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  1. Feb 17, 2014
    I rented both games separately and I own Collection. I might be a bit biased with this game given I am a big Monopoly fan, but they were good games overall. Monopoly Streets is a pretty good transformation. I like the animated characters and city that makes it feel alive. It is a pretty standard video game of Monopoly and does not really take anything to a new level. The computer seems to kill some players off and give others advantages and breaks unfairly. The computer players are morons when it comes to trading and you can totally snipe anyone in an auction at the last second. Also, the whole concept of catching people on your property is gone because it is now automatic. Overall, decent Monopoly game which is made faster by all the calculations being done by the Wii. Now to review the other Monopoly game. The same pros and cons are present. Monopoly is made quicker by all the calculations being done automatically. Each game is usually about an hour. You can change the rules and board to make things varied. The music is good enough to not get tired of which is important in games that can last an hour. The Monopoly Man can be pretty funny sometimes. I feel that the computer does unfairly gives people breaks which can prolong the game. Also, the computer is idiotic when it comes to trading. I dislike the automatic rent when you land on property. Overall, a fun Monopoly game that is relatively quick compared to the board game. Expand

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