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  • Summary: Based on the original idea from ResponDesign's Yourself! Fitness and Fitness! Lifestyle, My Fitness Coach will allow players to create, engage in and track their own fitness program. A virtual trainer, Maya, will guide players through more than 400 unique exercises, give valuable fitness advice and even provide a pep talk for extra motivation. My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating the player's fitness level and goal, whether it is weight loss, core body strength or even increased flexibility. Players can then choose their workout environment and music. My Fitness Coach also features a Meditation Garden where players can be guided through stretching and yoga techniques. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. 72
    My Fitness Coach is a more hardcore workout than Wii Fit. While that statement will surely spark some debate, it should be noted that Fitness Coach is also less of a game.
  2. Folks serious about sticking to a workout regimen can certainly benefit from what's offered here.
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  1. Nov 15, 2011
    Not exactly a game, but one heck of a workout, My Fitness Coach is for people like me who need a video game to motivate them to exercise, but it's not really a game in any sense of the word, it's more like a workout video on the Wii, and that may sound like a bad thing but it's actually highly enjoyable, it has me wanting to go back everyday, and is truly a real workout, it will have you sweating, so if you are looking for a good exercise "game" on the Wii look no further this is a fantastic choice, just don't expect any playing around with mini-games or anything like that. Expand
  2. ChristineBoudreau
    Mar 27, 2009
    This game had me sweating buckets. It was a great alternative when the wii fit was sold out. I personally wanted a "game" that was fun but still gave me the ability to loose weight and get fit so while I wait for my wii fit to be shipped to me my fitness coach is the way to go. Expand
  3. JamesL.
    Dec 6, 2008
    Pro: Coach, excercises and music are very well done. Con: No way to pick your own workout (such as a specific Yoga routine instead of always starting with Sun Salutation), only choices are categories such as Yoga or Cardio and then the Coach sets the routine based on your progress. Charts and progress are only displayed graphically (no way to see actual numbers). Expand