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  • Summary: NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 provides players with quality fighting game mechanics and a fast-paced gameplay experience on Wii. Set after Sasuke leaves the Leaf Village to gain more power from Orochimaru, the title offers a slew of playable characters, including those developed especially for the storyline. Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 features destructible stages and four-player multiplayer battles, along with gameplay modes and characters not yet seen on the Clash of Ninja series. [D3Publisher] Expand
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  1. 82
    A great game, but it's also the same core experience we've been playing for years now, and it's making steps in the right direction, but inches at a time, instead of true leaps.
  2. With so many additions, Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 is the best Naruto fighting game so far, but here's hoping the next iteration includes online multiplayer. [Dec 2008, p.102]
  3. Naruto comes back to Wii in a videogame with an original story, new characters, more stages and a battle experience so exciting as ever. However, its lack of innovation is a true problem for the fans who bought the first Clash of Ninja Revolution game. For them, this new iteration will turn out too familiar.
  4. Naruto's back and well, with same graphics and a gameplay system that uses the very same formula of its latest edition, improving the number of fighters and gaining balance between fighting styles. Though it's very much the same game once again, it will take you long to unblock all the new goodies that Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 offers.
  5. So while Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 has a slick battle system with a great character roster…that’s it.
  6. Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 is not a completely bad game, nor is it a broken game. It’s just a game that has no real depth to it anymore.
  7. 50
    You might have some fun if you've never played another Naruto fighting game -- but anyone who's spent time with the franchise will find this pales in comparison to its predecessors.

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Score distribution:
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  1. HarrisK.
    Nov 5, 2008
    This is an amazing game. The battle system is awesome, and mowing down enemies is really fun. The characters are a bit unbalanced with Ultimate Naruto, but other then that it's an amazing game. Expand
  2. Jun 2, 2011
    Clash of Ninja 2 is pretty fun, the graphics are very nice and well made , the gameplay is similar to the previous entries. The story is very short leaving you whining for more, but at least the developer added some cool other ideas. The fact that you also finish the game, you don't get all the characters, so you need to play the features to unlock those secret and awesome "new characters" . But outstanding. Expand
  3. Feb 7, 2011
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 is not the best game in this series of fighters, graphically it's good for a Wii game, the sound is good, the voice acting is great, the controls are ok, there is a large number of characters to play as which is great and even some game exclusive characters , multiplayer is ok, the story mode introduces an new and unique story with some interesting characters but kind of falls short, and the difficulty can be down right frustrating at times, there is some good versus modes and a fun survival mode, all in all i would only recommend this to Naruto fans, and people who love fighting games. Expand
  4. LynzG
    Nov 26, 2008
    Unfortunately, I played and finished Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) before buying this game and playing it. Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 pales by far in comparison to Ninja Storm in almost every sense (story, fighting options, GRAPHICS, music, language options, and just the overall gaming experience). Not having tried any other Naruto games, Ninja Storm set some high standards for me which led me to be very disappointed with CNR2. Its a fun fighting game for the Wii, but if you have a PS3 I urge you to buy Ninja Storm and possibly just rent CNR2. Likely going to sell this game after I've finished it. Expand