puts the user in the role of a college baseball player with the goal of becoming a Major League player – gamers train the player in numerous games while dealing with real-world situations of academics, part-time jobs, and other social situations. [2K Sports/Konami] Expand
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  1. The game is fun, consistent, accurate and is, in every way, baseball. Over the course of nine innings and several seasons, it's clear that Konami knows baseball better than any other developer.
  2. A must-own baseball game. The price is a bargain ($39 for Wii) and you could be playing this game alone all the way to next opening day.
  3. Any baseball fan looking for a wintertime hold-me-over will be happy with this sleeper gem, however it's played. As a hardcore baseball sim, it's every bit as good as the more familiar baseball games of the world, it just doesn't have the same look.
  4. 85
    The Wii sports lineup isn't strong, and Wii Sports is outdated. MLB Power Pros will rally sportos to pick up the Nunchuk and take a hack on a system that's been easy to ignore.
  5. 84
    It’s easily one of the most in-depth baseball games we’ve ever played, be it "MLB The Show," the "Major League Baseball 2K" series, or the like, and by far one of the deepest games on Wii as far as modes, options, and pure entertainment value.
  6. While hardcore baseball fans may be turned off by its cutesy style, MLB Power Pros is fun, and that's what matters. Give it a swing.
  7. Unfortunately, for all of its cool options and play modes, Power Pros fails to hit it out of the park because the on-field gameplay is disappointly simplistic and suffers from lackluster controls. [Dec 2007, p.82]

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