• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 70 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 70
  2. Negative: 0 out of 70
  1. Tri is one of those paradoxical titles that is by no means perfect, but doesn’t deserve anything less than a ten out of ten rating when compared to everything else on the system.
  2. 100
    This is one of those games that creates gamers and is easily one of the best Wii games to date.
  3. 95
    Playing co-op with other humans truly brings the game to life. Whether your hunting squad is running like a well-oiled machine, or you're all screaming abuse at the one guy who keeps dying, the unpredictable nature of play always make co-op feel like an occasion.
  4. Monster Hunter Tri isn't for everyone. Those who are lucky enough to be the ones to whom the game is for will see that Capcom wasn't joking when they promised one of the best hardcore experiences this generation. The game's beautiful, rewarding, challenging and, above all, fun enough to keep players hooked for hundreds of hours.
  5. Monster Hunter Tri is a true gaming experience on the Wii that gets its claws onto you the very moments you start playing and doesn't let go until you've slain every danger to your village.
  6. 93
    Far more accessible and appealing than its PSP counterparts – it's beautiful, absorbing, hugely satisfying to play (with a Classic Controller at least) and thankfully doesn't rely so heavily on multiplayer.
  7. Monster Hunter 3 is the best and most complete videogame in the series, but also one of the most exciting titles of the Wii catalogue. Hundreds of hours of gameplay and free online multiplayer to enjoy hunting big monsters in a game which Capcom couldn't have made better.
  8. Capcom has done an excellent and refined job, trying to find the balance between accessibility for newcomers and those hunters who love complexity and difficulty.
  9. 92
    Monster Hunter isn't the most difficult game of all time, of course, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a contemporary title that places such rigorous demands on its players' dedication and skill. In the same respect, it tends to either terrify its audience off within a couple of hours or engulf them completely.
  10. While the core gameplay hasn't seen a great deal of change, it's still a tough as hell game about hunting giant monsters after all, there has been enough refinement here that makes for a far more entertaining adventure than the previous selections.
  11. Monster Hunter Tri is a fantastic trip into a strange world, and a trip that you'll definitely want to take.
  12. An astonishing technical achievement, and a cracking full debut for the series on Wii. [May 2010, p.57]
  13. 90
    Nintendo were right to put their full muscle behind Monster Hunter Tri, as Capcom have delivered to Wii an utterly unmissable experience.
  14. Monster Hunter Tri is a complete triumph for the Wii. It features the best online set up of any game on the system and provides gamers with an adventure that is both deep and rewarding. Combined with the Classic Controller Pro, Monster Hunter Tri is the best deal on the system; you would be crazy to miss out.
  15. Monster Hunter Tri expands the original formula with a bunch of new features and very well improved online multiplayer modes that make the game one of the best in the series and a must buy for any Wii owner.
  16. An ambitious project has given birth to one of the best titles on the Wii. Great and deep mechanics, finally (almost) accessible gameplay and bestowed with a good control system. Get it and play it with at least a Classic Controller, your WiiMote won't make it.
  17. With dozens of hours of content and its own identity, Monster Hunter Tri deserves the attention of any owner of a Wii.
  18. 90
    Overall, despite the issues with clipping and load screens, Monster Hunter Tri shows off what the Wii is capable of visually. And when it comes to online play, this is the best for the system.
  19. Monster Hunter Tri is a fabulously engrossing game with enough meat on it's bones to last a lifetime. It's fun, exhilarating and provides one of the best cooperative experiences money can buy.
  20. For $50 ($60 with the Classic Controller Pro), Monster Hunter Tri provides a World of Warcraft-quality experience without the $14.99 monthly subscription. That makes Monster Hunter Tri the best value going in MMORPGs today. Add to that a more-than-adequate single-player mode, and you get a...[90].
  21. Sometimes it just takes time to get to know a game, and that’s certainly the case with Monster Hunter Tri. While it's initially overwhelming, if you can take some punishment and you don’t mind a deep game, at some point you’ll find yourself inexplicably hooked—and more than likely, it will be the online multiplayer that does the hooking.
  22. 90
    Tri is a compelling game. Despite the problems with the controls and camera, those are small bumps in the road to a grand quest that is engrossing enough to sink hours upon hours into.
  23. We’re not here for the story, we’re here to be wowed, challenged, infuriated, awed, and rewarded for our brute strength and cunning. In spite of the technical limitations of the Wii, Monster Hunter Tri does all this, minus the pretension, and it does it in spades.
  24. If you are willing to commit to it, make no mistake, Monster Hunter Tri is one of the best games on the shelves and it’s something you do not want to miss.
  25. In the end, Monster Hunter Tri takes all the essentials of the MMORPG format and ports them, almost perfectly, to the Wii.
  26. If you have the patience, then Monster Hunter Tri delivers the kind of gaming satisfaction that very few others can.
  27. A very good and addictive action RPG. You kill a lot of monsters and collect even more stuff, which are used to upgrade your equipment. The missions are a bit samey, though. [June 2010]
  28. It gorgeous and fun, and there's nothing else like it for the system. [May 2010, p.86]
  29. Tri is definitely the best way to introduce yourself to this incredibly involving and rewarding series.
  30. One of the best games for the Wii and one of the most important titles for this year. Monster Hunter Tri is a truly XXL game that shows that hardcore games are also possible on Nintendo's console.
  31. Playing with a team of fellow hunters is some of the most fun you’ll have online with any console, although solo play is enjoyable too. If you have the dedication to get through the hard-going introduction, you’ll uncover an addictive, innovative and beautiful game of ever-increasing depth.
  32. A must-have. There's no other way to explain the efforts that Capcom made to develop the best Monster Hunter that we've seen so far. The inclusion of an online mode its the best choice that Nintendo could've made for this one, a game that you have to own if you're a fan of the series or if you're just waiting for a nice adventure.
  33. Gotta kill ´em all. The monster success hits the Wii. Gorgeous graphics and old-school interface makes for a brilliant adventure for the patient player. Highly recommended.
  34. Adds brains to action fans' brawn, and brawn to obsessive collectors' brains. Ignore the first few clunky hours, and get ready to enjoy the next 300.
  35. We expected a lot from Monster Hunter Tri, and we didn‘t get disappointed. The setting, graphics, sound and the various multiplayer features are the reasons why this is a highlight of the Wii games line-up this year.
  36. 88
    Overcoming daunting obstacles is part of what makes playing Monster Hunter so rewarding, and the game gives you the option to do so offline by yourself or with friends.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 200 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 41
  2. Negative: 2 out of 41
  1. Sep 10, 2010
    There are times when games surpasses art, and this game is not the exception, have you seen citizen kane? its a piece of garbage compared toThere are times when games surpasses art, and this game is not the exception, have you seen citizen kane? its a piece of garbage compared to Monster Hunter tri. Lets face it, why is citizen kane so good? because its on black and white? well monster hunter tri comes in color, but you also have the option to change your tv settings to make it black and white if you wanted, so even if you are a whore of movies, you will enjoy this game like the master piece it is. Have you read a book named Quixote, its a piece of garbage at one side of Monster Hunter Tri, now lets develop a deep analisys on it, why is the Quixote so good? because its a joke about book of that time made with a dense use of words. Well this game let other games on any console look like a joke, and it sure got tons of words, so many words that sometimes you will not even want to read, its so detailed, so exciting, so complex, that sometimes you believe you are out of this world. Some people says videogames are as much art as movies, those people are idiots, videogames are better than movies, Videogames can express art in another dimension, and monster hunter tri expands that dimension to the point of let you even wonder what a hunter is, what a monster is, it makes you forget you are playing, it instead makes you feel you are really chasing monsters and risking your life, you can cry with this game like with no other, heavy rain? its crap, you dont even move, in monster hunter tri you got a nice story and you also move. Uncharted 2? its so linear, its like a game on trails with shooting, it gots no strategy, no tactics, barely all the puzzles are gone, in Monster Hunter Tri all the game is a puzzle about how to hunt the monsters, and it lets you wonder things that nobody can answer yet, what is better a powerful armor? or a cool looking armor? if you want to find out the answer, you have to buy it, and play it. You will see then, you are before a real piece of art. Full Review »
  2. Sep 2, 2010
    This is easily one of the top 5 games on the Wii ever. The Wii doesn't have many games that have a level of depth to them that will keep youThis is easily one of the top 5 games on the Wii ever. The Wii doesn't have many games that have a level of depth to them that will keep you playing over the long haul. Most Wii games you play and once you finish it, you'll put it on a shelf to collect dust. Not Monster Hunter Tri. This game is addicting in the way that MMO's are addicting. They keep you playing through a necessity to get better gear and fight bigger monsters. You'll play this game for hours on end.

