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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 28
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  1. 78
    MySims Agents is definitely my favorite game in the series yet. I prefer the special agent theme. Exploring more inspired locales for evidence, interrogating characters for clues and piecing it all together to solve crimes is good fun.
  2. It may look like a little kid's game, but the latest entry in the MySims series is the best to date.
  3. The MySims series has definitely released a good game in MySims Agents, and it will be well received by the Wii's younger audience.
  4. The experiment is largely a success, and anyone with even a passing interest in the MySims franchise will find Agents' adorable characters, funny story, and other endearing qualities outweigh any minor foibles that arise along the way.
  5. MySims Agents is the most traditional episode of the series, but also, probably, the best one. It's an interesting and amusing, albeit unoriginal, adventure which will delight younger players more than the older ones.
  6. 80
    This MySims Agents is a pleasant surprise. It is an enjoyable game you'll want to play until the end.
  7. 58
    While casting adorable MySims in a kid-friendly, superspy adventure is an idea filled with potential, the game suffers from the one thing a superspy shouldn't have to endure -- boring and repetitive cases.
  8. 80
    MySims Agents is by far the best of the series so far. The unique detective aspect is something that a lot of family games have not attempted, and it works. Controls are smooth, graphics are eye-catching and the appeal is hard to ignore.
  9. MySims Agents is one of the best games to come out on the Wii yet this year – at least for the pre-teen gamers out there. Agents does a fantastic job of introducing young gamers to the concepts of open world and resource management gaming genres – and helps stimulate their inquisitive nature all while having a blast.
  10. No, these aren’t the most difficult puzzles you’ll ever encounter. But you know what? MySims Agents is one of the most fun kids' titles you’ll play this year.
  11. MySims Agents had the potential to be nothing more than a bland, forgettable adventure game. But thanks to its great sense of humor and charming quirkiness, it's able to rise above mediocrity.
  12. It is easily one of the most original games in the series, thanks to its globetrotting, mystery-solving theme along with gameplay that recalls classic game conventions while successfully putting a MySims theme on it. This is one mission players will not regret taking on.
  13. Case solved: MySims: Agents is a go and is a fun game for all ages.
  14. Nintendo Power
    Chatting with characters can get tiresome, too; it's entertaining when they have funny dialogue, but the humor isn't as consistent as I'd like. [Nov 2009, p.89]
  15. MySims Agents is a typical adventure game with a variety of mini games. Overall it’s a fantastic game for everyone!
  16. MySims Agents is a solid entry in the series filled with memorable encounters and characters. Fans of MySims Kingdom will certainly enjoy the change of setting. While older players will breeze through it and yearn for more things to see and do, younger ones will enjoy the minigames, agency customization, and quirky cases.
  17. Throw out your preconceptions and give MySims Agents a chance; you might be surprised.
  18. Beneath those cutesy eyes lies the healthy beating heart of a solid adventure game.
  19. Nintendo Gamer
    Sure, this is one for the younger gamer, but it's witty, varied and has great visuals. [Dec 2009, p.61]
  20. 80
    MySims Agents presents a unique take on the secret agent theme with something more akin to a detective agency, but none of the fun is lost.
  21. Most adult gamers will find MySims Agents to be a walk in the park and will probably get bored of the same routine rather quickly. As such, this game is not geared for adults but for younger gamers looking for a bit of adventure and something that doesn’t contain any violence. This is definitely the best game in the franchise and one that anyone under the age of 13 will enjoy.
  22. In Agents we follow a detective who has to find kidnapped dogs and save the planet from destruction. The difficulty setting is a bit low but it is a long and entertaining journey especially for the younger audience.
  23. With light platforming, simple controls, bright color pallet, basic game design, and ease of use, MySims Agent is probably the best game in the MySims series. Although best suited for younger players, adult gamers can still get some entertainment out of this title.
  24. 75
    My Sims games have a checkered past, but Agents is a real gem. Above all, the gameplay is designed so well that you'll be a regular Sherlock in no time.
  25. At times, it feels as though MySims Agents is like a film made for children that's filled with nods at parents to keep them awake for the entirety of the movie. It's also likely the best title in the series.
  26. A must have title for the Wii if you have little ones and even worth a look if you don't. A solid and fun game that let's you play the role of a secret agent.
  27. For a game with such a new perspective and new approach to the MySims franchise, the ideas it incorporates are used so much that they become old after the first few hours of play, which is disappointing and means that this never fully achieves its full potential.
  28. 77
    MySims Agents is without a doubt the best of the series and manages to appeal to a wide audience. Don't let the childish appearance fool you, because the game will hook you for several hours. The actual gameplay is perhaps a tad repetitive and the missions a bit linear, but it's packaged beautifully and served with a catchy story, that the whole comes recommended.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 30 Ratings

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  1. DanielB
    Jan 4, 2010
    Bought this for my two little boys and they absolutely love this game. The puzzle solving is great for them and I'd much rather see a Bought this for my two little boys and they absolutely love this game. The puzzle solving is great for them and I'd much rather see a game with such problem solving skills than any shoot'em up sort of video game. This is great! Full Review »
  2. Jun 19, 2013
    Like any Sims or MySims game, this game was much fun, what with many cases to play and customizable characters. However, for a kids game, ILike any Sims or MySims game, this game was much fun, what with many cases to play and customizable characters. However, for a kids game, I found some of the challenges EXTREMELY difficult, specifically the one where you have to put the colored dots together in a certain way, and, while I managed to either figure them out after a bunch of messing around or looking up walkthroughs, younger kids might not have as much knowledge on how to do that. Another thing that bothered me was the ending, however, I won't talk about that in detail as it would be spoilerish, I just think that the ending should have had more gameplay. Either way, it's still recommended, if you can look past these FRUSTRATING things. Full Review »
  3. Nov 24, 2011
    Another entry in the MySims line, Agents attempts to expand on the craft-a-solution approach used by Kingdom...with unpredictable results.Another entry in the MySims line, Agents attempts to expand on the craft-a-solution approach used by Kingdom...with unpredictable results. While Agents does present players with multiple puzzles, mysteries, and quests to solve, the build-a-solution approach used by Kingdom is inexplicably abbreviated in this installment. The only construction to do happens in one's base facility. This is rewarding, as the improvements made directly affect the effectiveness of your recruited assistant agents, but is not as engrossing or detailed as Kingdom. There are no mechanical puzzles to the depth found in Kingdom. In comparison, Agents is surprisingly shallow when held next to the predecessor that was Kingdom. On its own, however, Agents rates a 7 easily; it's entertaining enough to be fun, but lacks depth. Full Review »