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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    Total destruction reigns supreme in this beautiful racer for the Wii. There is not much to it, pick from a few excellent modeled and vibrant colored monster trucks (more to unlock later) and take to the urban streets or muddy arenas to annihilate anything in your way to victory.

    Whether it's race mode or total anarchy in the arenas this is just an awesome game when you need to switch
    off and destroy some unlimited respawn-ing debris until you feel satisfied.

    The game is also one of the best looking racers on the Wii, and will catch anyone's eye as you take part in challenges across the career mode in to effort to unlock even more gorgeous looking monster trucks.

    Certainly worth adding to your Wii collection, if you like racing or just total anarchy in general.

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  1. 55
    Monster Jam: Urban Assault isn’t the worst driving game out there, but there's simply not a like to like. It offers a pretty shallow experience, and while it doesn’t have any game-breaking bugs, everything that it does is pretty mediocre.
  2. In conclusion, there are many worse racing games on the Wii. But without the monster truck-bonus, there isn’t any other reason for buying this game.