    The community is awesome and online play is where it is at. Making friends online is super easy and playing with others in a group makes the game so much more dynamic which just further increases the games longevity. Playing online like Monster Hunter Tri is what Nintendo needs to take note of and implement it like this in future games.

    The graphics are top notch and are probably the best you'll see for the Wii.

    Gameplay is terrific and the controls are good if you use a Classic controller. Maneuevering the camera is made easy with the analog stick.

    This game has a ton of items to collect and one of the problems with these types of games is that inventory can become a nightmare. I've played a ton of MMOs and that is almost always a problem to the point where it stops me from picking up items because I just don't want to deal with it. But, I must say the inventory management in Monster Hunter Tri is one of the easiest systems to manage compared to just about any other game on any other system. It is that easy. Items are easily sorted, automatically selected, easy to bundle, etc. It is all there and can be done with just a few button pushes.

    Monster Hunter Tri will probably remain one of my favorite Wii games ever.
    Full Review »
  3. HugoR
    Apr 26, 2010
    Lots of reviewers still go on about the control. They should just invest in a classic controller pro because I had no problem with the Lots of reviewers still go on about the control. They should just invest in a classic controller pro because I had no problem with the movements within the first 30 minutes, this despite having abandoned playing MHFU within the first 10 hours due to the painful placement of the thumbstick. This game is intense, takes strategy, lots of preparation and is immensely rewarding. I greatly recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind sitting in front of a TV for 3 hours in a row playing video games. And despite requiring an extra investment for the controller this game is cheap for the amount of time you can spend playing it. Batman on the PS3 costs 60$ for 10 hours, this game is 70$ for 300 hours and a controller, do the math this is cheaper than riding a bike. Full Review »